Tuesday, November 25, 2014

BOTD : Haul Urban Decay NAKED Basics 2 Palette

Hello makeup lovers! Another entry on makeup today! I recently went to Sephora again to purchase the other Tarte Christmas gift which I will do another new entry on that soon. Today is the time for Urban Decay. It seems like I have not had any haul / reviews on Urban Decay products for quite some time. When I saw this palette on YouTube, I instantly like said to myself, I want that palette.
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When you see it, it has no sparks, nothing special. But if you have owned Naked Basics palette, you would know how pigmented these matte colors would be. My boyfriend purchased these for me without me having to swatch it. Yes. This was my first time purchasing a palette without even I have to swatch it because I trust Urban Decay so much! I just open up the palette to see the colors and that’s it. The palette is in my Sephora basket.
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The box packaging is similar to the first version of Naked Basics. Even the palette also looks the same.
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I have been loving my Naked Basics palette so much. I always bring it to where ever I go outstation because I could get my eye shadow and also my eye brow powder at the same time.
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Tadaa! So this is how the palette looks like! This time I could see that most of the eye shadows do have that opaque colors instead of the first version of Naked Basics. The color Frisk is one of the unique matte color I  have ever seen. It is like a brownish taupe color. Very unique and very pigmented! Of course, it is certainly from Urban Decay.
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My personal favorite color would be Stark. Not just because it resembles Tony Stark from the Iron Man but the color is just GORGEOUS! Just look at that shade. I am mesmerize by it. Skimp is actually not a matte eye shadow but it is also not a shimmer eye shadow as well. To me it is more like a satiny and matte combined together. Lovely highlighter shade.
To me overall, I do love this palette. It has more wearable shades than my Naked Basics palette. And the color choices is incredible. Naked Basics palette has more like a cool tone color whereas this Naked Basics 2 palette has more warm tone colors. I suggest if you love Urban Decay, you should buy this palette. If you do have the first Naked Basics palette, you might want to swatch these first before buying to see if you really do like the shades or not. Personally to me, I think this palette is a must have if you did not have Naked Basics as yet.
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