Saturday, February 21, 2015

BOTD : Review Golden Rose Makeup

Dear friends! I am delighted to share with you finally, my thoughts and reviews on the Golden Rose makeup. I was sent by Colors Cosmetics Malaysia representative which I have already explained in my previous Golden Rose products blog entry. This time around, I will give an in depth review on each of the products.

IMG_9888 edit

Golden Rose Dipliner Liquid Eyeliner. I love liquid eyeliner for my top lash line. To me, I think it is the most practical way to apply eyeliner. It does takes a bit of a practice on how to use liquid eyeliner. This liquid eyeliner is a dipliner type. It means, you have to dip the tip in the little tube to have the products onto the lip of the liner. This eyeliner lasts a really really really long time! It does surpass my expectation on smudging and transferring as it does not do both of that at all! Loving it!

The best part is that, this liquid eyeliner is paraben free, not tested on animals and it is actually dermatology tested! And please guess the price………

It is only RM18! And lasted for 24 months after opening! AWESOME!

IMG_9889 editIMG_9892 edit

Next would be the Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On. It is a very fancy name for a blusher, indeed! Haha. I received in the shade 202 and it is a peachy almost orange tone blush. This blush is a matte blush, no shimmer it it at all!

IMG_9893 edit

As you can see from the swatch above, the blusher is a bit powdery but it is quite pigmented. It does not have that bright color onto it but I just like the fact that it is a bit subtle. Of course, I could not see any thing when I applied this blush and I have to layered it up in order for me to have the colors shown.

This blush is also paraben free, not tested on animals and dermatology tested. It also lasted 24 months once opened and this blusher costs only RM 22.00!

IMG_9894 editIMG_9895 edit

Lets go to the mascara shall we? OMG! When I first saw this mascara, I was like, meh another cheap printed lacy mascara tube. But when I open it out from the box, it is not a cheap lacy printed mascara tube at all! The lace was printed but the rose detail were velvet texture and you can actually feel it! Superbly amazing packaging and it caught me there and then!

IMG_9897 edit

The deco tube is not the only thing that is amazing, the wand is another amazing thing as well! It has a really weird round tip wand which is very useful for those stubborn inner and outer corner of your lashes! Really loving this mascara so much! It does not clumps my lashes at all and the best part is that it holds the curl of my lashes for a very long time! I don’t think so it is a waterproof as it does not say so.

This sexy black mascara is also paraben free, not tested on animals and it is dermatology tested as well. This mascara costs RM35.00 for you to grab!

IMG_9898 edit

Next items would be the best items so far from all of these makeup haul review from Golden Rose. It is their Velvet Matte Lipstick! Just look at those gorgeous colors and the pigmentation of these babies were crazy! It says matte, it looks matte but it does not feel like a matte lipsticks at all! It is quite moisturized and long lasting. It does leave a bit stain on your lips once it is faded out.

IMG_9900 edit

This is the first color lipstick swatch. This is in the shade number 02. I love the tea rose pink color. Super comfortable to wear!

IMG_9902 edit

This would be the second lip color, a bright pink color. I am not really use to such bright pink color like this but I think this is a super gorgeous color! Love the pigmentation! This is in the shade 013.

IMG_9901 edit

The last shade is this bright red shade! Almost like a Taylor Swift kinda red. This is in the shade 019.

Each lipsticks costs RM20.00 and it is paraben free, not tested on animals and it is dermatology tested. This lipstick also lasts 24 months.

IMG_9903 edit

Last but not least, a lip liner from Golden Rose! I am not a lip liner kind of person, I swear to you. This would be like my, third lip liner that I personally owned. I previously don’t know what is the purpose of having a lip liner until I tested this one out. This lip liner is super gorgeous, super creamy and super pigmented! I received in the shade 204 which is the perfect match for the lipsticks shade 013.

IMG_9905 editIMG_9904 edit

Just look at the color and pigmentation, it is actually a no effort needed at all for this kind of pigmentation. Loving the lip liner already! Will be absolutely buying more!

