Thursday, September 18, 2014

Typo is a dangerous shop. EVER!

Have you all been to this one shop that sells some incredible stuffs? I mean, incredible in terms of their designs and such? I used to LOVE Typo shop previously. I think that shop sells stuffs that I wont be using that much but still I need them therefore I have to purchase them.

Typo also constantly doing SALE so I think that is one of their main thing as well. It’s like, stuffs that you know you wont be using it anyway but when they put them on sale, it’s like.. I MUST HAVE THEM!!! hahaha.


Like these two thing here. Can you guess how much did I purchase them from Typo? It was on sale. I don’t really need them but when they were on sale, instantly I have to get them. My favorite would be the Owl design instead of the New York Manhattan design but like I said, I have to get both. Haha. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the price. It is just RM5 each. Yes. RM5! The price dropped from RM30 to RM5! Haha.

Now you know why Typo is a very dangerous shop. Whenever you enter the shop, suddenly you become an interior designer. You would want to decorate you room with their stuffs. I kind of like some of the posters but it is not the right time as yet for me to purchase them. Maybe one day when I have my own house. :)

Well, what is your version of a dangerous shop! Do let me know!

Till then,


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