Thursday, December 31, 2015

BOTD : Nudestix Lip + Cheek Pencil

Hello friends! Happy Thursday to all! Another BOTD entry today. Well, if you do follow me on Instagram, i am sure you are well aware that i did purchased few new lipsticks from Sephora. I have not been buying anything from Sephora for the past months or so, i think this time around, i'll splurge myself for some new things. 

Even though i did not purchase anything but i did went to Sephora and have a look at their Christmas gift packs. I missed few things this Christmas. The Tarte Palette, Marc Jacob mini lipsticks set..Oh well, i always believe that if that item is not meant to be mine, God has other plans for me. Perhaps, those items are not that good after all, probably not up to my standards. Hehe.

I came across NudeStix for the first time at Sephora. Never heard of this brand before (i know, lame) and never knew about it at all. I was super impressed with the tin packaging and how small the products are. Very easy to travel around with. 

Each NudeStix box is specifically made for the product inside and the one that i purchased are the ones with the colored top. This particular top was created by Jessica Golicky. 

I picked the ones that has red color in it that this is one of them. They do have pencil for eyes but i love lips more now so i picked out this one. This particular set has three pigmented lip + cheek pencil which has my favorite dark lip color, red.

Once open, you can see this nearly transparent paper with loads of writings in it. It was just to share how thankful they are to you, for purchasing their NudeStix. You can also share with them your NudeStix pictures and tag them on instagram name NudeStix!

I know you are now starting to fall in love with these NudeStix lip pencil. Just look at those beautiful colors. One swatch creates such a pigmented color! These pencils are VERY LONG LASTING! Especially Satan, Red Color. You can use this as a base and add another liquid lipstick to make it more long lasting! Sin is a matte mauve plum color. Satan is a matte red color and mystic is a glossy mauve nude color.

There are some extra things that you'll receive together with the lip + cheek products. It's the pencil sharpener specially made and also a real mirror underneath the top closure. 

So, all of these for just around RM84 (if i am not mistaken) you get these lovely packaging with a very quality kind of product. Awesome right!

So what are you waiting for! Do visit Sephora today if they still have it! hehe. 

Happy New Year 2016 friends!

Till then,
see you next year!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BOTD :Travel packing (Makeup)!

Hello friends! Another 1 day to go for New Year 2016 and another one day for me to go for another holiday as well. A New Year's holiday. Great! Well, whenever i'll be going to a holiday, the things that i need more time to pack would be my makeup essentials. Makeup packing is quite tedious just to think about the place that you will be visiting, to consider the weather, the humidity with your makeup sets is just..hard.

Thank God i am a traveler (quite) this year and i know what to pack for my makeup essentials. Since i'll be going to an island, it is best to use what ever makeup protection that i have to protect my skin from UV.

Pictures above shows all of the makeup that i'll be bringing together with me during my holiday trip. It is a must to have an SPF build in foundation just to save some time applying makeup. I would also be bringing my creme blusher and the foundation can be quite flat and matte. It is good to have a creme blusher to brightens up your face complexion. The black pot is actually a combo eye shadow and eyeliner pot. Since i might be bringing my NAKED Basics palette, i think this MAC eye shadow is not compulsory. NAKED Basics are the best go to travel makeup palette EVER! You can have your brows done using this palette, your eye shadow, your eyeliner and everything about eyes! It is an amazing palette i can say that for sure. That dual eyeliner is just simply easy to use and bring. You can have both black and brown colors at one go! I could not forget my favorite mascara by Too Faced and just need a travel size to add in inside my travel makeup kit! 

How do you pack your makeup for travelling? Do share!

Till then,

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Nippon Paint Blobbies Selfie!

Good day friends! Happy Tuesday! It is only two days left for us to enter 2016. What have you done so far in 2015? Any achievements, good memories to share? I'll share mine in a dedicated entry soon! This entry is solely for Nippon Paint and its cute blobbies! 

