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BOTD : Review Golden Rose Makeup

Dear friends! I am delighted to share with you finally, my thoughts and reviews on the Golden Rose makeup. I was sent by Colors Cosmetics Malaysia representative which I have already explained in my previous Golden Rose products blog entry. This time around, I will give an in depth review on each of the products.

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Golden Rose Dipliner Liquid Eyeliner. I love liquid eyeliner for my top lash line. To me, I think it is the most practical way to apply eyeliner. It does takes a bit of a practice on how to use liquid eyeliner. This liquid eyeliner is a dipliner type. It means, you have to dip the tip in the little tube to have the products onto the lip of the liner. This eyeliner lasts a really really really long time! It does surpass my expectation on smudging and transferring as it does not do both of that at all! Loving it!

The best part is that, this liquid eyeliner is paraben free, not tested on animals and it is actually dermatology tested! And please guess the price………

It is only RM18! And lasted for 24 months after opening! AWESOME!

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Next would be the Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On. It is a very fancy name for a blusher, indeed! Haha. I received in the shade 202 and it is a peachy almost orange tone blush. This blush is a matte blush, no shimmer it it at all!

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As you can see from the swatch above, the blusher is a bit powdery but it is quite pigmented. It does not have that bright color onto it but I just like the fact that it is a bit subtle. Of course, I could not see any thing when I applied this blush and I have to layered it up in order for me to have the colors shown.

This blush is also paraben free, not tested on animals and dermatology tested. It also lasted 24 months once opened and this blusher costs only RM 22.00!

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Lets go to the mascara shall we? OMG! When I first saw this mascara, I was like, meh another cheap printed lacy mascara tube. But when I open it out from the box, it is not a cheap lacy printed mascara tube at all! The lace was printed but the rose detail were velvet texture and you can actually feel it! Superbly amazing packaging and it caught me there and then!

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The deco tube is not the only thing that is amazing, the wand is another amazing thing as well! It has a really weird round tip wand which is very useful for those stubborn inner and outer corner of your lashes! Really loving this mascara so much! It does not clumps my lashes at all and the best part is that it holds the curl of my lashes for a very long time! I don’t think so it is a waterproof as it does not say so.

This sexy black mascara is also paraben free, not tested on animals and it is dermatology tested as well. This mascara costs RM35.00 for you to grab!

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Next items would be the best items so far from all of these makeup haul review from Golden Rose. It is their Velvet Matte Lipstick! Just look at those gorgeous colors and the pigmentation of these babies were crazy! It says matte, it looks matte but it does not feel like a matte lipsticks at all! It is quite moisturized and long lasting. It does leave a bit stain on your lips once it is faded out.

IMG_9900 edit

This is the first color lipstick swatch. This is in the shade number 02. I love the tea rose pink color. Super comfortable to wear!

IMG_9902 edit

This would be the second lip color, a bright pink color. I am not really use to such bright pink color like this but I think this is a super gorgeous color! Love the pigmentation! This is in the shade 013.

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The last shade is this bright red shade! Almost like a Taylor Swift kinda red. This is in the shade 019.

Each lipsticks costs RM20.00 and it is paraben free, not tested on animals and it is dermatology tested. This lipstick also lasts 24 months.

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Last but not least, a lip liner from Golden Rose! I am not a lip liner kind of person, I swear to you. This would be like my, third lip liner that I personally owned. I previously don’t know what is the purpose of having a lip liner until I tested this one out. This lip liner is super gorgeous, super creamy and super pigmented! I received in the shade 204 which is the perfect match for the lipsticks shade 013.

IMG_9905 editIMG_9904 edit

Just look at the color and pigmentation, it is actually a no effort needed at all for this kind of pigmentation. Loving the lip liner already! Will be absolutely buying more!

Just like the other Golden Rose products, this lip liner is also paraben free, not tested on animals and dermatology tested as well. Surprise Surprise, it is also 24 months lasting after opening! The cost for this lip liner is just RM17.00! This lip liner is being made in the Czech Republic.

So my dearie friends, if you are looking onto a new affordable really pigmented makeup products, Golden Rose could be one of your choice. You can have a look at their other available products on their website 

I would love to say a huge thank you to CCM for this opportunity. I love every given products, I have tested them out and the review above is my 100% honest review after I have tested out all of the products. :)

Till then,


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