Monday, December 22, 2014

BOTD : Two Faced Melted Kisses

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Hello friends! Another Two Faced product I should say? Well, I am obsessed with Two Faced Christmas gift set this year and I have mostly all of them now. Left one palette from Sephora but I don’t think I will be purchasing that palette as it contains only bronzer, highlighter, lip gloss and few eye shadows. I have the Chocolate Soleil bronzer in both of the Christmas pack anyway.
I have been eyeing on this Melted for so long but I was not that convinced to purchase it alone. When I saw that Two Faced is going to be having this mini Christmas collection of Melted, I did melted away.
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This set contains 4 gorgeous pigmented colors of Melted. Melted Nude, Melted, Peony, Melted Fuchsia & Melted Berry. All gorgeous colors that you can wear to any occasions. I need not to give an introduction to all on this product. It is very well known of its pigmentation and lasting.
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Just look at those gorgeous colors! My personal favorite would be Melted Peony. It is a very soft pink which I could wear to almost anywhere!
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This Melted products do come with a sponge applicator so you don’t need any brushes to apply the products onto your lips. The sponges makes it easier to apply with precisions. Loving it! Just press the product inside the tube and it will come out from the sponge tip!
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Just pick your favorite shade! The nude is also not bad either! I love how it is not pale nude and instead it is a colored type of nude. Sometimes, nude can be extremely pale and I could not pull that kind of shade. :) Melted is also very very glossy but it does last very long! It could also be as a lip stain as it does leave that lip stick stains on your lips.
If you are into lip products and would like to consider Melted as one of them, you could purchase these mini ones! It is easier to carry around and you have about 5ml of products! The full size Melted is about 12 ml and  Go and grab your Melted today!
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