Tuesday, September 2, 2014

BOTD : Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara VS Maybelline The Rocket Express Mascara

Hello ladies! It is already September! I know! Time flies so fast just in a blink of an eye! Well, today I have a product to review but this time let me make it a bit interesting for you all to read and understand. I am going to do a comparison review of this one new mascara by Maybelline and also the most raved about mascara from the same brand as well. But before that, let me introduce to you the main product for today’s entry.

Come and meet the Maybelline False Lashes Waterproof Big Eyes mascara! It is the first dual brush mascara that I have ever owned and I think it is the first of the first for a drugstore brands in Malaysia to have a lower lashes mascara as well. Well, correct me if I am wrong cause this is the first time ever I encounter such things.

IMG_9186 edit

I have tested this mascara for a subtle amount of days and I believe that this is the right time for me to do a review about this. I have been constantly using this mascara together with another of my favorite mascara as well. I just cant wait to reveal the results to all of you here!

Jeng jeng jeng! Let the batter begins!

IMG_9184 edit

So, in terms of the packaging, Maybelline Big Eyes has a slimmer packaging compared to The Rocket (obviously) but Big Eyes is a little bit taller as it has 2 brushes on each ends. The color choices and all are okay for me although I know, purple and black is not something usual to see on a mascara tube.

IMG_9190 edit

This is how my lashes looks like before I apply anything on it. I know you cant even barely see them at all! Hahaha.

IMG_9201 editIMG_9192 edit

So this is after I applied one coat of the Big Eyes mascara on the top and bottom lashes. You can see a HUGE differences now I think. My lashes are being separated, both top and bottm and it looks nice, neat and clean. The brush did not picks up a lot of products therefore that makes it a little more easier to apply the mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

IMG_9199 editIMG_9196 edit

The above picture is the after I applied the Maybelline The Rocket Mascara. Well, it somehow looks pretty similar to Big Eyes mascara except that The Rocket has no bottom lashes applicator therefore, the application on the bottom lashes are a little bit messy and you can see that the lashes are actually combined. Well it not for lower lashes usage anyway.


IMG_9194 edit

When you put it this way, BAM! you can see which mascara did the best job in lengthening, in curling and in separating my lashes. You be the judge, I do not want to say that I love this Big Eyes mascara because it was send out to me but you see the result by yourself. This picture proves it!

Now lets see the applicator of the Big Eyes mascara.

IMG_9203 edit

This is how the top lashes applicator looks like. Not too bulky, not too slim either. The bristles are fine and you can even see the gaps in between. Therefore, it is easier for the lashes to be separated.

IMG_9204 edit

This little cute applicator is for the bottom lashes. It is tiny but really easy to apply. The only problem that I have with this applicator is that it does not picks up the product that much therefore it feels like I am applying nothing on my eyelashes for the first coat.

IMG_9205 edit

Both applicator compared! One huge applicator from The Rocket and one slim but really does the job very well is the Big Eyes!

As for this, I give two thumbs up for The Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara and now I can say that Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara win this challenge around! I love this mascara and I will repurchase it again if this one runs out!

I would like to say thank you to Maybelline for this opportunity to try and review this mascara.

Till then,


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