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BOTD : Kiehls Clearly Corrective White products

Hello friends! I have an exciting post to share with all of you here! I have been a fan of Kiehls products since last year, my first time trying out Kiehls face products. I received the sample sachet of their Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Solution, tested it out and it is proven that it does wonders onto my skin and from there on, i actually do trust Kiehls products! 

Now, i would like to introduce to you the next best thing from Kiehls which is their Clearly Corrective White Regimen products range. The products that i have tested for nearly a month now consists of  Skin Brightening Exfoliator, Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution, Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream & Dark Circle Protection with SPF 30. Nearly the full set of its Clearly Corrective products! Super loving it. The best part is that, all of it are full size! Yes! Full size! So lets dig in one by one shall we?

Since i received these products from Kiehls, please bear in mind that what i am reviewing are all 100% honest and is from my experience in using these products. I am not being paid by Kiehls to do this entry. 

So, this is my huge bare face. No makeup no filter, taken using my Canon D700 camera. My skin does have those spots area that needed to be treated from now and then. This is where Kiehls products could help. First thing first, the Clearly Corrective White Skin Brightening Exfoliator wash. 

This is how the product looks like. White with a little particle of seeds in it to exfoliate the skin. I don't really use this every day as it tends to dries up my skin. But i do love the effect it has on my skin. 

It says that it could help on the discoloration onto my face skin and after about 4 washes with this, i could actually see and feel the differences! Superbly amazing! It lathers onto this white thick foam which does not sting my face at all, when i used it for the first time! 

Tadaa! My skin feels fresh now! Pardon the change of clothes are i did take a bath after i wash my face. Hehe. I ❤ the scent of this. It smells like Lavender but it actually has Peony and White Birch. Commonly, White Birch is used to treat skin problems like eczema. 

My next step would be the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. It is actually a non sticky serum (if i may call it that) which sinks onto my skin and leaves it feeling really nice and smooth! I adore this serum so much i just could not leave without it now! 

It comes with a small pipet pump which makes it easier to control the amount of the products being dropped. Usually, i just dropped two small drops onto my palm and heat it before i apply it onto my face. 

It is a clear serum and non greasy feeling. 

The third step would be applying the Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream. When it says Deep Moisture, it is indeed a deep
moisture! I am not kidding you! It does feel a bit oily on my skin as i do have oily skin therefore i dont really use this during morning time. 

What i usually do at night is that, i apply these few dots of the products onto my skin like so and just spread it onto my face. You only need a few of these as it is really going to make your face quite oily. 

Tadaa! Again. After all three steps done! I feel like my face is getting a bit brighter now! Haha. 

Now moving onto the last step, applying the Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector. Perfect as i do have dark eye circle! Lets see how this would work on me!

It has this thick skin tone color creme which thicker than it looks! It almost has a consistency of a concealer! So you would only need just a tiny bit of it to cover your dark eyes. Remember, just a tiny bit of it. 

I always apply this products like so, jist like what i always do whenever i would want to apply any dark eye concealer. Blending this product would take a while as it is very very very thick and i usually use my pinky finger to tap the products onto place. 

Now, as everything applied, i am a happy girl! I would stick on using some of the products and below would be my justification why. 

1. I would love to use the exfoliator as i have experienced that it does brightening up my skin gradually. 

2. I will be continue using the Dark Spot Corrector as i love the feelings after applying it. It acta sort of like a serum and sinks onto my skin really really fast. 

As for the other two products, i would not say that i won't recommend it but it feels like it does not corporate that fast on my skin. The cream is a bit oily and i could not use it during morning routine. :( 

If you would like to know more on these products, please feel free to drop by Kiehls counter and ask for the beauty expert an advice. They are more than willing to help you to find the right products to use and trust me, Kiehls can be quite pricey but it does wonders on your skin as what it did to me. 

The am you Keihls Malaysia for this opportunity. I am for sure will be using your products from now on. :) 

Till then,

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