Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BOTD : Kiehl’s Patchouli & Rose EDT

Hello fellow friends! If you actually can recall from a post of my Facebook page sometimes around last week, I did post out a status saying that I purchased some new fragrance from Kiehl’s. This is it! I am ready to announce which perfume did I purchased and why!

IMG_9486 edit

Kiehl’s has always been known as one of the best skin care products that is affordable but it works as a charm on your face. I never thought that Kiehl’s could come out with a fragrance that could really made me buy, especially rose fragrance.

I am not into rose scent that much. I think rose scent is a bit overrating when it comes to perfumes. I love tangy and citrusy kind of smell. Surprisingly, during the Kiehl’s even that I attended previously, someone mentioned to me on the smell of the perfume and I did spritz it a little on my wrist and on my God..I fell in love with this scent straight away. But just because of my financial during that time was a bit meh, I tend to not to purchase it during that time.

IMG_9480 editIMG_9478 edit

As you can see, it is non other than the Patchouli & Fresh Rose scent. OMG. This scent is apparently, AMAZING! If you don’t really like rose scent, you SHOULD try to smell this and I can bet you, that you will also love it!

IMG_9482 edit

I purchased the smallest bottle (30ml) that they have, as I think I do have a lot more other perfumes to be wear. Well, that’s just me. I always and only purchase smaller bottle of perfumes and I LOVE miniatures as I think it is cute and at the same time, I could save my money as I do not use perfumes that much. I believe this costs me around RM80 at Kiehl’s.

How can I describe the scent? Hmm. It is somewhat rosy but in a subtle way. It is not the on-your-face kind of rose scent. The patchouli makes it has a little bit of a minty scent to it but does not overpowering the rose smell. I think this is the perfect combination so far for a rose scent. It does not smell like a fake rose smell.

If you are looking at a new fragrance, try this one. Kiehl’s do have other scent if you are not into rosy scent. My second favorite would be Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit! This has that citrusy scent that I L.O.V.E as well! Do check out Kiehl’s whenever you are free. Do not worry, their sales assistant is surely friendly!

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Current Favorite Foundation

Hello ladies! Apologize for not updating my blog for the past 1 week. I was at Singapore for a work purpose trip. But today, I would like to share with you my current favorite foundations! Yay! I have 3 of them, mixed between the high end and the drug store ones as well.

IMG_9465 editIMG_9468 EDIT

The first one would be my latest and current favorite of all which is the Nars Sheerglow foundation. I feel like I could not stop using this foundation cause I love it very much! It is indeed an expensive foundation but I think for the quality of it, I would not mind repurchasing this foundation again and again. I have never had any fetishes on expensive foundations before but this one is an exception. This foundation has the best coverage, the best feelings and the best lasting power out of all three but hey, you just can compare it with the other two as this is very expensive for a foundation.

IMG_9469 edit

The second runner up would be this Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I started to use this foundation when it was not even out yet here in Malaysia. I purchased these online through ASOS.com. I don’t really know how to purchase a foundation online but I give this one a go. It does matches my skin quite okay although it is a bit dark for me. This foundation does covers up my acne marks very well but it has this thickness feelings when I applied it. Nevertheless, I still am in love with the coverage of this one!

IMG_9470 edit

Last but not least, the Maybelline Super Stay Makeup foundation. It promises no transfer and 24-H wear. Which is somehow true! The reason I am not so much into this foundation is that, the coverage is not that full or even medium. And it feels quite dry on my skin as well. To bad, you could not get this in Malaysia as yet. I purchased this one through Drugstore.com website.

So here are the swatches of these three foundations.

IMG_9472 edit

AS you can see, the creamiest of all is the Nars Sheerglow foundation whereas the Maybelline Super Stay has some dry looking foundation there. But these three are the best so far for me and I have been grabbing these three whenever I feel like having foundation layers on my face.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Music of the week : Lagi dan Lagi by Syamin(MOTW)

Hello my friends! I think I would like to introduce a new tag for my blog entry this time around. Since I love music like basically I could not live without them, I would want to dedicate a weekly entry of my music of the week (MOTW). This week would be the music from Syamin, a new and upcoming artist from Wake the Baby. It seems like he has not yet done any MV (Music Video) on this lovely tune as yet. Therefore, this is the live version of him singing this song with Ajai on the keyboard.


