Tuesday, January 27, 2015

BOTD : Makeup Inspired by Butterfly Beauty Christmas Box!

I'm Hello friends! I know i have not done any so called makeup look entry for a while. While this is not a tutorial or pictorial in this blog entry, i would be delightful to share with you what i used to create this look.

I have all the products picture below. Lets go one by one shall we? 

1. Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. 

The best medium coverage foundation that i have ever used. If you have flawless skin and only need some medium coverage to cover little blemishes, this is the right foundation for you. I love the scent (it has a little bit of scent) and i love the coverage as well. 

2. Bare Minerals The Happy Place eye shadow quad. 

My current favorite quad eyeshadow. I ❤ how easy it is to blend the shadows and how pigmented and nice the colors are. 

3. Dolly Wink black liquid liner

I have been eyeing on this eye liner since 3 years ago and only now i could try it thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia! This would definitely be my next favorite liquid eyeliner cause it had brush tip instead of a felt tip. 

4. Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop lip balm

For whatever reason, i am so into this lip balm now, received it also inside the Butterfly Project Christmas Box. Although it looks really red on the tube but it is actually a sheer red kind of balm. Apply this lip balm before you put on some lipsticks or just leave it as it is! 

5. Collection Hotlights Lipgloss in Glimmer

This is yet another product that i received in the box! I actually do owned one of these lip gloss previously. It is not a sticky lip gloss. It feels like water on my lips. 

6. Always Aloe Vera Soothing & Refresh mist

I ❤ this mist now! It does not make my face oilier and guess what, it is super soothing on my skin! I have several reddness due to facial and with just one mist of this, it would make my makeup looks glowy and makes my skin more refresh! I like the scent of this mist too! Light aloe vera scent. :) 

So those are the products that i used to create the look above. Most products are from the Christmas Box from the Butterfly Projects Group! Thank you for these lovely products which i am loving now! 

Till then,

Saturday, January 24, 2015

RANT : Sephora Sales Lady!

Well, as most people know, my favorite shop besides Daiso is Sephora. I would be so happy if i could just enter Sephora and see the usual stuffs that i see or i'd be happier if i could buy some brand new makeup products available in Sephora. I have been to most of Sephora in the Klang Valley and my most favorite branch would be in Paradigm Mall. 

So, nearly end of last year, Sephora has opened up their new branch in IOI City Mall near Putrajaya / Serdang what ever you want to call it. As usual, i did pay a visit to that Sephora. My first visit was okay. Although a little failure happened when i am trying to purchase the Makeup Forever Christmas Kit whereby it has one HD Definition Powder & Primer kit and there is a slot on the box says 'Choose your Foundation Shade'. I thought the whole box (including the foundation) would be RM170. But i was wrong. To me, that would be the brand's fault. Marketing defect. Actually, the foundation costs different and it does not come with the kit. 

When my second time there, as an avid Sephora buyer, i owned their Black Card ehich i think most of us do. As a Black Card holder, i always received emails from Sephora (white card holders too actually). There is this one time, i received a 10% voucher email from Sephora and i would want to use it as part of my purchase. Meaning to say, i want to redeem the 10% discount. When i asked the cashier (a Malay woman with turban like scarf) said that i dont have that 10% discount in my card. I mentioned to her politely that i received an email from Sephora on the discount and showed it to her. She again mentioned that i dont have that installed in my card. Then she called her manager (A Chinese lady) and she vertified my 10% is valid. So i received the 10% discount. 

So the story goes, i received yet another 10% discount few weeks later and went to the same Sephora at IOI City Mall. This time, my cousin would like to purchase some facial wash by Clinique. So i offered her my 10% discount as i received it in my email. The same thing happened again. There is no 10% discount installed in my black card. Which is weird. So again, i mentioned to her that i received an email from Sephora on the discount. You know what she asked me, "Eh, bukan hari tu dah pakai ke 10%?" (Eh, i thought you have used the 10% discount that day?") I was so pissed off hearing that kind of question coming out from the same Turban style tudung wearing Malay lady (i am so not trying to be racist here but she is wearing some turban style tudung) and i just said to her "Well, i am not lying. Here is my proof. I received the email dated so&so. And the previous ones was on so&so". At the end, i did get the 10% discounts. 

What i am trying to say is that, how rude of her asking me as if i am trying to lie and used the 10% discount twice. At least, ask politely. Not just simply questioned  customers like that. So i am banning myself to go to IOI City Sepora until that lady is being laid off. 

Sorry to say Sephora but please trained your staff more on customer service. Esoecially that lady. 

