Monday, January 5, 2015

BOTD : Shizens Lip Tattoo Review

Hello readers! Welcome back! I do hope that you are having a great start of the year 2015 as I did. I am now very happy as I do not need to wear lip balm anymore to make my lips stay moisturize and natural pinkish at the same time. I do now have this stunning lip product by Shizens which is their Lip Tattoo. It is one of their best seller product! I received this product inside my The Butterfly Project Christmas box! Thanks to Shizens for including this in the box!
The box of this product looks like the picture above! It has some coppery color box (I think most Shizens makeup product has the same color box) with the name of the product. You could not see that clearly as the font color is white.
Tadaa! The product! It has a lip glossy kind of packaging but it is white color. Do not worry, it’ll turn transparent once applied on the lips. The size of the product is also handbag friendly so you can just toss it inside your handbag for some touchups.
Well, forgive me as I took this picture using my phone cause I left my camera at the other home. T_T But as you can see, my lips are not that pigmented red / pink / whatever. So, lets try to add a little bit of color onto my lips shall we? We can see if this Lip Tattoo is really a tattoo-like for my lips.
It has like a doe foot kind of applicator, similar to most lip glosses there are available in the market. It looks a bit pinkish on the tip of the applicator.
060 edit can actually compare my lips from the above picture to this. Still using the same phone camera, still at the same spot of me took the previous pictures, but my lips has turned into some pink natural color! OMG! I am very fascinated by it already! No more dull looking lips now!
065 edit
I am very very very very very happy with this product. I have actually tried them before but it does not work as good as this time around. Now, I am super loving it! Do you know that it could also acts like a blusher as well? Since is turns out to be transparent, you can apply a little bit on your cheeks and blends it out.
You may try it out by purchasing it from Shizens Outlet for RM168 per tube. I know it is a bit of expensive but it was worth the try. You may see the difference on your lips before and after you apply it. Build the intensity of the natural pink color but applying more products. yay!
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  1. Ah-mayzing! Tak sabar nak up review jugak.. nantikan... :D


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