Just like the other Golden Rose products, this lip liner is also paraben free, not tested on animals and dermatology tested as well. Surprise Surprise, it is also 24 months lasting after opening! The cost for this lip liner is just RM17.00! This lip liner is being made in the Czech Republic.

So my dearie friends, if you are looking onto a new affordable really pigmented makeup products, Golden Rose could be one of your choice. You can have a look at their other available products on their website 

I would love to say a huge thank you to CCM for this opportunity. I love every given products, I have tested them out and the review above is my 100% honest review after I have tested out all of the products. :)

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Friday, February 20, 2015

BOTD - Splurged Haul

Hello friends! I have been purchasing many many products now. Yesterday, i purchased few products which i am excited to test it out. 

Two lip products, two face products and a mascara. Two Nars and others are from Sephora. I just love looking onto lipsticks now. I used to hate wearing lipsticks because it chapped my lips quite badly but probably these expensive ones wont do that to my precious lips. Haha. 

I purchased two red lipsticks. One is the famously NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey and the other one is the Marc Jacobs lipstick in Showstopper. Been loving deep dark red - berry color nowadays. 

The other three products would be MUFE Step 1 Base Smoothing Primer, NARS All Day Luminous Weighless Foundation and Eyeko Black Magic mascara. Both Eyeko and MUFE is a sample / travel friendly size which is perfect for me as i love to test it out first before purchasing the actual size products. 

Well, do let me know which products do you want me to review first!

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Monday, February 9, 2015

BOTD : The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Hello friends! Another beauty blog post for you to read! I have an absolutely dry skin and i always rely on moisturizer or gel to keep my skin, especially face moisturized. I used to love Naruko Rose Night Mask (i forgot the name) and have been using that before i changed to Tabita.

Now i have stopped using Tabita, i can go back to use my other mix and match skin carr although the main products would be from Silvana Beauty. I have been using this night mask for about a week now and i can see instant results! 

This mask is quite peculiar. It has the weirdest texture that i have ever seen on a mask before. The texture is gel like and when you rub it onto your palms, it'll turn to almost watery oil. 

This night mask has been said to moisturize and replenish the skin texture overnight and it absolutely work! I ❤ the feelings of my face skin the next morning.  Soft and smooth. So far, i have not encountered any breakouts so i guess this would work on my skin. 

The packaging is very sleek. It is made out of glass and the lid is obviously plastic. But i like how huge but still lowered kind of packaging. Looks like an expensive brand. By the way, this mssk costs RM150. Not that bad for a 90 ml Gel like mask!

I suggest to those who are currently looking for a night face mask, this could be one of your many choices. I ❤ the scent, texture and effect. Well, once applied onto your skin, you will definitely feel a bit greasy and sticky but it will sinks  down onto your skin and leave a very nice layer of mask feeling. 

Why not try them now. :) it will totally worth your money! 

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

BOTD : The Butterfly Project Tea Party with Betjeman & Barton and Bisou Bon Bon

Hello friends! It is me again! Been playing hide and seek with my own blog, i know. Hehe. Today in this entry, i would love to share with all my readers the experience of making own perfume and also my personal experience attending a Tea Party! 

As you may all know, i am always on the go when it comes to The Butterfly Projects group events. This would be my first blogger group that i entered and i make loads of friends from this group alone! I have also been trying to go to Paris for quite sometime, having a cup of tea while sitting at the sidewalk cafe, people watching, reading magazines or even newspapers. On the 31st January 2015, i have the opportunity to have a tea party ala Paris and make my own perfume as well! Who would not want to miss this!

077 edit

The event was held at Betjeman & Barton shop in One Utama. Did you know that they have this super lovely shop here in Malaysia? Perfectly in One Utama? If you are not familiar with the name, Betjeman & Barton is the world renowned French tea brewing and they open up their first shop here in Malaysia at One Utama. If you are a tea lover just like I do, you will definitely love this shop!

