Monday, December 29, 2014

BOTD : Makeup Revolution Lippies!

Hello friends! As excited as my title sounds (really?) I would love to introduce to all my current favorite lip products and brand. I discover this brand few months ago and just could not wait for them to launch here in Malaysia. I always stalks their Instagram every single day since I first followed them.
Now, I have 6 of their ever so pigmented lipsticks and few other lip products (which I will be showing in this entry as well, hence the entry name is Lippies) so sit back and enjoy!
IMG_9791 editIMG_9793 edit
As you can see, I have 6 of their pigmented lipsticks as for now (will be buying more in the future of course!) and I love every single one of them! The colors are wearable, even that dark berry shade (Rebel with Cause)! I cant believe that I have started to fall in love with lip products.
These lipsticks are to die for. They are pigmented, very moisturizing and actually quite long lasting as well. It applies as semi matte and that makes it lasted for few hours on my lips even after I have my foods and drinks! I’ll leave stains on my lips too. Plus, it is affordable at only RM8!
IMG_9794 edit
Apart from their famous lipsticks, I also purchased their Power lip gloss and lip stick duo as well. I choose red lip stick color this time and the gloss is a peachy shimmer color. I don’t know why the gloss is lighter than the lip stick. I wish that the gloss would be similar color to that gorgeous red but nevertheless, it is still pretty to wear! This gorgeous duo goes for RM24!
IMG_9798 edit
Last but not least is their Slavation Velvet Lip Lacquer. This time around, I choose in a very neon pink color. This is a very bright pink and it will stick onto your lips like, forever. It finishes off as matte and it is a bit drying but it does not accentuate my lip lines at all once I applied it onto my lips. It lasted for hours and there is a possibility that it might dries up your lip as well. The price for this one is RM24
IMG_9786 edit
Tadaa! Here are all the swatches in one go! My favorite lipstick color would be Enchant as for now. I love the pink purple undertone color!
If you are interested in purchasing all of the items mentioned, please click onto the links below :

Makeup Revolution Malaysia :
Lipsticks :
Duo Lipstick & Lip gloss :
Salvation Velvet Lip lacquer :

Makeup Revolution Malaysia Facebook :
Makeup Revolution Malaysia Instagram :
Makeup Revolution Malaysia Twitter :
Makeup Revolution Malaysia Pinterest :

Sunday, December 28, 2014

BOTD : Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Palette

Howdy friends! I have an interesting palette to show to all! Have you heard about Makeup Revolution before? Neither do I, not until 2 months ago. When I saw their instagram pictures, I thought it will be yet another pricey makeup products but I was totally wrong!
Makeup Revolutuon is a makeup brand from the United Kingdom. I believe their quality is similar to Sleek. I love Sleek eye shadow palettes and I have most of them, including the limited editions as well.
IMG_9770 editIMG_9771 edit
Just by looking at the box of this palette, I knew that this would be another interesting product to test out. I purchased this because I really like the color of the eye shadows in this palette. I have nothing similar to this palette at all! It is interesting how they combine all these gorgeous blue, black, purple and some greens all together!
IMG_9773 editIMG_9774 edit
The palette is a sturdy plastic kid of material. I like this type of palette more than Sleek. Sleek ones has some matte looking palette and is a bit fragile and it can get very dirty.
IMG_9775 edit
As from the box said, it contains 18 eye shadows, 12 of them are shimmers and 6 others are matte. I LOVE how they separate the matte and shimmers inside the palette. I love organized palette like to which I think is very hard to find in other brands, even the high end ones. This is surely innovative.
Now be prepared as I would like to show all of the colors in this palette and all of them are VERY pigmented!
IMG_9777 editIMG_9778 editIMG_9780 editIMG_9781 edit
And the mattes!
IMG_9782 editIMG_9783 edit
Going crazy already? Me too! I just cant stare enough of all of the colors!
Interested in purchasing this palette?

Website :
Direct link to this palette :

Price : RM48

Makeup Revolution Malaysia Instagram :
Makeup Revolution Malaysia Facebook Page :
Makeup Revolution Malaysia Twitter :
Makeup Revolution Malaysia Pinterest :

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Monday, December 22, 2014

BOTD : Two Faced Melted Kisses

IMG_9657 edit
Hello friends! Another Two Faced product I should say? Well, I am obsessed with Two Faced Christmas gift set this year and I have mostly all of them now. Left one palette from Sephora but I don’t think I will be purchasing that palette as it contains only bronzer, highlighter, lip gloss and few eye shadows. I have the Chocolate Soleil bronzer in both of the Christmas pack anyway.
I have been eyeing on this Melted for so long but I was not that convinced to purchase it alone. When I saw that Two Faced is going to be having this mini Christmas collection of Melted, I did melted away.
IMG_9658 edit

