Thursday, April 2, 2015

BOTD : Pimp My Chulip event

Hello friends! I am super sorry for the late post for this event. Been quite attentive to my work stuffs and always forgot to update my blog regularly.


Are you a big fan of lip balm that looks cute and yummy? Then it’s Chulip for you! Just look at how cute this lip balm looks like! Similar to EOS lipbalm which is not available here in Malaysia, sadly.

The event was being held at KARE Café. Apperently, this café has a shop that sells some really nice and expensive decorations. It is located at Old Wing One Utama, right beside ESPRIT.


The event is done for us to decorate our Chulip with the given materials and upload it into for us to compete with others creative minds as well to win an iPad Mini 3 and a set of Chulip lip balms (which consists 5 sets) with all complete flavors.

Talking about flavors, do you know how many flavors are there available for Chulip? It has 4 flavors of Green, Pink, Red & Purple. Green is Nordic, Fancy Nostalgia (Orange, Lime & Mango), Pink is Paris, Perfect Memories (Raspberry & Peach flavor), Red is NY, Brilliant My Way (Apple, Ginger & Tea Rose) and Purple is Arabian, Floral Shower (Rose, Germanium and Clove)


KARE Café was full with Chulips all over the table. And there is this one decoration table that are full with deco stuffs! I don’t really see myself being creative and start decorating my Chulip but all these decorations stuffs were just soooo adorable!


The event starts and everybody rushed to the small table to grab their own deco stuffs and I was there like, okay I shall wait for the rest to disperse then I’ll take mine. So, with nearly some bits and bots left, I managed to deco my Chulip to be a cute curly coo!


Just look at those eyes! Haha. With a red so called umbrella there too. Well, I know I am not that creative and this would be the maximum creative that I could think about.


Look at these ladies. They were so attentive to their own creative ways on how to deco their Chulip. This would be my table mates! Hehe. I met up with my lovely friends! Shivani & Samia! <3 Miss them already while typing this entry! hehe


This is the one that won the first place for deco that day and it was Mira’s Chulip! I named it Daft Punk Darth Vader chulip! haha.


She won a Baby G Shock watch! WOW! Congratulations Mira! Even though the event has ended weeks ago! Hehe.


We had so much fun, decorating our own chulip and meeting my friends! Love them so so much! Thank you for being so kind and nice! <3

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