Sunday, September 7, 2014

BOTD : NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow

Hello girlfriends! I just cant wait to give a shout out to this eyeshadow by NARS. I have been viewing a lot of reviews on YouTube regarding about this eye shadow and when I finally get it for myself, I am a bit overjoyed. :)

This is actually my first Nars eye shadow ever. It is quite expensive about RM 102.00 for 15g of an eye shadow. I believe that the price comes together with the quality of the eye shadow and also the packaging as well.

IMG_9433 edit

If you are a fan of Nars or have seen their makeup range before, you would know that Nars always has this black and white packaging which I think is quite well know now. I am so sorry for the dirtiness of the packing on my eye shadow, that is one of the perks of having black velvety kind of packaging. All those powders and things will start to stick onto the packaging and leave a print there. :(

IMG_9434 edit

Just have a minute to look at this gorgeous eye shadow. Well, mine is a bit weird looking as I did use one part for dry and the other for wet. Yes. This is a dual usage eye shadow. You can use it as a dry shadow or to intensify it, use it as a dry eye shadow. It has its best looks when it is dry.

Mine is in the shade Dione. I do now know how to pronounce it. Di-one? Dio-ne?  Quite complicated I should say. Haha.

On the pan, it looks like a normal silver eye shadow. Nah! You are totally wrong! See the swatches pictures below. You wont believe your eyes!

IMG_9436 edit

Believe it now. This is some special eye shadow. Not normal at all. Well, like the name said. It is dual intensity. I am not quite sure what the dual means. To me, it has a lot of meanings such as dual type of wear (wet & dry) or it could also be dual colors as well. As the picture above shows, you can see some taupe color and also silver as well. Mind blowing and sickening! Haha. I really love to wear it wet rather then dry. This eye shadow is a bit hard to apply if it’s dry. You need to have an eye primer to make the color pops out. Maybe because the color shows more towards silver when it is being use as dry.

To me, this eye shadow is VERY the pretty! But sadly, I could not use it as my daily eye shadow cause it is way too shimmering. I could use it during special occasions perhaps? :)

Have you tested out other NARS products? Do you like it? Share with me.

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