Sunday, December 28, 2014

BOTD : Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares Palette

Howdy friends! I have an interesting palette to show to all! Have you heard about Makeup Revolution before? Neither do I, not until 2 months ago. When I saw their instagram pictures, I thought it will be yet another pricey makeup products but I was totally wrong!
Makeup Revolutuon is a makeup brand from the United Kingdom. I believe their quality is similar to Sleek. I love Sleek eye shadow palettes and I have most of them, including the limited editions as well.
IMG_9770 editIMG_9771 edit
Just by looking at the box of this palette, I knew that this would be another interesting product to test out. I purchased this because I really like the color of the eye shadows in this palette. I have nothing similar to this palette at all! It is interesting how they combine all these gorgeous blue, black, purple and some greens all together!
IMG_9773 editIMG_9774 edit
The palette is a sturdy plastic kid of material. I like this type of palette more than Sleek. Sleek ones has some matte looking palette and is a bit fragile and it can get very dirty.
IMG_9775 edit
As from the box said, it contains 18 eye shadows, 12 of them are shimmers and 6 others are matte. I LOVE how they separate the matte and shimmers inside the palette. I love organized palette like to which I think is very hard to find in other brands, even the high end ones. This is surely innovative.
Now be prepared as I would like to show all of the colors in this palette and all of them are VERY pigmented!
IMG_9777 editIMG_9778 editIMG_9780 editIMG_9781 edit
And the mattes!
IMG_9782 editIMG_9783 edit
Going crazy already? Me too! I just cant stare enough of all of the colors!
Interested in purchasing this palette?

Website :
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Price : RM48

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