Tuesday, December 16, 2014

BOTD : Two Faced La Belle Carousel Set

Good day all! Today is yet another Two Faced product and it is actually also in their Christmas set edition which is the La Belle Carousel set. This super gorgeous-made set arrived last few weeks ago and I got mine from Sephora Nu Sentral. This set I purchased them a little bit late as I do not want to purchased too many makeup at one go but I just could not resist it!
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Everybody is loving the packaging. I do too! It is by far one of the most well made Christmas gift set that I have ever encounter before. Pretty and gorgeous!
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This set all together consists of 12 very pigmented eye shadows, 2 blushers, 2 bronzers and one deluxe sample size mascara. The color choices of this set is incredible and pretty. I love how they made it into 3 different palettes so that I is to be on the go and travel friendly. The cardboard material does not feel cheap at all and it has magnetic closure on each palettes! AWESOME!
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As you can see from the picture above, each palette has its own To and From blank space in case if you would want to give separate palette to your friends for Christmas. Good idea!
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Lets start with its mascara. This is my second time owning this deluxe size mascara. I have featured the same mascara in my BOTD Everything Nice Palette entry.
IMG_9672 editIMG_9674 editIMG_9683 edit
This is one of the two blusher + bronzer palettes. I personally like the bronzer color cause this is not a matte bronzer. I have several matte bronzer and I would like to try this one!
Just a quick tip, for you to know if the palette carries eye shadows or face products, the palette that has La Belle Carousel written on it is a face products and the one with horses are eye shadows! :)
IMG_9675 editIMG_9676 editIMG_9688 edit
This is the chocolate or earthy tones palette. Pretty but one eye shadow does not shows on my skin at all! hehe.
IMG_9677 editIMG_9678 editIMG_9686 edit
This is another face products palette. Chocolate Soleil is also available in the Everything Nice set as well. I believe some beauty gurus did mentioned that Who’s Your Poppy blusher is similar to the Nars Orgasm. I am not sure as I have not tested Nars Orgasm blusher as yet.
IMG_9679 editIMG_9680 editIMG_9685 edit
Oh! This is my favorite palette out of all the eye shadow palettes inside this set. Just look at the Boxes & Bows color. PRETTY!
IMG_9681 editIMG_9682 editIMG_9689 edit
Last but not least is this palette. The smokey Christmasy kind of palette. I love the shade Tin Soldier! Very buttery and pigmented! My kind of eye shadow feelings! :P
As usual, Two Faced always has this tutorial sheet for us to play around and be inspired with. :)
This set has more of a shimmering and satiny finished eye shadows. I do not really see any mattes except Tuffled Suede cause it matches my skin color 100%! I still need to play around with this set especially its eye shadows and blusher. I am not so keen on the bronzer and I do not bronzed my face that much.
You can get this palette at Sephora for RM 165!
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  1. Hi babe!! Im looking for this all over singapore's sephora and it is sold out! Any idea msia's sephora still sells them?


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