Oh yes, by the way if you do have iTunes, you may purchase this music here! Lets support Malaysian artist for once! ;)


Lyrics :

Aku cuba melupakan semua yang terjadi

Cuba mempertahankannya

Tapi ku masih rayu sehingga engkau ingin terimaku

Aku tahu tak semudah mana kau mengerti

Tahu ku sukar dimaafkan

Tapi ku masih rayu sehingga kau terima diri ini


Lepaskan segala rasa perit dalam jiwa

Ingatkan saat saat indah kita bersama

Rela di ulangi jalan cinta indah

Yang masih ada lagi

Dalam jiwamu

Lepaskan keegoaan yg melanda dirimu

Ingatkan Tuhan sentiasa ada di hati

Relakan jiwamu mengampuni aku yang masih belajar

Untuk menyintaimu

Tapi ku masih rayu sehingga kau ingin diri ini

Repeat C/O

Saturday, September 20, 2014

BOTD : Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

IMG_9441 edit
Welcome ladies to my chocolate factory! Today, I will be reviewing this lovely palette by Two Faced. I know I am a bit late (actually quite late) in reviewing this Chocolate Bar palette but still I would like to do it anyway as I think it is important to share my thoughts on this lovely done palette.
From the palette’s name itself, you can guess what will the colors of the eye shadow be. I was actually reluctant to purchase this palette as I do have tons of neutral colors already from my previous Urban Decay Naked Palettes (Naked1, Naked2, Naked3 & Basics) but wait..the boyfie purchased this and gave it as my birthday present this year! YAY! Thank you! Hehe.
IMG_9442 edit
By turning over onto the back of the box, it shows all the colors available inside this palette. It has some pink, taupe and of course browns. It has 16 kind of eye shadows, with a mixture of matte and shimmer in it.
IMG_9443 edit
As expected, the case of this palette will definitely look like a chocolate bar! I mean, there would be no meaning at all to the name of this eye shadow if the palette itself does not have the chocolate effect to it. Such a pretty palette!
IMG_9445 editIMG_9446 editIMG_9447 edit
I know Two Faced palettes most of them did have these tutorial kind of pamphlets, where they just have some simple ideas and tutorials on what this palette could do. Well, I don’t really use them that much but maybe I do need to use these as a guidance. Well, let’s dig into the palette shall we?
IMG_9456 edit
OMG OMG OMG! Well, just take a deep breath and look at those gorgeous colors! How can you say NO to this palette? Well I know I did previously and I was so wrong! This is like something you’ll never see before. The texture, the color mixure, the smell of the cocoa powder! Yes! You can literally smell that chocolate scent once you take a sniff onto this palette. Lovely eye shadows with cocoa powder in it.
Are you ready for the swatches? ;)
IMG_9458 editIMG_9462 editIMG_9463 editJust to let you know, these swatches were taken without any primers on what so ever. Just look at those lovely colors! My favorite row would be the second row. All of the colors in that row is spectacular but my favorite color of all is Champagne Truffle, which is the highlighter shadow in this palette. Look at those gorgeous gorgeous colors! I just don’t know why I have not purchase this palette earlier but thanks to the boyfie, I am now in love again with eye shadows.
Now, I just cant stop using this palette. I feel like my days would end if I don’t use this palette even just for a dash of an eye shadow on my lids. Perhaps, this is what you say in Malaysia Language Tak Kenal Maka Tak Cinta. :)
Have you purchased yours already? I can see that these palette are quite fast selling once it is being refilled. I am not so sure how much is this as my boyfriend got this one for me but I shall have a look at the price and will update it here. If you know how much it costs, do share! :)
Thank you!
Till  then,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Typo is a dangerous shop. EVER!

Have you all been to this one shop that sells some incredible stuffs? I mean, incredible in terms of their designs and such? I used to LOVE Typo shop previously. I think that shop sells stuffs that I wont be using that much but still I need them therefore I have to purchase them.