This set contains 4 gorgeous pigmented colors of Melted. Melted Nude, Melted, Peony, Melted Fuchsia & Melted Berry. All gorgeous colors that you can wear to any occasions. I need not to give an introduction to all on this product. It is very well known of its pigmentation and lasting.
IMG_9659 edit 
Just look at those gorgeous colors! My personal favorite would be Melted Peony. It is a very soft pink which I could wear to almost anywhere!
IMG_9660 edit
This Melted products do come with a sponge applicator so you don’t need any brushes to apply the products onto your lips. The sponges makes it easier to apply with precisions. Loving it! Just press the product inside the tube and it will come out from the sponge tip!
IMG_9661 edit
Just pick your favorite shade! The nude is also not bad either! I love how it is not pale nude and instead it is a colored type of nude. Sometimes, nude can be extremely pale and I could not pull that kind of shade. :) Melted is also very very glossy but it does last very long! It could also be as a lip stain as it does leave that lip stick stains on your lips.
If you are into lip products and would like to consider Melted as one of them, you could purchase these mini ones! It is easier to carry around and you have about 5ml of products! The full size Melted is about 12 ml and  Go and grab your Melted today!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BOTD : Two Faced La Belle Carousel Set

Good day all! Today is yet another Two Faced product and it is actually also in their Christmas set edition which is the La Belle Carousel set. This super gorgeous-made set arrived last few weeks ago and I got mine from Sephora Nu Sentral. This set I purchased them a little bit late as I do not want to purchased too many makeup at one go but I just could not resist it!
IMG_9665 edit
Everybody is loving the packaging. I do too! It is by far one of the most well made Christmas gift set that I have ever encounter before. Pretty and gorgeous!
IMG_9668 edit
This set all together consists of 12 very pigmented eye shadows, 2 blushers, 2 bronzers and one deluxe sample size mascara. The color choices of this set is incredible and pretty. I love how they made it into 3 different palettes so that I is to be on the go and travel friendly. The cardboard material does not feel cheap at all and it has magnetic closure on each palettes! AWESOME!
IMG_9670 edit
As you can see from the picture above, each palette has its own To and From blank space in case if you would want to give separate palette to your friends for Christmas. Good idea!
IMG_9671 edit
Lets start with its mascara. This is my second time owning this deluxe size mascara. I have featured the same mascara in my BOTD Everything Nice Palette entry.
IMG_9672 editIMG_9674 editIMG_9683 edit
This is one of the two blusher + bronzer palettes. I personally like the bronzer color cause this is not a matte bronzer. I have several matte bronzer and I would like to try this one!
Just a quick tip, for you to know if the palette carries eye shadows or face products, the palette that has La Belle Carousel written on it is a face products and the one with horses are eye shadows! :)
IMG_9675 editIMG_9676 editIMG_9688 edit
This is the chocolate or earthy tones palette. Pretty but one eye shadow does not shows on my skin at all! hehe.
IMG_9677 editIMG_9678 editIMG_9686 edit
This is another face products palette. Chocolate Soleil is also available in the Everything Nice set as well. I believe some beauty gurus did mentioned that Who’s Your Poppy blusher is similar to the Nars Orgasm. I am not sure as I have not tested Nars Orgasm blusher as yet.
IMG_9679 editIMG_9680 editIMG_9685 edit
Oh! This is my favorite palette out of all the eye shadow palettes inside this set. Just look at the Boxes & Bows color. PRETTY!
IMG_9681 editIMG_9682 editIMG_9689 edit
Last but not least is this palette. The smokey Christmasy kind of palette. I love the shade Tin Soldier! Very buttery and pigmented! My kind of eye shadow feelings! :P
As usual, Two Faced always has this tutorial sheet for us to play around and be inspired with. :)
This set has more of a shimmering and satiny finished eye shadows. I do not really see any mattes except Tuffled Suede cause it matches my skin color 100%! I still need to play around with this set especially its eye shadows and blusher. I am not so keen on the bronzer and I do not bronzed my face that much.
You can get this palette at Sephora for RM 165!
Till then,

Monday, December 15, 2014

BOTD : [Swatches] Tarte Sweet Dreams LipSurgence

Hello friends! I believe I did promised to upload a review on my blog on this but I still did not take the final picture of the whole product as yet. So now once I have it, I can start posting about it! Well, how many of you all have tested out this product by Tarte? I am always hesitate when it comes to lip products cause I do not really like to wear lip product that much. I used to have this perception of buying lip products is like wasting money cause we need to keep on applying it every time after we had our foods and drinks.
I first saw this set when I was watching Bunny from Grav3yardgirl did a review and swatches video on this product. I fall in love with it instantly and wished that I could go straight away to Sephora to grab this item. Well, actually I purchased this item quite late as I purchased the Bon Voyage set at first. :)
IMG_9614 edit
I am just digging away with the swatches as I think you might have seen how the lipsurgence looks like. Just look at those beauty! The colors are real pigmented and so creamy! I love the texture of this LipSurgence but not a huge fan of their gloss. It is still wearable but I do not really like to wear gloss that much. I am not so sure about what is actually LipSurgence but I think it has got something to do with the minty feelings once you applied the product onto your lips. It does not make my lips plumper or anything.
If you are keen to try on Tarte LipSurgence, you can purchase this set for RM119 and try them all. Trust me, all of the colors are wearable and really really nice! The lasting of these lipsurgence is not that bad either. Although it is not as lasting as lip stains but still I am super impressed!
Overall, I am extremely excited and happy that I purchased this palette. I love them so so much!
Well, grab yours today!
Till then,

