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BOTD : Super White Gluta Collagen Drink & Serum

Hello everybody! It is the time again for me to update yet another new and exciting beauty products for all of you here! If you are looking for a supplement that could make your skin fairer, smoother and thighter, you might want to read the rest of the post today!

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Introducing the Super White Gluta! It is a collagen drink that has the color and taste like green apple! Sound interesting? Want to know more on what can this incredible drink do? Read more below!

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Super White is a collagen drink, and it contains a lot of known ingredients but the main key ingredients is Apple Stem Cell. Why apple would you ask? As an apple drops down from the tree to the ground, it takes months for the apple to rot. Probably around 6-8 months long and whenever the apple is damaged, the cells inside the apple could help in recovering the apple back again. This is what we all as stem cells.

Apple stem cell could encourage the growth of our skin cells by repairing the epidermis layer of our skin. That is the outer part of our skin. It could protect our skin from UV rays as well. Usually, apple stem cells are most effective for anti ageing products.

Super White Gluta is a Malaysian brand product, made in Malaysia with Halal certified. You may drink it without doubt! :)

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This is how the packaging of the powder collagen looks like. Well, unfortunately you need to have your own shaker or you can purchase one like me! I bought mine from Daiso. RM5 only and it works like a charm!

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When you open up the packets, you can definitely smell the scent of a green apple. It smells so good that you would want to link lick the collagen there and then! :D

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After adding in 180ml of water (room temperature or cold water), just shake shake shake shake the shaker until all the powder is dissolved and you can start drinking! Well, one reason why I purchased this shaker is that, it also has the ml indicator! Easier for me to measure my water!

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Drink! Drink! Drink! I usually drink this collagen drink before bed time. To let those ingredients sunk it into my body while I am having my nappy nap nap time!

Well, most of you would probably want to know what did this drink do to my skin? See picture below.

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This is the picture of my skin, few months ago. Before having this collagen drink to drink.

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This is how the acne marks looks like now! Miracle? I know right! Well, this skin now could not be achieved without my skin care routine and having this collagen as the supplement as well. Well, ignore the red dot on my chin there. I am having the time of the month. :P

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Well, I am super satisfy with this collagen drink!

Lets see what can the serum do for my skin as well. :)

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I always applied this serum during night time right after I drink up the collagen drink. This is the Super White Advanced Night Serum for rejuvenate and repairing damaged skin.

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The ingredients are some well known repairing agents like green tea, cucumber and liquorice extract. This serum only needs some few dots (3-4 dots) and you are good to go.

It comes with a pump to make it easier for the user to apply the product.

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This serum is clear in color but it has some scent which is pleasant to me. I don’t know how to describe the scent but it is a nice scent.

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So, this is now my face looks like after I applied the serum onto my whole face. It will sinks in and leave such a soft baby skin feeling! I love to apply this serum because of that! Haha.

I would like to thank Super White Gluta Instagram (above) for introducing me to this collagen & serum! What are you waiting for! Go and grab yours today.

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