Typo also constantly doing SALE so I think that is one of their main thing as well. It’s like, stuffs that you know you wont be using it anyway but when they put them on sale, it’s like.. I MUST HAVE THEM!!! hahaha.


Like these two thing here. Can you guess how much did I purchase them from Typo? It was on sale. I don’t really need them but when they were on sale, instantly I have to get them. My favorite would be the Owl design instead of the New York Manhattan design but like I said, I have to get both. Haha. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the price. It is just RM5 each. Yes. RM5! The price dropped from RM30 to RM5! Haha.

Now you know why Typo is a very dangerous shop. Whenever you enter the shop, suddenly you become an interior designer. You would want to decorate you room with their stuffs. I kind of like some of the posters but it is not the right time as yet for me to purchase them. Maybe one day when I have my own house. :)

Well, what is your version of a dangerous shop! Do let me know!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TV Program : Liga Lawak Superstar

Hello everybody! I jarang sekali nak blog pasal TV channel or rancangan TV. My last post about these TV thing was on a series drama Rindu Awak 200%. Have you guys watched that series kat TV3? What do you think about the drama series?

So, bila I dah take some of my time to blog about something on TV, I do hope you all did read it cause I jarang tengok TV and I don’t know how to blog about TV series or anything. I am so not a TV critique and tak layak langsung even nak kritik our artists / talents.


I used to follow my brother pergi sana sini shooting back then. I love the procedure of kena pergi shooting, doing all those acting kind of stuffs but I am not that open to do all those. Setakat part time jadi extra boleh lah kan nak kata nak berlakon ada dialog and kena buat mimik muka semua tu, tak layak lah kot.

Just entry ni nak promote kan rancangan Liga Lawak Superstar ni sebab one of my best friend aka big brother ada masuk game ni. Saya menyeru semua pembaca blog saya untuk tengok cerita ni & kalau yg baik hati tu undilah kumpulan yang korang rasa best and worth it untuk di undi. Jangan undi sebab ada abang handsome / kakak cantik je. Talent pun kena tengok jugak. Kalau setakat handsome/cantik tapi tak lawak, rasa macam tak syok la kan kalau kita undi. But, everything depends on you guys lah ye tak ada paksaan pun.


So gambar kat atas ni menunjukkan cara korang boleh nak vote untuk kumpulak favorite korang. RM2.50 untuk 5 undian. Rasa nya kalau nak buat satu undi pun boleh. Taip je LLS<jarak>NamaKumpulan and hantarkan ke 33399. Kat atas tu aku betul2 undi tau. Legit. Tak de tipu. Haha.

Kali ni ada 8 kumpulan yang berentap di Liga Lawak Superstar 2014 ni. 8 kumpulan tu akan dipecahkan mengikut dia kumpulan lagi, Kumpulan A & Kumpulan B. Last week saya pergi untuk perentapan Kumpulan A.

ScreenShot079 edit

Kumpulan A terdiri daripada Kristal Maya, Plan Bro, Jiwa Kiut & Kami Tuan Rumah. Setial group ada kelebihan masing masing. Kalau korang nak mengundi, boleh lah membuat undian SMS

LLS5<Jarak>NamaKumpulan (MAYA / BRO / JIWA / KAMI) Macam kat bawah ni.


Kalau korang fanatik sangat dengan rancangan dan kumpulan2 ni, boleh follow ig mereka seperti di bawah,





So apa korang tunggu lagi! Jangan lupa follow instagram kat atas tu untuk mengetahui perekembangan terbaru kumpulan kesukaan anda!

Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila layari


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Life as you all know it


Hello all, today I am not going to talk about beauty stuff. Well, I think I should take a stop or rest on those beauty related entry for a while. I do have a lot of beauty things to review but my mind is just like, please rest for awhile. People might get bored reading your entry about beauty videos. Well, I don’t really think that people would read what I write anyway. I just blog for fun!


