Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New blog layout?

Hello peeps! I have a freshly new blog layout now! Super yay! Well, it is not that I do not like my previous layout done by non other than Ms. Sabrina, but I think it is time for me to at least revamp my blog layout a little bit more to have it to look as sleek as possible. Life changes, so do blog. Haha.

I do hope that you’ll love my new layout as much as I do and hopefully I could start blogging back again, actively. Haha. I know I have been neglecting my blog a lot. Like, really a lot this year.

Any comments on this new layout? Do drop it in the comment box ya!

Happy Ramadhan! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A little bit personal?

Hello friends. Today i dont feel like posting som BOTD entry as first, i dont have anything to share with you as for now on makeup things. Probably in this near future, I’ll share something about my June favorites makeup product. Meanwhile, i just want to say to everybody that i am happy now. I posted several photos of quotes on instagram a while back and some just can sense what happened and some dont. Well, i would just like to say that something happened and let it just stay happened like that.

When you said that you are happy, what actually defines your own happiness? Each person has its own different type of happiness. I have not been feeling as happy as i am now for so effin long and somehow i can say that my happy senses are long gone. It’s like i dont even know myself anymore to be saying that i am happy. Some of my previous happiness post would be a forceful happiness that i created myself which i think that when my mind thinks im happy, i am actually happy. But you cant force to be happy. You have to feel it. I think the term be happy should change to feel happy instead.


Happiness would be different for other people to me, having chocolates that i love such as the picture below could make me feel happy and blessed.


Or maybe to have a stroll at the beach with the person you love and care the most as below.


Or perhaps, just by being in love and feel that you are being loved could make you feel happiness?


You choose your happiness. You create it yourself. It was you who shaped your own life. I have shaped mine for all these years and i can say proudly that i am now really happy. No more fake happiness, no more force happiness i am really really happy.

Thank you for reading my humble blog. That could make me feel happy too. For what ever reason i ended up to be, i am now me.

Till then,


Monday, June 22, 2015

BOTD : Eyeko Brow Gel Shape & Define

Hello friends! I am back with another BOTD entry for today. I know I have not been posting about my personal life here in my blog. Perhaps some other time. If you have been following my instagram, you should know by now what happened. Ya ya it was my fault but I am happy now despite what everybody around me is saying. I am happy and I don’t care what others are going to say. :)
Okay, back to the BOTD entry for today. It is time for me to reveal my favorite brow gel for these past few months. I have been trying this for nearly 2 months now and I am super excited with it. As you may know, my eyebrows are the worst. It grows out everywhere! It is hard to manage them. Thanks to Eyeko, for inventing this product.
As define by the name of the product itself, it is for share and define and it does not lie! My scary untamed eye brows are easily tamed by this product. Even an eyebrow amateur like me could make use of it and have an eyebrow looking like a pro.
The bristle is super tiny and easy to control. I just love the packaging of Eyeko’s products. It is in this cute squeezy bottle which is super cute!
If you are wondering how the texture looks like, it looks like this! Not so jelly looking but still I think it has some of the magical texture for eyebrows so far! The color is a bit brownish but it does match my eyebrows perfectly! I wonder what kind of a magic thing they put inside this product?
The picture above is my naked eyebrows. I know it looks messy with some holes here and there. Well, what I mean was that it was not full. Below picture is with the product alone, without any touchups on the eyebrow. Just with the gel alone. I usually will touchup my eyebrows using my favorite NAKED BASICS palette and a slanted brush. Just to make it a bit fuller and neat. I hope you can see the difference there HAHA cause I can. I just love this eyebrow gel. It made my life easier is so many ways! Hehe.
If you are looking for a really workable eye brow gel, I suggest please do try this one instead. You can get it any any Sephora outlet here in Malaysia. So sorry I forgot the price but I think it is around RM75-80 kind of price range. I know I know. It is expensive but it was sooo worth it! Try it for yourself!
Till then,

Thursday, June 18, 2015

BOTD : MAC Lightful Powder Foundation

Hello pretty ladies! I am super excited to share with you my latest findings. I am still testing out on this powder so any of my thoughts mentioned here would be from my first experience / expression using this powder foundation.
I am not an avid fan of powder foundation since few years back. I think they just dont give that much coverage and would look cakey on my face especially on the dry patches that i always have underneath my eye, near my nose and near the tip of my mouth. I always feels like liquid foundation would be the perfect way to seal all those patches away.
I am not a HUGE fan of MAC Cosmetics. I think it is way too overrated. I came across this foundation and purchased it because i need to have a powder foundation to touch up my makeup after my prayers. A powder foundation is much easier, that’s why i chose this. It was also a recommendation from the beauty advisor in MAC, saying that this would be the latest innovation of foundation. Well, i bought it and tried it for a week now.
My shade is between NC20/NC30. This particular powder, i purchase it in the shade of NC30. Something similar to my skin shade color.
As usual, MAC Cosmetics foundation case. It comes with a mirror and applicator sponge underneath the powder. The powder is said to have a marine bright formula that will stays matte once applied. Well, to me most of the powder foundations are matte after all. It also has SPF 25/PA+++ suitable for day use. In the website it says that it offers medium to full coverage of application. To me, this would be just about medium. Probably my skin is allergic to powder foundation nowadays.
The color is pretty bright for my hand skin but it looks okay on my face skin. I don’t really like the smell of the sponge applicator though. I would most probably apply this foundation next using my brush instead.
This would be my face before applying the powder foundation. It looks dull and boring. Haha.
Right after applying, my skin looks brighter and whiter. I mean, it looks like it is full coverage here but in real life, it only appears as medium coverage instead. I love the feelings after applying but i dont like the feeling of it while applying as it has that tingling sensation feelings on my skin. Probably, i am not a powder foundation kinda person afterall.
To me, i am still trying to love this foundation. A bit struggling it loving it but i am not hating it either. So, i have to test it out even more after this.
You may purchase this foundation at any available MAC Cosmetics stores or online at MAC Cosmetics.
Each case and foundation sold separately. Case for RM42 and foundation with sponge costs RM135.
Till then,

