Monday, June 22, 2015

BOTD : Eyeko Brow Gel Shape & Define

Hello friends! I am back with another BOTD entry for today. I know I have not been posting about my personal life here in my blog. Perhaps some other time. If you have been following my instagram, you should know by now what happened. Ya ya it was my fault but I am happy now despite what everybody around me is saying. I am happy and I don’t care what others are going to say. :)
Okay, back to the BOTD entry for today. It is time for me to reveal my favorite brow gel for these past few months. I have been trying this for nearly 2 months now and I am super excited with it. As you may know, my eyebrows are the worst. It grows out everywhere! It is hard to manage them. Thanks to Eyeko, for inventing this product.
As define by the name of the product itself, it is for share and define and it does not lie! My scary untamed eye brows are easily tamed by this product. Even an eyebrow amateur like me could make use of it and have an eyebrow looking like a pro.
The bristle is super tiny and easy to control. I just love the packaging of Eyeko’s products. It is in this cute squeezy bottle which is super cute!
If you are wondering how the texture looks like, it looks like this! Not so jelly looking but still I think it has some of the magical texture for eyebrows so far! The color is a bit brownish but it does match my eyebrows perfectly! I wonder what kind of a magic thing they put inside this product?
The picture above is my naked eyebrows. I know it looks messy with some holes here and there. Well, what I mean was that it was not full. Below picture is with the product alone, without any touchups on the eyebrow. Just with the gel alone. I usually will touchup my eyebrows using my favorite NAKED BASICS palette and a slanted brush. Just to make it a bit fuller and neat. I hope you can see the difference there HAHA cause I can. I just love this eyebrow gel. It made my life easier is so many ways! Hehe.
If you are looking for a really workable eye brow gel, I suggest please do try this one instead. You can get it any any Sephora outlet here in Malaysia. So sorry I forgot the price but I think it is around RM75-80 kind of price range. I know I know. It is expensive but it was sooo worth it! Try it for yourself!
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