Sunday, November 30, 2014

BOTD : Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden Palette

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you are a new reader, thank you for stopping by! Today I would like to do a haul on the latest palette that I purchased by Sleek Makeup. I used to be a huge fan of Sleek Makeup eye shadow palette. They do have some really good ones and I actually have few of them, all purchased by yours truly. Lately, Sleek has some problems in shipping their items to outside the UK. Since then, I stopped looking at their website and have no idea what is their latest palette in store.
I found out about this palette a while back when I tried to view Sleek Makeup website again but I was so afraid to purchased from their website because of the shipping problems. When I saw that Luxola has this palette and coincidently they were having this RM50 off the cart voucher, I instantly took that opportunity to purchase this palette instead.
IMG_9596 edit
IMG_9597 edit
The packaging of the box is similar to the other i-Divine palettes that they have but this time around, I can see that they did an extra effort in printing a tutorial on how to use this eye shadow at the back of the box! Nice!
IMG_9598 edit
IMG_9599 edit
As for the palette, it is very similar to my other Sleek Makeup i-Divine palette. Black with a simple SLEEK emblem and at the back has the name of the eye shadow printed.
IMG_9600 edit
Let’s talk about the color choices inside this palette. Since the name is Garden of Eden, I would not be surprise if they have all of the eye shadows in different green hues but who would wear that. Hehe. This palette has a really great color choices. I really do love what they have done for this palette in terms of the color choices. It has 5 matte eye shadows (Forbidden, Flora, Entwined, Adam’s Apple & Tree of Life) and 7 satin finished eye shadows (Gates of Eden, Eve’s Kiss, Paradise on Earth, Phyton, Fig, Evergreen & Fauna)
IMG_9601 edit
As you can see clearly from the picture above, some of the eye shadows are not up to my expectation. I really do love the color of Eve’s Kiss and Paradise on Earth here. The two matte eye shadows sucks. I honestly tell you, Sleek has never done any suck matte eye shadows. These two were the first one that I encountered. Too bad.
IMG_9602 edit
The other two matte eye shadows that is not up to my expectations are Entwined and Adam’s Apple. Well, I think they purposely do it like that. I don’t know. But, the others are just astonishing! I really do love the shade Fauna in this second row. I feel like licking the eye shadow straight away when I swatch it! Those satin finished eye shadows are creamy, buttery, smooth and pigmented.
To me, this palette is something different that I have now. The colors are just nice except for those eye shadows which are not that pigmented.
If you want to purchase this palette, you may visit Luxola or Sleek Makeup website.
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

BOTD : Physicians Formula Super BB Cream

Hello all! I have a review to share with you girls out there (and guys too if you are interested in this). As you might know, I do purchased some of my makeup from iHerb and this is actually one of them! It is actually a prompt buy kind of thing cause I did not want to purchase this at all at the first place. Well, iHerb is a very dangerous website. Haha
Well, this is how it looks like. I have never see any reviews about this product as yet from Physicians Formula. Maybe I did not know that it does exists or I am just blind.
020 edit021 edit
It says to be the All-in-1 Beauty Balm Compact Cream. I choose mine in the shade Light/Medium as I used to wear Medium shade of Physicians Formula Powder. It is hard to buy foundations online, I know. I just gamble. Haha.
030 edit
This is as said, a compact BB cream which I have never encounter such products before. My BB cream always in a tube form and this makes me want to try it even more! It obviously has a creamy texture to it but once applied, it’s very light weight and not oily at all!
035 edit
This is the swatch of the BB cream on my hands. It may look a bit lighter but it is actually quite match with my skin color.
032 edit033 edit
This BB cream comes with a round sponge applicator such as this. Sorry mine is dirty because I used it before I took this picture. I need to clean the sponge out! Hehe
This is the Before and After comparison picture. As you may notice, the BB cream does not have that heavy coverage. You still need to conceal your dark spots, acne and so forth. I really like on how it does give that glow on my skin. Love it so much! It does not last that long on my skin though. But still, I do love this BB cream. Very easy to apply, matches my skin tone color, no funny smell and it looks natural on my skin! :)
Some of the benefits of this BB Cream :
    • Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
    • Recommended - Skin Cancer Foundation - Daily Use
    • Recommended as an Effective Broad Spectrum Sunscreen
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Paraben Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Fragrance Free
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • Dermatologist Approved
    10+ Beauty Benefits
    • Smoothing
    • Moisturizing
    • Protecting
    • Firming
    • Priming + Filling
    • Perfecting
    • Concealing
    • Brightening
    • Line-Softening
    • Long-Wearing
You may read more on this BB cream or you can get this BB Cream from iHerb.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BOTD : Haul Urban Decay NAKED Basics 2 Palette

