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BOTD : Two Faced Everything Nice Palette

Dear friends, what you are about to see next is something that I really cant wait to purchase, try and play around with! I have to thank my future mother in law for this as she was the one who paid for this palette. I insisted but she still wants to pay. I think it was my rezeki that day.
I have been eyeing on this palette since the first time I saw it on Marlena’s Youtube video. Marlena is TheMakeupGeek. I adore her. She’s pretty, she has her own makeup line and she’s humble. She has the best personality and I just like how she did her reviews and all. I did went to Sephora few times to see if this palette is already in store and did asked one of the sales person when will this palette to be available here in Malaysia. Finally, I saw Nur Izzati, Sabrina and many of my beauty blogger friends has already posted out pictures of Two Faced Christmas gift set that they purchased, I instantly said to my fiance that I really want to go to Sephora like NOW to purchase this palette.
IMG_9634 edit
Tadaa! Just look at the box, it is really nicely made! Apologize for the blurred picture, I am not so sure why my camera is acting weird. It looks good on the viewfinder.
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This set comes in with 20 gorgeous eye shadows, one deluxe sample size of Better than Sex mascara, 2 blusher, 1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 3 brushes and one very glittering makeup bag and not to forget a tutorial sheet as well!
Lets start with the mascara!
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As you probably might know, I am not a huge fan of wearing mascara and I do not know how to rate a really good mascara. Probably by just seeing that it does not transfer on my lower lash and it holds up my eye lash curls for quite long would be my preferable choice of a good mascara.
Better than Sex mascara
Net Wt. 4.8g / 0.17 Oz.
Last for 6months
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This is their blusher, bronzer, highlighter and brush set. Also includes behind these brushes are the tutorial sheet as well. Among all of these products, my favorite would be the Papa Don’t Preach blusher. It is a peach tone blusher with a sheen to it. I love it! It’s like a highlighter in a peach color. It makes my face looks glowy once applied! Super fantastic shade!
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The brushes were a bit tiny but I believe it is useable. I don’t really use any of the brushes given in any of the set / palette. I am not sure why. It has one eye shadow brush, one cheek and highlighting brush and one slanted brush for eye liner perhaps. All in gold and glitter color. So Christmasy!
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This is my favorite part of all. The eye shadows. Don’t you know already that I LOVE eye shadows? I can have tons of them with different (and sometimes the same) shades! I love to play around with eye shadows so much! This palette has 20 lovely looking eye shadows! Let see row by row!
IMG_9646 edit
First row consists of some neutral and brownish color. My favorite color in this row would be After Hours. It is like a rose gold kind of color, which is my favorite color! Some on their matte eye shadows are quite sucky which I am not sure why. A little bit disappointed though.
IMG_9647 edit
Second row has some deeper color involved but still in a neutral shades as well. In this row, my favorite color would be Mauvelous which is a sheer silver glittering shade. Lovely color but again sadly, the pigmentation of the matte colors are not up to what I expected. Meh.
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This third row has some interesting colors to show. Shiny happy and honey pot is gorgeous but Girly is my favorite one! I think Girly would be my favorite eye shadow ever in this palette. It is a dual chrome copper and blue green! Interesting!
IMG_9650 edit
Last but not least, the funky row! This row has some interesting color as well! My favorite would be Head Over Heels just because it looks different on the palette but when I swatch it it looks very sheer blue with silver glitters on it! Amazing!
IMG_9638 editIMG_9640 edit
And the last item in this set is this lovely bright glitter pink makeup bag. Which is too pink for me but I still like it cause it has glitters on and a really nice zip ends as well! The zip end looks like Christmas Tree ornaments! Cute like hell! Haha
Well, if you really like what you see here, go to Sephora TODAY and purchase this set from Two Faced. It costs you RM195 for all of these which I think it is okay, comparing to the products that you will be receiving. Plus, it is a limited edition so it is worth the purchase! I am not so sure if the eye shadows are limited editions but the mascara is not and I think the bronzer is not as well.
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  1. I'm desperately looking for this palette at the nearest sephora, but they said already sold out! :((((


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