If you do added me on my personal facebook account, you'll see me posting about Nippon Paint and blobbies a lot. I am not working with Nippon paint but i am running a campaign together with Churp Churp to promote Nippon Paint event.

This event specially made by Nippon Paint Malaysia to enhance the awareness of their incredible paint! Now, not only a bucket of paint can be paint on a cement, it can also be painted on glass, tiles and more! 

If you do catch up with these blobbies at Piazza The Curve (Outside The Curve, towards e@Curve area) do take a selfie with them and hashtag #PaintAllSurfaces and upload them on Facebook or Instagram or both! 

Follow Nippon Paint Facebook & Instagram today!

Till then,

Monday, December 28, 2015

BOTD : Burberry Kisses Lipstick (Haul)

Hello friends! I am delighted to share with you my latest high end lipstick that my boyfriend purchased it for me last Friday. Well, i was not feeling very well last Friday with bloated stomach and headache. I thought i was having a dengue fever or food poisoning. Boyfriend decided to go for a 'jalan-jalan' so i decided to go to KLCC as it is quite near to his house. 

I was not planning to purchase anything at KLCC even at Sephora but i was being pulled by the gravity of Burberry makeup range so i decided to get one of their product to try it on.

It is the Burberry Kisses in Union Red. No swatches in this entry as yet cause i am trying to do another review entry on several lipsticks that i have bought soon.

This would be my first (and not going to be my last!) Burberry lipstick. I love how it has loads of my favorite colors to choose from. I LOVE Oxblood but i think i would go for something more red this time. So i choose...

Union Red shade! I swatch all their available red colors including Military Red but i fell in love with this one instead.

I will do an in depth review on this lipstick, the lasting of it, the moisture, the pigmentation of it soon! Need to test it out for a while and see. :)

Till then

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monthsary? ;)

Hello Friends! I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslims friends from all over the world, Happy Maulidur Rasul day! Salawat to Prophet Muhammad SAW. 

Well, next-ly i would like to also wish my lovely man a happy Monthsary! Well, it was him who wishes me first early this morning cause i always forgot. See, he remembers and that's the best thing about him. He's not a tipical guy who always forgets everything. There are still guys who remembers, just to show their love to their girl. :) 

I dont usually talk about him in my blog. There are only a few entries where he is in it. Today, i would like to dedicate this whole entry to him. At least, i can cause this is my blog and i think he deserves it. 

This is the person who makes me believe in love again. He makes me believe that not all men the same. He respected me. He tried his best to be the best among the rest. He is just nice and just right for me. I'd change for him. I always think that being in love would never be this sweet but he proves all wrong. He is the person who always had some positice arguments with me, never gets mad at all and always find time to say sweet things about me. I have never been in this kind of love before. 

He likes musics and watching movies. He's educated in his own way. He is the perfect giu for a person like me. I'm a stubborn girl. I always get what i want no matter how hard it is to get those things. I can get mad very easily. I dont know how but he did soften that part of mine. And that is why i love him. 

To many years to come. 


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

BOTD : Things that I am trying now!

Hello friends! I would like to share with you some of the new beauty makeup things that i am testing out now. Just recently i got a chance to purchase some  Christmas sets makeup from Sephora. It's been a while since my last makeup purchase so i thought, why not. It was also because i received a RM50 Sephora Gift Card from my secret santa. Thank you!! I still have no idea who is my secret santa. Haha.

This is the first item that i would love to do a review on very very soon! It's the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy mini lipsticks set. Love all the colors!

Other item is these pencil lipsticks + blusher by NUDEStix. I love them. Been trying them few times so far. Will write a review on this soon!! 

Last is this Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy 
Lip Potion. It's the Kendall Jenner ones, in the shade of Leathal Red! Gorgeous!

