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Review : TGV Indulge movie (Lucy) experience!

Hello my beautiful and lovely friends! In this entry, I would love to share with all my experience with my other butterfly friends, watching movie with a fine dining experience as well! Sounds interesting? Do read more below!


If you have been to One Utama recently, you must know that TGV cinemas there has a major makeover and I have been loving TGV more than the other movie chain there (This is not a sponsored line! haha) therefore I have been seeing this Indulge section at TGV but have not yet tried it.

It is located right beside the popcorn counter, you will definitely see this lovely purple ambience once you are there. The name INDULGE itself means that you will be having the time of your life, watching movies and indulging yourself with their own chef cooked meal!

I was invited by The Butterfly Projects Group to attend a special event at Indulge, having to taste their fine dining meals and to experience the most relaxing movie time ever.


During the event, MUSE by Watsons representatives was also there, Amanda. She was promoting this new brand which will be in MUSE store this month, a skin care cum cosmetic brand by the name Indeed Laboratories. Never heard of them? So do i! I am a bit curious as the boxes of the brand is really colorful! I do love color coding thing like this. Meaning that, for each color code, is especially for certain skin problems.


I did test out the Nanoblur which is a face / makeup primer I am LOVE it! Sadly, they do no have a sample or they do not sell it there. Otherwise, I might be getting that one straight away. The representative did mentioned that I could get Nanoblur at MUSE at Watsons store now for the price around RM70+. It is one of the best face primer I have tested. It makes our skin looks smoother in seconds!


While waiting for the event to start, I did a small tour inside the lounge of Indulge. I love the ambience on purple and black and white. It makes the feeling of having to watch a movie in a huge mansion of a famous Hollywood celebrity!


The lounge also provides a bar which you can just sit and order some drinks before your movie starts. This is something unique and different that they have and still, the surroundings are all in purple. Lavish purple.

IMG_8985 edit

We had our drinks before waiting for the event to start at 8pm. This is non alcoholic, to some people who is curious. LOL. I could not remember the name but it taste so good!


Well well well, look at the damage that we have done before the event even started! Haha. See how much we LOVE taking photos and acting craycray! :P


They did displayed the foods that we are going to taste, bit by bits. I believe they served as all complete set from appetizers to desserts! Wow!

Let’s go one by one on the foods. Please be remind that the foods that they served to us on that night, is just a portion of the real size. In real, all these foods are served differently unless stated. :)


IMG_9004 edit

Smoked Duck Salad

Pumpkin Salad


IMG_9008 edit

Stuffs Potatoes Skin

Lamb Koftas


IMG_9011 edit

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Lamb Rack

Cajun Chicken


IMG_9038 edit

Panna Cotta

Nutty Tortilla Banana


To me, my personal favorites would be the roast duck, chicken cajun and panna cotta! I mean, I just could not resist a panna cotta being served in front of me. I love panna cotta!

Well, please bear in mind that these are not the only meals that they have. They have other tons of other menus which we have not yet tried. So, I think I could give it a try soon!


As the event starts, Tammy (Founder of The Butterfly Projects Malaysia) and TGV staffs has been eyeing on the best dress for the night. We were all required to wear our best girls night out outfit and I could only do office attire as I went there straight from the office therefore, I am not the winner. But, all three winners are soooooo pretty that night and they deserve to win!


Congratulations Caroline, Sabby and Cindy! All of you looks so glam that night! AWW! :)


Our movie was at the Indulge 2. I did went to several similar concept of movie watching at the two major movie chains as well so I know that the chair can somehow reclined and you can sleep while watching  movies. One of my favorite sleeping movie (I call it) was at Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara. Lets see if this could top that one out!


I don’t really have a clear image of the hall but this is how it looks like. See the seats are joined in the middle and not like the other two major cinema chains where they have individual seats with a small table at the middle. This would be perfect if you want to have a cuddle (married ones only okay!) while watching movies, like watching movies at home!

Let me tell you, the blanket is SUPER AMAZING! It’s like my quilt at home! The one that I use to actually sleep! Haha. So I feel like sleeping during the first half of the movie. With the air conditioned that is so cold, it is like the perfect time and place to sleep. Plus, the reclined seats makes it look like I am watching movies on a bed! haha


Image credit to Butterfly Malaysia.

This is my movie partner that night! The pretty Shivani Balraj!

So far, this is the most comfortable movie watching experience ever. Although I still prefer individual seats, these reclienable seats are not bad too. I love the blanket, I wish I could just take it with me back home. It feels clean and tidy. It does not have any weird smell on it. Which is really nice!

Do check out TGV website and Indulge website to know more on this new movie experience. You may dine before the movie, during or after the movie. It does not matter. A movie watching with a dining experience. Fine dine I should say. Sounds exciting am I right?

Till then,


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