Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hello dear friends! I believe i have not write anything personal in this blog for quite some time. It has always been about beauty stuffs. 

So today, i would just like to write about my 2015 Resolutions. Well, not really a resolution i might say. More towards like things that i want to accomplish this year.  I dont really have that many and most are from my 2014 things that i would want to do but I couldn't. 

1. I would really want to join some art classes. Be it singing / dancing. Preferable from the Enfiniti classes by Tiara Jaquelina. 

2. I want to visit Barcelona this year, again. 

3. Probably watch The Phantom of The Opera, West End version. 

4. At least i want to have a certificate in aviation. Any certificate will do. I want to learn more on aviation. 

5. Read more books. 

6. Maintain my body weight by eating well. I dont believe in dieting though. 

7. To be very active in blogging back again. 

8. Getting married? Haha

9. Visit London and Newcastle Upon Tyne. 

10.  Make MORE friends! 

So..those are my list of must do this year. It seems like hard to achieve but i will try my best! 

Till then,

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  1. You love gorgeous darl! happy new year! ( hik hik hik belated)


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