Thank you. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BOTD : PocketBac Bath and Body Works

Hello friends! How are you doing? I am pretty fine myself. Been quite busy with work until i have no time for myself. Hehe. Well, although i am very busy with my work, cleanliness is something that i must not overlooked at. 

I can call myself a hygine freak. I always wanted my hands to feel clean. I dont really like reading newspaper because of the carbon as after reading it, i need to go and wash my hands. But now i can read news paper and play with my cats without having to think that i need to go and wash my hans because i have my trustie pocketbac with me!

As a hand hygine freak, i always clean up my hands very regularly. Even if i think that my hands are clean enough, sometimes it does not. I dont like dirty feeling hands because i tend to touch my face a lot and if my hands are dirty from dust or others, whenever i touch my face it'll leave some itcy feelings on it. And i super hate it! 

Thanks to Bath & Body Works PocketBac, i can now have an instant clean hands! Just by having the pocketbac near me, i am all safe. Let's share what is you favorite scent? I ❤ Aqua! Paris Amour is a bit sweet for me. Dont really like it that much but it has glitters in it! The others i have not tried them as yet! 

I purchsed these at Bath & Body Works shop in Nu Sentral. Each costs RM12 and if you buy 3 pieces, it'll costs RM30. 

Till then,

Monday, January 19, 2015

e-Bantuan Banjir Portal (Donation & Volunteer)

Dear friends,

In the year 2014, Malaysia has dealt with some tremendous portion of sadness. The MH370, MH17 and the biggest flood happened around the East Coast of Malaysia. Each of these tragedies made us stronger, made us learn more and do more to support each other. I love how Malaysians are united, different people, religion and race. But sadly, that only happened whenever we occur any tragedies but nevertheless, we are all Malaysian and we stay united. 

The reason i am writing this entry is to inform to all of my friends on e-Bantuan Banjir Portal (e-Flood Relief Help & Support). This is the one stop website, created by MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) in support of MCMC and MSC communities (Digital Malaysia, NGOs and many more). If you are looking to where to donate or where to register as a volunteer to help the community of the flood disaster, you can you here in this website. 

As you can see, from the HOMEPAGE of this website, there is a Volunteer and Donate link. If you are unsure on where to donate, weather if your donation did being send out to the victims, you may do it here. It is an online pay donation where it will prompt to a PitchIn website and you could pitch in according to the amount stated or your own amount. Be it small or huge, every single cents will be donated to the victims of flood. The payment will be in a PayPal mode. It is reliable, simple and safe. 

If you are interested in applying for volunteer, be it as individual or for a non-profits to become a partner that would like to use the eSukarelawan (eVolunteer) portal to recruit volunteers, you may register at the website as well. The form is simple and easy to understand.

I would like to thank all of you if you have registered to become a volunteer or donated through the website. Lend a helping hand to the needed. I always like to help people. I feel happy if i know that i could help. 

Till then,

Thursday, January 15, 2015

BOTD : Bare Minerals Duo Eyeshadow

Hello friends! I am extremely happy to be finally blog about this product. I have not been playing with it that much to do a review but I seriously think that these babies need more attention to it. I don’t know. Maybe it was just me who just did not notice these incredible creatures!

IMG_9836 edit

Well, to tell you the truth I am not so into bare minerals as I thought the brand is not that catchy enough to be in my collection. It is like on the same level with Laura Mercier. You know, that old looking kind of brand and not as hip as Urban Decay kinda brand.

IMG_9837 edit

It was actually on sale when I purchased these two product from Bare Minerals. I saw it was on sale for Buy 1 Free 1 and I instantly grab the colors that I know I will use it. Well, Bare Minerals eye shadows. Awesome! Never had one so now I can try em!

IMG_9838 edit

The packaging is very very very sleek! I love these slim and compact packaging. It is the best to bring for travel especially for hand carry eye shadows. The only thing that I don’t really fancy about is the texture of the packaging. It has that velvet kind of texture and tends to get dirty quite easily. Finger prints and such.

IMG_9839 edit

Well, I apologize for the torn label back there. There was this tag thingy stuck on it and I don’t like that to have on my makeup product so from my heavy heart, I have to take it off. I purchased two types of color, plump and neutral gold.

IMG_9840 edit

The gorgeous two! I love this palette cause it has this HUGE workable mirror! Such a plus for a short-long sighted person like me. Happy mode!

IMG_9843 edit

This is the swatches from The 15 Minutes palette. That glitter pink color and plum color really suits me very well! I love how simple the palettes were and it is workable too!

