Monday, November 3, 2014

BOTD : Love Bite Attack

Hello my dear readers! I would like to write a short simple and honest review on this lip scrub. I received this lip scrub a while back from this cute little girl name Wiida Ribbon. She has an online shop selling items from The Makeup Geek and brushes and many more.
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Actually, I was a bit skeptical on using a lip scrub. I always find it a a bit weird to scrub my tiny lips off. Maybe I do not have that voluptuous lips so I think my lips are just, meh and they do not deserve any tender love and care. But then I received this tiny sweet scrub that is made out of brown sugar (natural source!) and have been using it before I applied my lip sticks sometimes, I find out that even if I do not have any chapped lips or dry lips, these scrubs can actually make my lips so smooth and soft! I am not kidding you all!
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The texture is scrubby. Haha. It has chunky brown sugar inside this little tube. I admit the scrub can fall down while you were scrubbing therefore, you might want to do it either in the toilet or outside. You do not want any ants surrounding your room lurking for these yummy thing. Haha. I admit it, I always lick those sugar off once I am done scrubbing. Haha. Why oh why?
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