Thursday, January 8, 2015

BOTD : Urban Decay Black Magic Eyeliner

Hello friends! I am now ready for another post of my December purchase! This time around, it is from Urban Decay! I have not been purchasing from Urban Decay for quite some time. The last one would be the Naked On The Run palette but before that it was just none. Well, maybe one which is the Naked Basics 2 palette.
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As a sucker to eye shadow, eyeliner is actually my first ever makeup product that I use. I love to line my eyes black previously but now I am open to most dark colors especially teal. Hehe. I love lining my eyes as it gives a different look to me.
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In this set, you’ll get 8 eyeliners but it is actually a dual pencil liner. I love how they make it dual as I don’t really tend to use pencil liner that much and this size is perfect for travelling as you’ll have two eyeliner on one pencil! Sweet!
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I don’t think Urban Decay products needs an introduction but just in case if you were new in this makeup world, Urban Decay’s most famous black eyeliner is Perversion. It was a very deep matte black which stays one your eyes for ages. Well, I know that is a bit of an exaggeration but it does stay put like really really long!
I could not remember how much is this set but I believe it was around RM139. To me you have 8 eyeliners for that price, is just awesome. Each holds up 0.5g of eyeliner which is a decent weight for me. I believe you can still grab your hands on these now at Sephora but while stock lasts.
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