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Butterfly Project Christmas Party!

Hello friends! I am so sorry for posting this out a little bit late. Christmas is now over for a week but still, I would want to post this one up because I want to share with all what I did prior to Christmas! Yay!

Actually, it has been awhile since my last activities with my beloved group, The Butterfly Projects. For me I think that last one would be either TGV review or Kiehls. It was a long time ago and I always miss those bunch a lot! I would not want to miss this party obviously as I could meet most of my Butterfly friends back! yay!

The party was held at The Apartment, The Curve. I have not been to The Curve for a while now and I forgot that they have this Street Bazaar every day for Christmas. I think they did it too for Raya as well. :) When I arrived at The Apartment, Shamira was also there with her cute son! I love how The Apartment decorated into a lovely cozy Christmas home! It has ornaments of Christmas everywhere! I am so jelly!


Since I brought my DSLR camera around, I start snapping pictures of the ambience inside The Apartment!


I did choose a seat at the front and I am sitting beside non other than my not so secret santa, Liyana Hanim! Haha! She revealed it to me that she’s my secret santa for that day! Once registered, we received our beauty box (the MAJOR highlight for the night) and Garnier Products to be reviewed! I would personally like to thank Shizens for sponsoring us the most expensive product inside the box which is their Lip Tattoo. :)


(Really nice stickers on the box! I wanted the one in green but red looks really festive too!)

After getting our boxes, it is chit chat and picture taking time again before we could pursue to the next agenda which is food!


(The ever so pretty and lovely, Jannah & Mieza)

When we hear the cue to call for food is now open, Liyana and I rushed to get some food because we were super hungry. Haha. I bet everybody is hungry at that point of time so all of us were at the buffet area. The Apartment was kind enough to give us 2 turkeys and a bunch of other delicious foods! I LOVE their pasta!


Oh my Fried Potato Salad! My favorite too!


Pumpkin Soup. I am not so much thrilled on this. Maybe because I do not like pumpkin that much. Hehe.


So this was what I had on my FIRST ROUND. Haha. Need to emphasize that cause I did went back with Liyana to get more of the pastas and potato salad! :P


See! Told ya we did shared this delicious pasta again!

So after all of us were full with delicious foods, we have our first activity for the night! We were give a piece of paper stating our group name and we have to shout it out so gather our other member in the same group. So, The Apartment went a bit chaos that time. Haha. Everybody shouted their group name and it was so crazy!


(P/S : I dedicated this picture to Jannah. If only she reads my blog, she’ll know for sure why! Haha :P)


(Kisah Tatie blogger; Izzati Hazrul trying to find her group members by shouting her group name! Hehe)


After that, we have to discussed on our group name and we decided it to be…


Thank you so much to Scha for this picture!


So from now on, this would be my Butterfly Family. I love all of them and our Queen B, Innanie. Yay! We actually have to test out and post out a review on all of the products that we received during this party. So, we shall be in contact through Whatsapp group as it made everybody’s life easier. Please everyone, do check out their blog below.


Innanie (Queen B) :
Edazz :
Scha :
Jenny Ma :
Ayue :
Yin Yin :
Amy :

(Refer the first group picture now know who are they. It was all according to the order of the picture from Scha) :)

After all of the discussions and intros, we did the other activity which was the Secret Santa! Well, I actually know who is my secret santa already thanks to Liyana haha. But I am still in the mood to see everybody’s face when they receiving their presents, especially to the one that I am giving out to! Well, this is how I should end up my 2014 year. It was great and everybody was just happy and lively!


(The beauty box that we received! Spot the Shizens Lip Tattoo there!)


OMG! This was from my not-so-secret Santa! Thank you babe for all of these! Of course I LOVE them so so much! Could not ask for more. :)

Well, it was a great pleasure to say that I am happy with this year’s Christmas Party. Looking forward to the year of 2015!

(All pictures are of my own unless stated. You may use the picture provided to blog but please do link me up. :) )

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  1. Nice picture! Mine was just so so... LOL! Anis pun tak sempat lagi nak buat entry, exam exam exam >_<


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