IMG_9844 edit

These two gorgeous color is so my everyday color! Gold and champagne! What more could you ask for? Is this even legit? Haha. Love them! Highly pigmented!

I actually have not been playing that much with these two palettes but from the swatches, it was all very highly pigmented! I don’t know why these palettes were underrated for some reason. It was kind expensive I think for the original price therefore no one wants to buy them. Original price is RM88 per palette. You could get many other nice brands with more colors with that kind of price.

So far, I am loving these especially The Top Shelf palette. Hehe. So my everyday color!

Till then,


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hello dear friends! I believe i have not write anything personal in this blog for quite some time. It has always been about beauty stuffs. 

So today, i would just like to write about my 2015 Resolutions. Well, not really a resolution i might say. More towards like things that i want to accomplish this year.  I dont really have that many and most are from my 2014 things that i would want to do but I couldn't. 

1. I would really want to join some art classes. Be it singing / dancing. Preferable from the Enfiniti classes by Tiara Jaquelina. 

2. I want to visit Barcelona this year, again. 

3. Probably watch The Phantom of The Opera, West End version. 

4. At least i want to have a certificate in aviation. Any certificate will do. I want to learn more on aviation. 

5. Read more books. 

6. Maintain my body weight by eating well. I dont believe in dieting though. 

7. To be very active in blogging back again. 

8. Getting married? Haha

9. Visit London and Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

10.  Make MORE friends! 

So..those are my list of must do this year. It seems like hard to achieve but i will try my best! 

Till then,

Thursday, January 8, 2015

BOTD : Urban Decay Black Magic Eyeliner

Hello friends! I am now ready for another post of my December purchase! This time around, it is from Urban Decay! I have not been purchasing from Urban Decay for quite some time. The last one would be the Naked On The Run palette but before that it was just none. Well, maybe one which is the Naked Basics 2 palette.
IMG_9823 editIMG_9824 edit
As a sucker to eye shadow, eyeliner is actually my first ever makeup product that I use. I love to line my eyes black previously but now I am open to most dark colors especially teal. Hehe. I love lining my eyes as it gives a different look to me.
IMG_9826 edit
In this set, you’ll get 8 eyeliners but it is actually a dual pencil liner. I love how they make it dual as I don’t really tend to use pencil liner that much and this size is perfect for travelling as you’ll have two eyeliner on one pencil! Sweet!
IMG_9831 editIMG_9834 editIMG_9832 editIMG_9835 edit
I don’t think Urban Decay products needs an introduction but just in case if you were new in this makeup world, Urban Decay’s most famous black eyeliner is Perversion. It was a very deep matte black which stays one your eyes for ages. Well, I know that is a bit of an exaggeration but it does stay put like really really long!
I could not remember how much is this set but I believe it was around RM139. To me you have 8 eyeliners for that price, is just awesome. Each holds up 0.5g of eyeliner which is a decent weight for me. I believe you can still grab your hands on these now at Sephora but while stock lasts.
Till then,

Monday, January 5, 2015

BOTD : Shizens Lip Tattoo Review

Hello readers! Welcome back! I do hope that you are having a great start of the year 2015 as I did. I am now very happy as I do not need to wear lip balm anymore to make my lips stay moisturize and natural pinkish at the same time. I do now have this stunning lip product by Shizens which is their Lip Tattoo. It is one of their best seller product! I received this product inside my The Butterfly Project Christmas box! Thanks to Shizens for including this in the box!
The box of this product looks like the picture above! It has some coppery color box (I think most Shizens makeup product has the same color box) with the name of the product. You could not see that clearly as the font color is white.
Tadaa! The product! It has a lip glossy kind of packaging but it is white color. Do not worry, it’ll turn transparent once applied on the lips. The size of the product is also handbag friendly so you can just toss it inside your handbag for some touchups.
Well, forgive me as I took this picture using my phone cause I left my camera at the other home. T_T But as you can see, my lips are not that pigmented red / pink / whatever. So, lets try to add a little bit of color onto my lips shall we? We can see if this Lip Tattoo is really a tattoo-like for my lips.
It has like a doe foot kind of applicator, similar to most lip glosses there are available in the market. It looks a bit pinkish on the tip of the applicator.
060 edit
And..you can actually compare my lips from the above picture to this. Still using the same phone camera, still at the same spot of me took the previous pictures, but my lips has turned into some pink natural color! OMG! I am very fascinated by it already! No more dull looking lips now!
065 edit
I am very very very very very happy with this product. I have actually tried them before but it does not work as good as this time around. Now, I am super loving it! Do you know that it could also acts like a blusher as well? Since is turns out to be transparent, you can apply a little bit on your cheeks and blends it out.
You may try it out by purchasing it from Shizens Outlet for RM168 per tube. I know it is a bit of expensive but it was worth the try. You may see the difference on your lips before and after you apply it. Build the intensity of the natural pink color but applying more products. yay!
Till then,

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Butterfly Project Christmas Party!