They have varieties of tea! Very nice packaging for a gifts as well!

078 edit081 edit

We were being served with their finest tea flavor Pouchkine Tea which has a lemoney flavor to it. If you are into tea and sugar, don’t worry they do have sugar to sweeten you tea as well. I like a little bit of sugar in my tea, just to have that sweet after taste but not to also ruin the original tea flavor. Apart from tea, we were served the most delicious Oreo Mousse de Fromage (aw! So French-y), Orange Chocolate Cake, Raspberry & Green Tea Macaroons and Pure White & Pure Milk Chocolate. All are available at the shop as well, for dine in or take away!

110 edit

117 edit

The Oreo Mousse is simply delicious! As a cake lover, I recommend this 100%! It has a very gelatinous texture which is very different from other mousse cakes that I have ever tasted before! You can definitely taste the Oreo cookies inside the mousse.

134 edit

The Orange Chocolate Cake is a little bit sweet for me. But it taste super citrusy! If you love orange flavor, you will going to love this cake. You might say that this is a small piece but it is VERY RICH in chocolate and orange flavor. Those two lovely macaroons and chocolates are simply delicious! The macaroons are chewy and the chocolate is divine! This is heaven in a plate to me!

We started our tea party by having Shelby from Bisou Bon Bon to give some speech and introduction about her self and also about Bisou Bon Bon.


101 edit

Shelby thought us on how to make our own scent aka perfume! She brought up all the basics scents of making our own perfume and she also taught us on how to make it as well. First thing first, we should start with the base note and move on to the middle note and then the top note. She also advised us that the base note would be something musky and deep smell like almost like a male perfume kind of smell. The top note should be something that we love to smell. All the scent that I love, I have to have it inside my own made perfume!

First thing first, you need to add 2ml of oil inside the mixture of scent.

122 edit

Feels like I’m in a chemistry lab now! Oh how I miss my school years when I am way too lazy to learn. haha

Next would be the base note. We have to divide 15 drops of scented oils inside the mixture as the base note and I have chosen these three incredible smell ever, Sandalwood, Neroli & YlangYlang. Shake the scent to mix it all together.

129 edit

Following with my middle note which needs about 9 drops which I have chosen Geranium (one of my favorite scent!) and Cypress! Two fresh, not so sweet but still lovely scent! And again, shake the bottle for the scent to mix it all together.

131 edij

Last but  not least, the top note which my most favorite fruit scent ever, Grapefruit!

132 edit

With all of that settle, we need to give a nice shake for ALL the scent to blend and and then add in 20ml of alcohol.

133 edit

The mixture of scents and alcohol needs to be stored in a dark cool place for the minimum of 4 hours and maximum 6 weeks for the scent to blend evenly. Shelby also has provided all of us with a mist bottle, water and stickers for us to label our own perfume!

135 edit

I have the best tea party ever! Just can’t wait for my perfume to set in 5 weeks time (from this post is being up)! I know I have the best scent possibly ever! Grapefruit scent is so me! If they have Pomegranate scent, I would definitely chose that one too.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to :

Betjeman & Barton Malaysia for the lovely tea and cakes &

Shelby from Bisou Bon Bon

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

BOTD - Golden Rose Cosmetics

Hello friends! I am super glad that some PR companies still would like me to write about the products that they will be bringing into Malaysia. This time around, it is the Golden Rose which will be one of the brands being pulled in by CCM (Colours Cosmetics Malaysia)! I am super excited that they still believe in me and my writing. Well, to not upset everybody, this is not a review entry as yet. As I still am currently trying the products that I was given and I shall write a separate review entry soon!

I would just want to show some highlight on the products that I received last week from Golden Rose Malaysia distributor.


I received..

3 Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipsticks

1 Dip Liner Liquid Liner in Black

1 Sexy Black Mascara

1 Silky Touch Blush-On Bluher

1 Lip Liner Pencil


All gorgeous colors and very wearable! Review will be coming up really soon!

For more details, please visit

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