Monday, January 19, 2015

e-Bantuan Banjir Portal (Donation & Volunteer)

Dear friends,

In the year 2014, Malaysia has dealt with some tremendous portion of sadness. The MH370, MH17 and the biggest flood happened around the East Coast of Malaysia. Each of these tragedies made us stronger, made us learn more and do more to support each other. I love how Malaysians are united, different people, religion and race. But sadly, that only happened whenever we occur any tragedies but nevertheless, we are all Malaysian and we stay united. 

The reason i am writing this entry is to inform to all of my friends on e-Bantuan Banjir Portal (e-Flood Relief Help & Support). This is the one stop website, created by MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) in support of MCMC and MSC communities (Digital Malaysia, NGOs and many more). If you are looking to where to donate or where to register as a volunteer to help the community of the flood disaster, you can you here in this website. 

As you can see, from the HOMEPAGE of this website, there is a Volunteer and Donate link. If you are unsure on where to donate, weather if your donation did being send out to the victims, you may do it here. It is an online pay donation where it will prompt to a PitchIn website and you could pitch in according to the amount stated or your own amount. Be it small or huge, every single cents will be donated to the victims of flood. The payment will be in a PayPal mode. It is reliable, simple and safe. 

If you are interested in applying for volunteer, be it as individual or for a non-profits to become a partner that would like to use the eSukarelawan (eVolunteer) portal to recruit volunteers, you may register at the website as well. The form is simple and easy to understand.

I would like to thank all of you if you have registered to become a volunteer or donated through the website. Lend a helping hand to the needed. I always like to help people. I feel happy if i know that i could help. 

Till then,

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