So, do let me know which one would you prefer me to write a review on. :)

Till then,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Food : Fatty Crab Restaurant

Hello friends! Another food entry it seems. Well, what can i say. Last weekend was one of the best weekend that i have ever lived. Spend more of my time with the man i love, with my friends as well. So, last saturday, me and my friends decided to have dinner at Fatty Crab restaurant at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. I am not a big fan of crab and i cant eat it cause i am allergic to it but boyfriend can eat crab and i have always wanted to bring him to some seafood place so i thought this could be it.

I have never been to Fatty Crab restaurant before to i googled the direction to the place. It was quite easy to find using Google Map. I always rely more on Google Maps rather than Waze. Hehe. 

The restaurant look like a tipical Chinese seafood restaurant. It has that red table cloth with spoons and chopsticks and plates and mini bowls on top. They have quite a limited menu but every table ordered the famously chilli crab. 

So this guy ate more crabs than he usually does! Haha. Well, for once i think it is okay to loosen up a bit and let him enjoy what he deserves to eat. I mean, i dont eat crab but that does not mean that he cannot enjoy crab meals. Well, i am a nice girlfriend dont you think? Hahahaa. 

These are some of the foods that we ordered. Since i dont eat crab, Murni my friend decided to ordered some steam fish and chicken wings (not in the pictures above). As for the crab, we ordered 5 kati at first but since there are 7 of them eating the crabs, we added anothe 3 kati more! 

There you go! Murni (in yellow) holds up the chicken wings! Oh yes, we also ordered some fried rice and breads as well to eat with the gravy of the chilli crab.

They were super full with crab that night. I am the only one who is full with chicken wings. Haha. The fish is quite nice too although i dont really fancy steam fish that much. 

Our total bill was about RM 400++ which is super cheap compared to other seafood restaurant. No wonder people queue for these delicious chilli crabs! 

Do give this restaurant a try. Do not worry, it is halal and no pork served. :)

Till then, 

BOTD : Maybelline New Makeup Range!

Dear friends! It's been so long since my last BOTD post. I would like to introduce you to the latest Maybelline makeup range, all tested and are ready to be reviewed! All of these products were sent to me for a test and review and i will give my 100% honest review in this entry.

Lets start with this White Superfresh Liquid Powder foundation. I was very skeptical when it comes to a drug store foundation cause my face nowadays can only stand high end foundations. Not to be fussy or rude but i just cant wear drugstore foundation now. It breaks me out like hell (i tried one drug store foundation before this) therefore i stopped using any drug store foundation. But when it comes to this liquid powder foundation, i find it to be okay for me. It does breaks me out but very minimal. The coverage is buildable although with just one layer, you can get a medium coverage. 

It has SPF 50 PA+++ which makes it a bonus as you do not need to apply any sun block prior to your makeup application. The foundation is VERY runny but once applied it'll turn into powder instantly. It feels a little bit sticky once applied but the stickiness will go away few seconds after that. The best way to apply this foundation is by using a damp beauty blender and just using a dab motion to apply the foundation. 

Lets step forward to this lip product. This is LIPgradation by colorsensational. I belive it is a very popular trend nowadays to have a gradation lips. Like Korean girls. 

It has an eraser type at the end of the lip pencil for erasing the remaining lipsticks to make it look gradient. I dont really fancy a gradient lips therefore i dont really use the eraser part. I like my lips to br fully colored. Haha. 

It is a twisted pen like lip product. You twist the end of the pencil to reveal the lipstick. What i really ❤ about this product is the shape of the lipstick. It is not just an. Ordinary rounded shape. The end of the product is quite tapered, makes it easier for girls with small lips like moi to apply the product. This product is very very very pigmented and it lasted up to 6 hours long! Of course it'll fade once you eat something oily and it'll leave the ring of lipsticks on your lips (which i hate the most) but the lasting power is superb!

The last product that was send to me is this Lashionista Endless Length Obsession mascara. It is a waterproof mascara but very easy to remove using a makeup remover. 