I have been busy nowadays. Busy with work, life and I can say that I am sleep deprived. Haha. I made myself so, therefore I could not blame anyone else. Although I am pretty busy, I try to spend my time with my love ones. Families and friends. Me and my good friends at work went to several activities during weekend on Syawal month. We did cycling at FRIM and hiked Broga hills. Some did went a little bit extreme and tried out the extreme park at Bukit Cahaya / Cerakah. I just cant do that kind of extreme things. I am scared of heights.


This picture were taken on our Broga Hill hiking day. We did managed to watch the sun rise from the 3rd hill of Broga. It was my first time hiking Broga and actually my first in 10 years hiking as well. I would never thought that I could do that still.


I did being invited to attend some really nice events and this was one of them. It was the Pizza Hut event whereby they introducing their new menus and new recipes of their well known Pan Pizza. I have all of the entry here. Do spare sometime and read. You’ll be surprise on what do they have now in their menu.


Since it was Raya month (Syawal) I did attended several open houses which was the best part of hari raya for me. :) I don’t really like eating food that much. Well, I don’t eat much but I just love when there is like some gatherings, I could meet my friends and families. That was the one that I treasured the most rather than the foods.


I did treasure all of my time, spending it with my fellow good friends. We had fun, we just laugh and could make me forget all of the troubles behind just for a while. I need my friends maybe more than they think they do. They do not know how much they have impacted my life so far.

So, those were the things, happening in the previous month of August. Of course there are some other more things apart from these here, I shall do a dedicated blog on some of the events soon. :)

Till then,


Sunday, September 7, 2014

BOTD : NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow

Hello girlfriends! I just cant wait to give a shout out to this eyeshadow by NARS. I have been viewing a lot of reviews on YouTube regarding about this eye shadow and when I finally get it for myself, I am a bit overjoyed. :)

This is actually my first Nars eye shadow ever. It is quite expensive about RM 102.00 for 15g of an eye shadow. I believe that the price comes together with the quality of the eye shadow and also the packaging as well.

IMG_9433 edit

If you are a fan of Nars or have seen their makeup range before, you would know that Nars always has this black and white packaging which I think is quite well know now. I am so sorry for the dirtiness of the packing on my eye shadow, that is one of the perks of having black velvety kind of packaging. All those powders and things will start to stick onto the packaging and leave a print there. :(

IMG_9434 edit

Just have a minute to look at this gorgeous eye shadow. Well, mine is a bit weird looking as I did use one part for dry and the other for wet. Yes. This is a dual usage eye shadow. You can use it as a dry shadow or to intensify it, use it as a dry eye shadow. It has its best looks when it is dry.

Mine is in the shade Dione. I do now know how to pronounce it. Di-one? Dio-ne?  Quite complicated I should say. Haha.

On the pan, it looks like a normal silver eye shadow. Nah! You are totally wrong! See the swatches pictures below. You wont believe your eyes!

IMG_9436 edit

Believe it now. This is some special eye shadow. Not normal at all. Well, like the name said. It is dual intensity. I am not quite sure what the dual means. To me, it has a lot of meanings such as dual type of wear (wet & dry) or it could also be dual colors as well. As the picture above shows, you can see some taupe color and also silver as well. Mind blowing and sickening! Haha. I really love to wear it wet rather then dry. This eye shadow is a bit hard to apply if it’s dry. You need to have an eye primer to make the color pops out. Maybe because the color shows more towards silver when it is being use as dry.

To me, this eye shadow is VERY the pretty! But sadly, I could not use it as my daily eye shadow cause it is way too shimmering. I could use it during special occasions perhaps? :)

Have you tested out other NARS products? Do you like it? Share with me.

Till then,


Review : TGV Indulge movie (Lucy) experience!

Hello my beautiful and lovely friends! In this entry, I would love to share with all my experience with my other butterfly friends, watching movie with a fine dining experience as well! Sounds interesting? Do read more below!


If you have been to One Utama recently, you must know that TGV cinemas there has a major makeover and I have been loving TGV more than the other movie chain there (This is not a sponsored line! haha) therefore I have been seeing this Indulge section at TGV but have not yet tried it.

It is located right beside the popcorn counter, you will definitely see this lovely purple ambience once you are there. The name INDULGE itself means that you will be having the time of your life, watching movies and indulging yourself with their own chef cooked meal!