Hello friends! I am so sorry for posting this out a little bit late. Christmas is now over for a week but still, I would want to post this one up because I want to share with all what I did prior to Christmas! Yay!

Actually, it has been awhile since my last activities with my beloved group, The Butterfly Projects. For me I think that last one would be either TGV review or Kiehls. It was a long time ago and I always miss those bunch a lot! I would not want to miss this party obviously as I could meet most of my Butterfly friends back! yay!

The party was held at The Apartment, The Curve. I have not been to The Curve for a while now and I forgot that they have this Street Bazaar every day for Christmas. I think they did it too for Raya as well. :) When I arrived at The Apartment, Shamira was also there with her cute son! I love how The Apartment decorated into a lovely cozy Christmas home! It has ornaments of Christmas everywhere! I am so jelly!


Since I brought my DSLR camera around, I start snapping pictures of the ambience inside The Apartment!


I did choose a seat at the front and I am sitting beside non other than my not so secret santa, Liyana Hanim! Haha! She revealed it to me that she’s my secret santa for that day! Once registered, we received our beauty box (the MAJOR highlight for the night) and Garnier Products to be reviewed! I would personally like to thank Shizens for sponsoring us the most expensive product inside the box which is their Lip Tattoo. :)


(Really nice stickers on the box! I wanted the one in green but red looks really festive too!)

After getting our boxes, it is chit chat and picture taking time again before we could pursue to the next agenda which is food!


(The ever so pretty and lovely, Jannah & Mieza)

When we hear the cue to call for food is now open, Liyana and I rushed to get some food because we were super hungry. Haha. I bet everybody is hungry at that point of time so all of us were at the buffet area. The Apartment was kind enough to give us 2 turkeys and a bunch of other delicious foods! I LOVE their pasta!


Oh my Fried Potato Salad! My favorite too!


Pumpkin Soup. I am not so much thrilled on this. Maybe because I do not like pumpkin that much. Hehe.


So this was what I had on my FIRST ROUND. Haha. Need to emphasize that cause I did went back with Liyana to get more of the pastas and potato salad! :P


See! Told ya we did shared this delicious pasta again!

So after all of us were full with delicious foods, we have our first activity for the night! We were give a piece of paper stating our group name and we have to shout it out so gather our other member in the same group. So, The Apartment went a bit chaos that time. Haha. Everybody shouted their group name and it was so crazy!


(P/S : I dedicated this picture to Jannah. If only she reads my blog, she’ll know for sure why! Haha :P)


(Kisah Tatie blogger; Izzati Hazrul trying to find her group members by shouting her group name! Hehe)


After that, we have to discussed on our group name and we decided it to be…


Thank you so much to Scha for this picture!


So from now on, this would be my Butterfly Family. I love all of them and our Queen B, Innanie. Yay! We actually have to test out and post out a review on all of the products that we received during this party. So, we shall be in contact through Whatsapp group as it made everybody’s life easier. Please everyone, do check out their blog below.


Innanie (Queen B) : http://www.coklateyes.my/
Edazz : http://edazz-beautylicious.blogspot.com/
Scha : http://www.schanazri.com/
Jenny Ma : http://jennyma278.blogspot.com/
Ayue : http://mii-and-himm.blogspot.com/
Yin Yin : http://yinsbear7.blogspot.com/
Amy : http://amysigadisweird.blogspot.com/

(Refer the first group picture now know who are they. It was all according to the order of the picture from Scha) :)

After all of the discussions and intros, we did the other activity which was the Secret Santa! Well, I actually know who is my secret santa already thanks to Liyana haha. But I am still in the mood to see everybody’s face when they receiving their presents, especially to the one that I am giving out to! Well, this is how I should end up my 2014 year. It was great and everybody was just happy and lively!


(The beauty box that we received! Spot the Shizens Lip Tattoo there!)


OMG! This was from my not-so-secret Santa! Thank you babe for all of these! Of course I LOVE them so so much! Could not ask for more. :)

Well, it was a great pleasure to say that I am happy with this year’s Christmas Party. Looking forward to the year of 2015!

(All pictures are of my own unless stated. You may use the picture provided to blog but please do link me up. :) )

Till the,


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