Hello makeup lovers! Another entry on makeup today! I recently went to Sephora again to purchase the other Tarte Christmas gift which I will do another new entry on that soon. Today is the time for Urban Decay. It seems like I have not had any haul / reviews on Urban Decay products for quite some time. When I saw this palette on YouTube, I instantly like said to myself, I want that palette.
014 edit
When you see it, it has no sparks, nothing special. But if you have owned Naked Basics palette, you would know how pigmented these matte colors would be. My boyfriend purchased these for me without me having to swatch it. Yes. This was my first time purchasing a palette without even I have to swatch it because I trust Urban Decay so much! I just open up the palette to see the colors and that’s it. The palette is in my Sephora basket.
015 edit
The box packaging is similar to the first version of Naked Basics. Even the palette also looks the same.
016 edit017 edit
I have been loving my Naked Basics palette so much. I always bring it to where ever I go outstation because I could get my eye shadow and also my eye brow powder at the same time.
018 edit
Tadaa! So this is how the palette looks like! This time I could see that most of the eye shadows do have that opaque colors instead of the first version of Naked Basics. The color Frisk is one of the unique matte color I  have ever seen. It is like a brownish taupe color. Very unique and very pigmented! Of course, it is certainly from Urban Decay.
019 edit
My personal favorite color would be Stark. Not just because it resembles Tony Stark from the Iron Man but the color is just GORGEOUS! Just look at that shade. I am mesmerize by it. Skimp is actually not a matte eye shadow but it is also not a shimmer eye shadow as well. To me it is more like a satiny and matte combined together. Lovely highlighter shade.
To me overall, I do love this palette. It has more wearable shades than my Naked Basics palette. And the color choices is incredible. Naked Basics palette has more like a cool tone color whereas this Naked Basics 2 palette has more warm tone colors. I suggest if you love Urban Decay, you should buy this palette. If you do have the first Naked Basics palette, you might want to swatch these first before buying to see if you really do like the shades or not. Personally to me, I think this palette is a must have if you did not have Naked Basics as yet.
Want to read my Naked Basics palette review & Swatches? Click Naked Basics
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Monday, November 24, 2014

