Monday, October 20, 2014

BOTD : H&M Blusher

Hello all! It’s the time where I post out a makeup item review! YAY! Haha. I did have a video review on this blusher up on my YouTube channel a while ago and I thought why not do a blog review about it as well? So now I did.
067 edit
I purchased this blusher a year ago in Barcelona. Well, I am so crazy about Barcelona I would want to go there again one day. I really love the city! Well, H&M here is very boring. They did not sell their cosmetics line here. In Barcelona, they did have these lovely and cheap cosmetics from H&M line. Some are incredibly good!
068 edit
I bought two blushers and this is the brightest one so far that I have in my collection. I don’t know why I bought this shade as I am more like soft tones kind of person when it comes to blusher color. Pink Dahlia, the blusher is as pretty as the name.
069 edit
Badamtss! Well well well, look at that gorgeous color! Haha. Do not be afraid of wearing bold color, especially on blushers. I did try to get out from my comfort zone by purchasing this blusher with the thought that I will be hating this blusher but dear, I was extremely wrong!
071 edit
Just look at that one swatch of the blusher. AH-MAZINGGG! I still can imagine having these shade on a dark skintone people. That would look amazing as well!
072 edit
Once blended, this is how it looks like. Somehow looks like I did get someone to punch me on the back of my hands! Haha. Or maybe it looks like a huge mosquito bite there for a while! But, trust me girls. On your cheek, these color would look just fine. I would not recommend this shade to any pale / whitish skin tone person. It may look a little bit obvious that the blusher is fake unless, if you know how to blend it beautifully.
To me, this is a really good, pigmented blusher. But since we could not get it here in Malaysia as yet, you might want to to find something with a similar color tone to go on with.
Dare enough?
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