Monday, October 13, 2014

BOTD : Bourjois Loose Powder

Hello everybody. It’s review time again! For this entry I would like to do a review on this one loose powder that I purchased and tested through out September. I don’t really have that much of a loose powder to compare this with but I do have some translucent ones from essence which I do not really like cause it is in white color. Haha.
IMG_9505 edit
So, I overcome my bravery and purchased this instead. Who knows I can use this as my everyday face powder kind of thingy.
IMG_9506 edit
I can only see two shades for this loose powder. One being 01 and obviously this is 02. I might be wrong as they might have finished the other shades of this powder. I try to look for a translucent ones but apparently, they don’t have it. At least at the Bourjois counter where I purchased this powder does not have it. Sigh.
IMG_9508 edit
Looking at the design of the packaging, this is to me very the old school like of powder. It’s like I am living in the 90s. The packaging is very simple, powder at the bottom, there are holes on the top part and then sponge applicator and the lid of the powder.
The sponge is very soft, but it is not latex made. It feels like an old school sponge too. It is hard to describe it but it applies as good as a brush could do.
IMG_9509 edit
This is one harsh swipe of the powder. I need to do a harsh swipe cause the powder is so fine, you could not even see it if I do it very gently.
IMG_9510 edit
Of course it’ll blend beautifully on my skin as per the picture above. It shows that it has some color onto the powder but when it blends, it gives such a smooth feeling on you face / skin and when you touch it, it feels like heaven.
I love this loose powder at the moment. To set up my makeup aka liquid foundation. Not that I need any setting as I know my favorite NARS foundation is simply magic I don’t really need to set it up but still, I just love the feelings of having this powder on my face.
You can get this powder at any Bourjois counters at Watsons. :)
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