Monday, September 15, 2014

Life as you all know it


Hello all, today I am not going to talk about beauty stuff. Well, I think I should take a stop or rest on those beauty related entry for a while. I do have a lot of beauty things to review but my mind is just like, please rest for awhile. People might get bored reading your entry about beauty videos. Well, I don’t really think that people would read what I write anyway. I just blog for fun!


I have been busy nowadays. Busy with work, life and I can say that I am sleep deprived. Haha. I made myself so, therefore I could not blame anyone else. Although I am pretty busy, I try to spend my time with my love ones. Families and friends. Me and my good friends at work went to several activities during weekend on Syawal month. We did cycling at FRIM and hiked Broga hills. Some did went a little bit extreme and tried out the extreme park at Bukit Cahaya / Cerakah. I just cant do that kind of extreme things. I am scared of heights.


This picture were taken on our Broga Hill hiking day. We did managed to watch the sun rise from the 3rd hill of Broga. It was my first time hiking Broga and actually my first in 10 years hiking as well. I would never thought that I could do that still.


I did being invited to attend some really nice events and this was one of them. It was the Pizza Hut event whereby they introducing their new menus and new recipes of their well known Pan Pizza. I have all of the entry here. Do spare sometime and read. You’ll be surprise on what do they have now in their menu.


Since it was Raya month (Syawal) I did attended several open houses which was the best part of hari raya for me. :) I don’t really like eating food that much. Well, I don’t eat much but I just love when there is like some gatherings, I could meet my friends and families. That was the one that I treasured the most rather than the foods.


I did treasure all of my time, spending it with my fellow good friends. We had fun, we just laugh and could make me forget all of the troubles behind just for a while. I need my friends maybe more than they think they do. They do not know how much they have impacted my life so far.

So, those were the things, happening in the previous month of August. Of course there are some other more things apart from these here, I shall do a dedicated blog on some of the events soon. :)

Till then,


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