I was invited by The Butterfly Projects Group to attend a special event at Indulge, having to taste their fine dining meals and to experience the most relaxing movie time ever.


During the event, MUSE by Watsons representatives was also there, Amanda. She was promoting this new brand which will be in MUSE store this month, a skin care cum cosmetic brand by the name Indeed Laboratories. Never heard of them? So do i! I am a bit curious as the boxes of the brand is really colorful! I do love color coding thing like this. Meaning that, for each color code, is especially for certain skin problems.


I did test out the Nanoblur which is a face / makeup primer I am LOVE it! Sadly, they do no have a sample or they do not sell it there. Otherwise, I might be getting that one straight away. The representative did mentioned that I could get Nanoblur at MUSE at Watsons store now for the price around RM70+. It is one of the best face primer I have tested. It makes our skin looks smoother in seconds!


While waiting for the event to start, I did a small tour inside the lounge of Indulge. I love the ambience on purple and black and white. It makes the feeling of having to watch a movie in a huge mansion of a famous Hollywood celebrity!


The lounge also provides a bar which you can just sit and order some drinks before your movie starts. This is something unique and different that they have and still, the surroundings are all in purple. Lavish purple.

IMG_8985 edit

We had our drinks before waiting for the event to start at 8pm. This is non alcoholic, to some people who is curious. LOL. I could not remember the name but it taste so good!


Well well well, look at the damage that we have done before the event even started! Haha. See how much we LOVE taking photos and acting craycray! :P


They did displayed the foods that we are going to taste, bit by bits. I believe they served as all complete set from appetizers to desserts! Wow!

Let’s go one by one on the foods. Please be remind that the foods that they served to us on that night, is just a portion of the real size. In real, all these foods are served differently unless stated. :)


IMG_9004 edit

Smoked Duck Salad

Pumpkin Salad


IMG_9008 edit

Stuffs Potatoes Skin

Lamb Koftas


IMG_9011 edit

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Lamb Rack

Cajun Chicken


IMG_9038 edit

Panna Cotta

Nutty Tortilla Banana


To me, my personal favorites would be the roast duck, chicken cajun and panna cotta! I mean, I just could not resist a panna cotta being served in front of me. I love panna cotta!

Well, please bear in mind that these are not the only meals that they have. They have other tons of other menus which we have not yet tried. So, I think I could give it a try soon!


As the event starts, Tammy (Founder of The Butterfly Projects Malaysia) and TGV staffs has been eyeing on the best dress for the night. We were all required to wear our best girls night out outfit and I could only do office attire as I went there straight from the office therefore, I am not the winner. But, all three winners are soooooo pretty that night and they deserve to win!


Congratulations Caroline, Sabby and Cindy! All of you looks so glam that night! AWW! :)


Our movie was at the Indulge 2. I did went to several similar concept of movie watching at the two major movie chains as well so I know that the chair can somehow reclined and you can sleep while watching  movies. One of my favorite sleeping movie (I call it) was at Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara. Lets see if this could top that one out!


I don’t really have a clear image of the hall but this is how it looks like. See the seats are joined in the middle and not like the other two major cinema chains where they have individual seats with a small table at the middle. This would be perfect if you want to have a cuddle (married ones only okay!) while watching movies, like watching movies at home!

Let me tell you, the blanket is SUPER AMAZING! It’s like my quilt at home! The one that I use to actually sleep! Haha. So I feel like sleeping during the first half of the movie. With the air conditioned that is so cold, it is like the perfect time and place to sleep. Plus, the reclined seats makes it look like I am watching movies on a bed! haha


Image credit to Butterfly Malaysia.

This is my movie partner that night! The pretty Shivani Balraj!

So far, this is the most comfortable movie watching experience ever. Although I still prefer individual seats, these reclienable seats are not bad too. I love the blanket, I wish I could just take it with me back home. It feels clean and tidy. It does not have any weird smell on it. Which is really nice!

Do check out TGV website and Indulge website to know more on this new movie experience. You may dine before the movie, during or after the movie. It does not matter. A movie watching with a dining experience. Fine dine I should say. Sounds exciting am I right?

Till then,


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