Sunday, December 14, 2014

BOTD : Two Faced Everything Nice Palette

Dear friends, what you are about to see next is something that I really cant wait to purchase, try and play around with! I have to thank my future mother in law for this as she was the one who paid for this palette. I insisted but she still wants to pay. I think it was my rezeki that day.
I have been eyeing on this palette since the first time I saw it on Marlena’s Youtube video. Marlena is TheMakeupGeek. I adore her. She’s pretty, she has her own makeup line and she’s humble. She has the best personality and I just like how she did her reviews and all. I did went to Sephora few times to see if this palette is already in store and did asked one of the sales person when will this palette to be available here in Malaysia. Finally, I saw Nur Izzati, Sabrina and many of my beauty blogger friends has already posted out pictures of Two Faced Christmas gift set that they purchased, I instantly said to my fiance that I really want to go to Sephora like NOW to purchase this palette.
IMG_9634 edit
Tadaa! Just look at the box, it is really nicely made! Apologize for the blurred picture, I am not so sure why my camera is acting weird. It looks good on the viewfinder.
IMG_9635 edit
This set comes in with 20 gorgeous eye shadows, one deluxe sample size of Better than Sex mascara, 2 blusher, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 3 brushes and one very glittering makeup bag and not to forget a tutorial sheet as well!
Lets start with the mascara!
IMG_9636 editIMG_9637 edit
As you probably might know, I am not a huge fan of wearing mascara and I do not know how to rate a really good mascara. Probably by just seeing that it does not transfer on my lower lash and it holds up my eye lash curls for quite long would be my preferable choice of a good mascara.
Better than Sex mascara
Net Wt. 4.8g / 0.17 Oz.
Last for 6months
IMG_9643 editIMG_9652 edit
This is their blusher, bronzer, highlighter and brush set. Also includes behind these brushes are the tutorial sheet as well. Among all of these products, my favorite would be the Papa Don’t Preach blusher. It is a peach tone blusher with a sheen to it. I love it! It’s like a highlighter in a peach color. It makes my face looks glowy once applied! Super fantastic shade!
IMG_9653 edit
The brushes were a bit tiny but I believe it is useable. I don’t really use any of the brushes given in any of the set / palette. I am not sure why. It has one eye shadow brush, one cheek and highlighting brush and one slanted brush for eye liner perhaps. All in gold and glitter color. So Christmasy!
IMG_9642 edit
This is my favorite part of all. The eye shadows. Don’t you know already that I LOVE eye shadows? I can have tons of them with different (and sometimes the same) shades! I love to play around with eye shadows so much! This palette has 20 lovely looking eye shadows! Let see row by row!
IMG_9646 edit
First row consists of some neutral and brownish color. My favorite color in this row would be After Hours. It is like a rose gold kind of color, which is my favorite color! Some on their matte eye shadows are quite sucky which I am not sure why. A little bit disappointed though.
IMG_9647 edit
Second row has some deeper color involved but still in a neutral shades as well. In this row, my favorite color would be Mauvelous which is a sheer silver glittering shade. Lovely color but again sadly, the pigmentation of the matte colors are not up to what I expected. Meh.
IMG_9649 edit
This third row has some interesting colors to show. Shiny happy and honey pot is gorgeous but Girly is my favorite one! I think Girly would be my favorite eye shadow ever in this palette. It is a dual chrome copper and blue green! Interesting!
IMG_9650 edit
Last but not least, the funky row! This row has some interesting color as well! My favorite would be Head Over Heels just because it looks different on the palette but when I swatch it it looks very sheer blue with silver glitters on it! Amazing!
IMG_9638 editIMG_9640 edit
And the last item in this set is this lovely bright glitter pink makeup bag. Which is too pink for me but I still like it cause it has glitters on and a really nice zip ends as well! The zip end looks like Christmas Tree ornaments! Cute like hell! Haha
Well, if you really like what you see here, go to Sephora TODAY and purchase this set from Two Faced. It costs you RM195 for all of these which I think it is okay, comparing to the products that you will be receiving. Plus, it is a limited edition so it is worth the purchase! I am not so sure if the eye shadows are limited editions but the mascara is not and I think the bronzer is not as well.
Till then,

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