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BOTD : Sleek Makeup Garden of Eden Palette

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you are a new reader, thank you for stopping by! Today I would like to do a haul on the latest palette that I purchased by Sleek Makeup. I used to be a huge fan of Sleek Makeup eye shadow palette. They do have some really good ones and I actually have few of them, all purchased by yours truly. Lately, Sleek has some problems in shipping their items to outside the UK. Since then, I stopped looking at their website and have no idea what is their latest palette in store.
I found out about this palette a while back when I tried to view Sleek Makeup website again but I was so afraid to purchased from their website because of the shipping problems. When I saw that Luxola has this palette and coincidently they were having this RM50 off the cart voucher, I instantly took that opportunity to purchase this palette instead.
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The packaging of the box is similar to the other i-Divine palettes that they have but this time around, I can see that they did an extra effort in printing a tutorial on how to use this eye shadow at the back of the box! Nice!
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As for the palette, it is very similar to my other Sleek Makeup i-Divine palette. Black with a simple SLEEK emblem and at the back has the name of the eye shadow printed.
IMG_9600 edit
Let’s talk about the color choices inside this palette. Since the name is Garden of Eden, I would not be surprise if they have all of the eye shadows in different green hues but who would wear that. Hehe. This palette has a really great color choices. I really do love what they have done for this palette in terms of the color choices. It has 5 matte eye shadows (Forbidden, Flora, Entwined, Adam’s Apple & Tree of Life) and 7 satin finished eye shadows (Gates of Eden, Eve’s Kiss, Paradise on Earth, Phyton, Fig, Evergreen & Fauna)
IMG_9601 edit
As you can see clearly from the picture above, some of the eye shadows are not up to my expectation. I really do love the color of Eve’s Kiss and Paradise on Earth here. The two matte eye shadows sucks. I honestly tell you, Sleek has never done any suck matte eye shadows. These two were the first one that I encountered. Too bad.
IMG_9602 edit
The other two matte eye shadows that is not up to my expectations are Entwined and Adam’s Apple. Well, I think they purposely do it like that. I don’t know. But, the others are just astonishing! I really do love the shade Fauna in this second row. I feel like licking the eye shadow straight away when I swatch it! Those satin finished eye shadows are creamy, buttery, smooth and pigmented.
To me, this palette is something different that I have now. The colors are just nice except for those eye shadows which are not that pigmented.
If you want to purchase this palette, you may visit Luxola or Sleek Makeup website.
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