Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hello friends! Today is a no makeup post Thursday. Hehe. I will try to make a post each day and make a theme out of it. Perhaps, i could sustain my post by doing this. 

I have never been a watcher for any cycling events here in Malaysia. What more for Le Tour De Langkawi. I remember still when this event would only cater around Langkawi island. I did watched the race from my daddy's car when we are on our way from Penang to KL, using the so call Jalan Kampung. Now, I witnessed again last Saturday which just right at the exit of my housing area in Shah Alam. 

We were all stranded at the main road of Persiara Mokhtar Dahari for nearly 20 mins just to give way for all the cyclists. And i sat there at the middle of the road, shouting and giving support to all the cyclists. Haha

It is a really nice experience. To be stranded at the side of the road for 20 mins. And then shouted like mad to give support to the cyclist. 


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