Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When you have your family..

Hello friends. A blog entry which is still not a beauty related as yet today. I feel like talking about my cousin as she's getting married this coming Saturday. In fact, we will be having dinner today. She's one of my closest cousin, we grew up mostly together. 
Feeling a bit touchy here, she's now getting married. Hehe. I am super happy for her. She went through so many ups and downs and now i am super happy that she's finally getting married. Found the man that she loves and cherishes her the way she deserves. 

I ❤ you, Ano. No matter where and what you do, you are like a sister to me. 
Enjoy your bachelorette days now. Hope that we could still have dinner together after you are married. 

See you tonight!

Till then,

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