Friday, June 12, 2015

BOTD : Makeup Forever HD Powder

Hello fellow blog readers! As a woman, I am trying to look presentable each day. I don’t really use translucent / powder right after I applied my liquid foundation previously. But when I tried it using my first powder from Catrice, I can see and feel the difference and I am straight away need to have it inside my makeup routine. I have heard that the Bobbi Brown’s translucent powder is super amazing. I would like to try that one day.
This time around, I have the similar powder to Bobbi Brown. It’s the Makeup Forever High Definition Powder. I don’t really fancy MUFE products. You can view my review on their foundation in my Youtube channel. But I still would like to try some of their other products.
This is the MUFE Microfinish Powder. It is indeed very very micro and almost feel like you are wiping air on your face. So fine! I don’t even know if I did apply it on my face but when I touched my face after applying it, it does feel mattifying. I love the feelings of it! hehe
This is how it looks like inside. You can see those white powder? That’s the powder miracle hehe. And the way MUFE design this product is that it has a white layer of filtration and when you pat your brush onto that white filter, the fine powder will come out. This way, you don’t need to worry on loosing excess powder. One genius way to lessen waste powder.
This is my favorite brush to apply this powder. This brush is huge and it covers my face when I am applying the powder onto my face. It picks up just the right amount of micro powder. It does look dirty a bit as I always did not let my foundation set before applying this HD powder and the foundation is like stuck on the brush like so.
So far, I am loving this powder. It does holds up my foundation without having it looking too cakey. Me liking it so much! But I need to compare it with the goddess, Bobbi Brown Translucent powder. Will try to get my hands on that one soon!
Till then,

Sunday, June 7, 2015

BOTD : MAC Lipsticks (Favorite ones)

Hello dearies! I am back with another lipstick entry! I have done several similar lipstick entries below if you want to read it.
Marc Jacobs : http://www.anfaalridhuan.com/2015/05/botd-marc-jacob-le-marc-lip-creme-kiss.html
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Today, I would like to highlight my newest favorite lipsticks from MAC. I don’t really bought these two recently. I have it quite a while now. It is just that I have not been posted it inside my blog or instagram or facebook as yet.
Both of the lipsticks are from MAC and both are not from the same range. It has similar color hue though.
One is from the Mineralize Rich range and one from their permanent Cremesheen range. Both are just as gorgeous!
They look pretty similar but very different color all together. One has a pinkish rose color and another one has a rose but orange undertone in it. I really do love the texture of the Cremesheen as it is quite sheen and long lasting. The mineralize ones are feels quite dry on my lips but still it has some pretty color payoff!
At last, the swatches for all to see! Which one do you prefer? On Hold has a very natural looking color on your lips. It has that sheen to it which I am super loving it. Elegant Accent, like the name itself is super elegant. The color is a wearable pink color but still would look gorgeous on the lips.
I am not a huge fan of MAC lipsticks before but now I think I need to have more! Haha. Do share with me which if your favorite MAC lipsticks! I might be dropping MAC store soon for a look out!
Till then,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BOTD : Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush

Hello friends! I am back with another makeup product to review! This time it is a bit special for me as this would be the first time I am reviewing a brush that was so special to me. This brush used to be called as #ProjectB by my dear blogger friend, Sabrina Tajudin. She was the one who designed my blog that I am using up until today! Congratulations babe for the success of this project!



I received this brush a while ago, approximately around 3 weeks ago and have been using it ever since. No lie! I have been using this brush to mainly apply my blusher. It has the softest bristle which does not shed at all! Super in love with its size, and color. The brush too is not too wide and not too small either. It has the PERFECT, I repeat the PERFECT size for my face to apply mainly blusher. I think this would be the best brush for blusher because of the dome shaped brush and because of the size. Perfect perfect perfect.


The bristle is made with synthetic bristles, perfect for powder or even liquid makeup products. You can use this brush to apply your favorite foundation, powder or liquid and it creates a flawless air brushed like finishing to your face. Effortlessly!


The brush is not that long and not that small either. It has the perfect size for me to have it inside my makeup bag and I bring it daily to the office for touch ups after prayers. The detailing of the brush is simple but yet amazing. Very sleek looking. You must be wondering how much is it for a brush like this would costs you? RM80? RM50? No! It is now still on introduction price of just RM39.90! Yes! A vegan brush for just RM39.90! Does that makes you want to click at the store website to purchase it straight away? I do hope so!


The box is sooooo pretty too! It has all the details of the brush and what it work best with list! Easy for you to understand your new best brush friend! If you have not own or test this brush as yet, you will be having a crush with it seriously! Once you own it, you will fall madly in love with it, trust me. I even ignore my Real Techniques Blush Brush now and use this one instead. That is how big the impact of this brush is to me!

If you would like to own this brush, I am giving away one now! All you have to do is register at the rafflecopter app below and you are all set to win one! Open to Malaysian only, so sorry! :(

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