Saturday, March 7, 2015

BOTD - Haul High End Lipsticks Collection

Hello friends! Hope that you are absolutely fine and divine. I would love to share with all of you my current favorite lipsticks, mainly are all High End brands. It is hard for me to actually wear lipsticks at the very first place but these high end brands lipsticks makes me want to even eat the lipsticks out of their tube straight away cause they are so all together!

My first high end lipstick would be from Marc Jacobs. Purchased them at Sephora for RM66 (reduced priced i believe) and i swatched all of the colors available and two caught my eyes the most. 

One would be Showstopper, a brick red color lipstick which is pigmented to stay long enough on your lips. The other color is more subtle, neutral nude rosey kind of color which is Understudy. 

My next high end lipstick would be from NARS. I love everything NARS now. Their foundation is my most favorite foundation ever thanks to Shims Mandagie. And now, their Audacious lipsticks are the bomb! Fall in love with it the first time i swatched them on my hands, not even on my lips as yet. 

Yes. I have four of them. Thanks to le boyfie too. Hehe. Just look at those colors and pigmentation! It is just out of this world crazy! This would be my most favorite high end lipsticks for now. I love something that is pigmented for a lipstick. I dont really like sheen lipsticks. I need opaque and long lasting. These Audacious lipsticks stays on my lips even after eating a whole plate of steak. It will still leave a stain onto your lips and you would only need a little dab to fill in the missing part of your lipsticks. One NARS Audacious lipsticks costs RM96. 

Next would be Givenchy. Purchsed them at Sephora as well. I fall in love with their packaging. Leather packaging really intrigued me to purchase those lipsticks. 

These lipsticks are quite pigmented but not as pigmented as NARS's. I purchaed two different kind of shades. Rosey and nudeish shades. These lipsticks does not last long on your lips. It does not even leave any stains on so once you finished eating, you have to reapply the whole lips with these lipsticks back again. But, the feeling of having these lipsticks on your lips were phenomenal. It is super moisturizing! One lipsticks would costs you around RM128 (would need to recheck the price and confirm)

Last but mot least, my latest high end lipstick collections would be from Guerlain. It is from their KISS KISS collection. The reason i dont really purchase Guerlain lipsticks is, they are not opaque enough for me. Even for the ones that i have, it is kinda transparent but quite shiny too. 

The shade 367 has a really subtle rose color to it. Very very very natural looking on the lips too. If you are more towards the natural looking kind of lipsticks, this would be the great match for you. It still costs above RM100 price tag range but i think for the brand and the absolutely gorgeous color ranges, it is absolutely okay. Hehe

Well, pick your own choice ladies! I have made mine!

Till then,

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