The wand is quite bend with a brush stiples and i love mascara with a brush wand like this. The only thing i do not fancy of this mascara is that, the mascara itself is like a fiber-ish type. My eyes are not friendly with any fiber mascara therefore i cant wear this mascara on my top lashes. I still can apply it on my bottom lashes and it looks fine. Well, fiber mascara is my worst enemy. It the fibers always ended up to be inside my eye instead of on the lashes. Poor me.

Well, this is my face with all of the makeup products inside this entry on. Yes, i have the mascara on top and low lashes just for the sake of this picture. The foundation is a little bit brighter for me but i like the feeling of it on my face. 

You can visit any maybelline counter to get all of these today. The foundation retails at RM29.90 (if i am not mistaken). 

Till then,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Food : Honey Creme Ice Cream!

Ice cream has always been classified as a not good kind of food. It is usually sweet and has no better ingredients in it. Introducing the fun and healthy organic premium soft-serve ice cream by Honey Creme. It is the famous selling ice cream from Korea-Taiwan joint venture. As South Korea being famous with its Comb Honey Soft Serve Ice Cream hence, the name Honey Creme was born!

Honey Creme's signature ice creams which are the "Comb Honey Soft Serve Ice Cream" and "Pop Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream" has been widely consumed since their first opening in March 2014 at Taipei City well known "Ice Cream War Zone", Taipei Zhongxiao East Road. Now, they have opened a shop in Malaysia itself and their second shop in Malaysia is located at Sri Hartamas and I attended their grand opening last Saturday.

Their Hartamas branch is located right beside Mei by Fat Spoon, at the Jalan 27/70A. Very easy to find as they have that little rounded signboard on the side of the shop. The decoration of the shop is super Christmas-y as well. It's very cosy and i love how they decorated the shop. It makes me want to sit inside the shop and eat ice cream, slowly and peacefully.

They have several menu for their ice cream. The price starts at around RM9.50 for the original flavor and can go up to RM14.50 for some premium toppings! All their ice cream base are the same. It's the Vanilla soft served ice cream. The flavors would be the toppings that you can choose from popcorn to tiramisu to honey comb and many more!

I personally choose the Pop Corn soft served ice cream while boyfriend chooses the Comb Honey ice cream. If you are a huge fan of natural sweet / honey sweet you should definitely try out the Comb Honey topping. It is super sweet! My Pop Corn ice cream are sweet too as the pop corn is a caramel pop corn.

The event was well organised and it was jam packed with people who loves ice cream! Each attendees will get a free taste of ice cream which is super awesome! 

Well, if you do love ice cream and are currently on diet or if you are so conscious of what you eat and only eat organic desserts, you can have it here at Honey Creme soft served ice cream! Details as below :

Honey Creme
20, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur.

Find your favorite menu below

Till then,

Friday, December 18, 2015

Prosmac & SCC Family Day!

Hello friends! It's been a while since my last update on PROSMAC. Well, i am not that active in this group but i always cherish them as part of my friends as well. Whenever i have the chance to join their planned activity, i'll try to. They have been planning to have a family day between SCC members (Supreme Central Crewz members) and vote has been cast out to choose which sports should they play during family day. Most of them voted for bowling and so, bowling won. 

Date has been selected on the 5th December 2015 to have the tournament cum family day and it's going to be held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Since i don't really play bowling, i send a representative to play on behalf of me which is my boyfriend. Haha.

There are 5 lanes with 5 players in one lane, competing with each other (in a good way!). I did managed to capture a lot of candid pictures since i am not playing. 

The winner are being categorized by Top Woman and Top Man trophy, Winner, 1st Runner Up, and 2nd Runner Up for group and all participants did get a glass trophy as well.


It was a fun day after all. We spend our day from 11am until nearly 4pm at IOI City Mall. 3 games per group.

Thank you all for organizing this event! I'll make sure to attend future events hosted by SCC if time (and money. haha) permits!

Till then,

if you owned a Proton Suprima, do consider registering to PROSMAC. It is a registered Suprima Club under Proton. :) 

All details are here


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