Thursday, June 25, 2015

A little bit personal?

Hello friends. Today i dont feel like posting som BOTD entry as first, i dont have anything to share with you as for now on makeup things. Probably in this near future, I’ll share something about my June favorites makeup product. Meanwhile, i just want to say to everybody that i am happy now. I posted several photos of quotes on instagram a while back and some just can sense what happened and some dont. Well, i would just like to say that something happened and let it just stay happened like that.

When you said that you are happy, what actually defines your own happiness? Each person has its own different type of happiness. I have not been feeling as happy as i am now for so effin long and somehow i can say that my happy senses are long gone. It’s like i dont even know myself anymore to be saying that i am happy. Some of my previous happiness post would be a forceful happiness that i created myself which i think that when my mind thinks im happy, i am actually happy. But you cant force to be happy. You have to feel it. I think the term be happy should change to feel happy instead.


Happiness would be different for other people to me, having chocolates that i love such as the picture below could make me feel happy and blessed.


Or maybe to have a stroll at the beach with the person you love and care the most as below.


Or perhaps, just by being in love and feel that you are being loved could make you feel happiness?


You choose your happiness. You create it yourself. It was you who shaped your own life. I have shaped mine for all these years and i can say proudly that i am now really happy. No more fake happiness, no more force happiness i am really really happy.

Thank you for reading my humble blog. That could make me feel happy too. For what ever reason i ended up to be, i am now me.

Till then,


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  1. Dekat FB keluar 'memories'. then ternampak our old post. then teringat at your blog. bila dah scroll and scroll (stalk, hehe), something had happened to you. be strong, and just move on. live a brighter future with your loved ones! hehe. take care dee!


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