BOTD : Haul Tarte Bon Voyage Holiday Gift Set

Hello all! As promised I am back to writing a BOTD entry today. I have been gone for quite some time and I do have several beauty products to haul and to review so lets just start with my latest purchase, the Tarte Bon Voyage Holiday Gift Set.
I have always love Christmas holiday gift sets. I will always wait for it each year. This time around, I don’t think Sephora has the best gift sets as yet. To me, the previous years were the best! Nevertheless, I did purchased several gift sets at Sephora and mostly it was from Tarte.
IMG_9581 edit
I was actually contemplating between this set and also Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette. Since this is limited edition and the Vice Palette seems to have lost it sparks and it is still there despite being on sale for like, a week when I purchased this gift set, I thought..meh – Let me just buy this one first and get the Vice Palette 3 later. I was attracted to this when I saw Marlena from The Makeup Geek was doing her monthly makeup review and also Christmas gift set and she was so in love with this set. I was drawn to that.
IMG_9582 edit
This set includes 20 full French inspired Amazonian Clay sized eye shadows, full size LipSurgence lip tint in Romantic, full size LipSurgence lip gloss in visionary, deluxe size light, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara, deluxe size cheek stain in muse, deluxe size maracuja oil, deluxe size smooth operator Amazonian clay finishing powder & limited edition travel bag. For me, it is worth the money (I forgot how much does this costs but I think it is around RM200) and I did actually received 20% off from the Black Card discount that Sephora was having on that day. Yahoo!
I was fascinated by the eye shadow that they were having inside this gift set. I know when you swatch it at Sephora it may look not appealing to you and not that pigmented. I have had that problem with Tarte blusher’s samples before. It shows none on my skin when I swatch them at Sephora but it shows incredibly on my cheeks when I applied it at home. Do not think that these are not pigmented cause, they are! They are so amazingly pigmented! Below are my swatches of all the eye shadows without any primers on, I swear!
IMG_9589 edit
First row
IMG_9590 edit
Second row
IMG_9592 edit
Third row
IMG_9593 edit
Fourth row
My personal favorite would be C’est La Vie! It’s this gorgeous nearly transparent glitter color which looks yucky on the palette but it turns out to be this gorgeous eye shadow color that I have ever seen in my life! Mind blowing!
IMG_9584 editIMG_9583 edit
So, this is how the limited edition travelling bag looks like. It has purple background with gold details on it. It has tassels on the zip and the best part is that, it has two zips so that you could zip from the center to the end!
Tadaa! This is how the inside looks like. The eye shadow palette is being placed at the little pouch there and the rest of the products were being nicely arranged in a pretty plastic mold.
IMG_9586 edit
This is how the rest of the products looks like. Two full size LipSurgence products which I am obsessed with now and the rest was a deluxe size of the mascara, blusher, oil and loose powder.
For me, I did not regret purchasing this over the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette because I am obsessed with Tarte eye shadows now. It is simply amazing. You just have to not to swatch them in store and trust the brand, like I do. :)

Missing for a while

Hello my readers and followers. I am super sorry as I did not update anything in my blog for the past 2 weeks. I was sick and was being hospitalized for nearly 4 days and as the result, I was on MC for a week. I had dengue fever which I am still recovering from as I am typing this blog entry. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to my fiance / boyfie for his never endingly taking care of me while my parents are away. Thank you syg. :)


I will be uploading a fresh new entry tomorrow on my new makeup haul. I wont be reviewing the products as yet cause I have not played with it that much to do a review. So, I do hope that you shall stay tune on my next entry. It is going to be AWESOME! :)

Again, I apologize for not updating anything on my blog. I shall continue my blogging starting today!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

BOTD : Love Bite Attack

Hello my dear readers! I would like to write a short simple and honest review on this lip scrub. I received this lip scrub a while back from this cute little girl name Wiida Ribbon. She has an online shop selling items from The Makeup Geek and brushes and many more.
IMG_9569 edit
Actually, I was a bit skeptical on using a lip scrub. I always find it a a bit weird to scrub my tiny lips off. Maybe I do not have that voluptuous lips so I think my lips are just, meh and they do not deserve any tender love and care. But then I received this tiny sweet scrub that is made out of brown sugar (natural source!) and have been using it before I applied my lip sticks sometimes, I find out that even if I do not have any chapped lips or dry lips, these scrubs can actually make my lips so smooth and soft! I am not kidding you all!
IMG_9573 edit
The texture is scrubby. Haha. It has chunky brown sugar inside this little tube. I admit the scrub can fall down while you were scrubbing therefore, you might want to do it either in the toilet or outside. You do not want any ants surrounding your room lurking for these yummy thing. Haha. I admit it, I always lick those sugar off once I am done scrubbing. Haha. Why oh why?
MakeupCrime (@makeup_crime) on
Click FOLLOW on the instagram link above now to order! It is totally worth it and cheap!
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