Saturday, January 24, 2015

RANT : Sephora Sales Lady!

Well, as most people know, my favorite shop besides Daiso is Sephora. I would be so happy if i could just enter Sephora and see the usual stuffs that i see or i'd be happier if i could buy some brand new makeup products available in Sephora. I have been to most of Sephora in the Klang Valley and my most favorite branch would be in Paradigm Mall. 

So, nearly end of last year, Sephora has opened up their new branch in IOI City Mall near Putrajaya / Serdang what ever you want to call it. As usual, i did pay a visit to that Sephora. My first visit was okay. Although a little failure happened when i am trying to purchase the Makeup Forever Christmas Kit whereby it has one HD Definition Powder & Primer kit and there is a slot on the box says 'Choose your Foundation Shade'. I thought the whole box (including the foundation) would be RM170. But i was wrong. To me, that would be the brand's fault. Marketing defect. Actually, the foundation costs different and it does not come with the kit. 

When my second time there, as an avid Sephora buyer, i owned their Black Card ehich i think most of us do. As a Black Card holder, i always received emails from Sephora (white card holders too actually). There is this one time, i received a 10% voucher email from Sephora and i would want to use it as part of my purchase. Meaning to say, i want to redeem the 10% discount. When i asked the cashier (a Malay woman with turban like scarf) said that i dont have that 10% discount in my card. I mentioned to her politely that i received an email from Sephora on the discount and showed it to her. She again mentioned that i dont have that installed in my card. Then she called her manager (A Chinese lady) and she vertified my 10% is valid. So i received the 10% discount. 

So the story goes, i received yet another 10% discount few weeks later and went to the same Sephora at IOI City Mall. This time, my cousin would like to purchase some facial wash by Clinique. So i offered her my 10% discount as i received it in my email. The same thing happened again. There is no 10% discount installed in my black card. Which is weird. So again, i mentioned to her that i received an email from Sephora on the discount. You know what she asked me, "Eh, bukan hari tu dah pakai ke 10%?" (Eh, i thought you have used the 10% discount that day?") I was so pissed off hearing that kind of question coming out from the same Turban style tudung wearing Malay lady (i am so not trying to be racist here but she is wearing some turban style tudung) and i just said to her "Well, i am not lying. Here is my proof. I received the email dated so&so. And the previous ones was on so&so". At the end, i did get the 10% discounts. 

What i am trying to say is that, how rude of her asking me as if i am trying to lie and used the 10% discount twice. At least, ask politely. Not just simply questioned  customers like that. So i am banning myself to go to IOI City Sepora until that lady is being laid off. 

Sorry to say Sephora but please trained your staff more on customer service. Esoecially that lady. 

Thank you. 


  1. How could she say like "eh bukan dh pakai ke". She thinks this is what. Pasar malam? At least kalau u salah pun there is a way to ask. Maybe like "let me check it back to you" or like let me reconfirm ke. Ish. Typical malaysian SA bila keje tmpat glamour. Like she own the shop. Ghess.

    1. Hi Sab! Sorry! Previously i pakai imotiv so dia tak track any blog punya comments! :( Tapi yeah, when i read back this entry and your comment, memang sakit hati teramat! I can see that the SA is no longer at that Sephora! hehe


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