Thursday, January 15, 2015

BOTD : Bare Minerals Duo Eyeshadow

Hello friends! I am extremely happy to be finally blog about this product. I have not been playing with it that much to do a review but I seriously think that these babies need more attention to it. I don’t know. Maybe it was just me who just did not notice these incredible creatures!

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Well, to tell you the truth I am not so into bare minerals as I thought the brand is not that catchy enough to be in my collection. It is like on the same level with Laura Mercier. You know, that old looking kind of brand and not as hip as Urban Decay kinda brand.

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It was actually on sale when I purchased these two product from Bare Minerals. I saw it was on sale for Buy 1 Free 1 and I instantly grab the colors that I know I will use it. Well, Bare Minerals eye shadows. Awesome! Never had one so now I can try em!

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The packaging is very very very sleek! I love these slim and compact packaging. It is the best to bring for travel especially for hand carry eye shadows. The only thing that I don’t really fancy about is the texture of the packaging. It has that velvet kind of texture and tends to get dirty quite easily. Finger prints and such.

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Well, I apologize for the torn label back there. There was this tag thingy stuck on it and I don’t like that to have on my makeup product so from my heavy heart, I have to take it off. I purchased two types of color, plump and neutral gold.

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The gorgeous two! I love this palette cause it has this HUGE workable mirror! Such a plus for a short-long sighted person like me. Happy mode!

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This is the swatches from The 15 Minutes palette. That glitter pink color and plum color really suits me very well! I love how simple the palettes were and it is workable too!

IMG_9844 edit

These two gorgeous color is so my everyday color! Gold and champagne! What more could you ask for? Is this even legit? Haha. Love them! Highly pigmented!

I actually have not been playing that much with these two palettes but from the swatches, it was all very highly pigmented! I don’t know why these palettes were underrated for some reason. It was kind expensive I think for the original price therefore no one wants to buy them. Original price is RM88 per palette. You could get many other nice brands with more colors with that kind of price.

So far, I am loving these especially The Top Shelf palette. Hehe. So my everyday color!

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