Thursday, October 16, 2014

BOTD : Meteorites Pearls by Guerlain

Hello all! Today I would like to do a short review on this weird thing that I purchased in Singapore Airport few weeks back. I have no idea why I purchase this, it was an impromptu decision made my myself that day. Haha.
This Guerlain product has been in stores for several months now. Probably years. It is just that I do not really care about it until I encountered the miniature of it. I am a sucker when it comes to anything mini or travel size items. I just want those, thinking that I might be in need of those items in the future. –.-“
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This meteorites is some sort of like a highlighter. It was so hyped up during the month is it out. I was like, why do you all like these colorful balls so much? It was nothing but a highlighter. Well, let me give you all my review below. Honest and true review. ;) But before that, let me give you a tour of this product.
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This is how the products look like inside the packaging. It contains two cardboard meteorites and one cute kabuki brush! Both meteorites container contains the same thing.
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By looking at the packaging, it looks similar to the full size of the product except this is just made out of a cardboard box. Well, it is okay but at least they could do something more that this. Thank God the brush looks good.
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Just look at that cute little brush! It’s pink in color! What more could you ask for? :)
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So, finally this is how the meteorites looks like. I think it has the same size as the full size of this product except this has less balls. Hehe. This illuminating powder has some powdery scent to it. Quite unpleasant if you want to hear my opinion about it.
038 edit
Well, I do hope that you can see the swatch picture above. I tried to do swatches of it but then realize that this is an illuminator and it might not going to show up on my skin. Well, I did try my best and surprisingly it does shows up in this picture!

To me, this is something that I wont be purchase it ever again. First, I don’t really wear highlighter/illuminating powder. I don’t know why I bought this at the very first place. Secondly, this illuminating powder / balls produce such a powdery scent that I just could not stand it. I don’t know why. Thirdly, this illuminating powder does shows up on my skin if you look at it closely but, it shows up in a chunk of glitter. Well, I don’t really fancy that one.

So overall, I don’t really like it that much. Sadly. This is my first so call High End makeup product that I do have from a High End brand.
Do you have this product in your makeup collection? How do you like them?
Till then,

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