Wednesday, July 29, 2015

botd : innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask

Hello friends! I am back with another BOTD review entry! YAY! This time around, I’ll be reviewing the recent pore clay mask that I received from website few weeks ago. I have been using this mask every week, twice a week just to see the results that it could give me.
I know it is still very early to say but I can see some instant results upon using this mask! No wonder people like it very much!
IMG_0156 edit
This is a product from Korea. I have heard and read a lot of good reviews about this. But being a stubborn me, I don’t really buy it until I am satisfy enough (or probably someone would give this one for free to me! haha) reading the review about it. When approached me saying that they would want me to try out their beta website and will give several credits for me to purchase anything from this website, I saw this and I instantly add it to cart.
IMG_0157 edit
This products contains 100mL of clay mask. The ingredients include Green Tea Extract, Tangerine Peel Extract, Prickly Pear Extract, Orchid Extract, Camellia Leaf Extract and many more! Wow! So many extracts in one clay mask!Super awesome! This clay mask is also known to control the sebum creation on your face by clearing the pores with a strong purifying function!
IMG_0158 edit
As the name says, the mask has a clay greyish color with a minimal clean scent. The scent is not overpowering and sometimes I just could not smell it at all! Almost not there!
How did I apply this mask?
1. Apply toner on my face. As per instructed on the box. hehe
2. Apply the mask on your face and let it dry for 15 mins. Actually the mask dries up very fast!
I love how easy it is to spread and how it does not tingle my skin at all. I have combination oily to normal skin and always have some dry patches on the side of my lips.
3. After 15 mins, rinse it off and feel the softness of your face skin instantly!
I am actually enjoying my time applying this mask on my face. Although by just using this mask for few weeks, I can see that it does wonder to my skin too. It does not causes any breakouts and my skin feels so soft after rinsing it! Definitely will be buying this again once it finishes. I also notices that it does makes my face less oilier which is something positive! YAY.
For more of my haul, please do read my previous entry : haul
You can get this mask at for just RM40!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

tebu run!

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! Well, no BOTD entry i guess as i did not take few photos of my newly lipsticks as yet. Maybe the next entry would be about BOTD. Thank you for your patience. Haha.

Well, if you know me very well, you should know that i am not a healthy person. I don’t do healthy stuffs. Haha. I dont run, i dont jog (i used to actually), i dont do exercise. I eat, i do makeup stuffs, i shop (offline and online) and i love to bake cakes. So, things that i love doing is not something that is healthy looking, apart from shopping. I think shopping is healthy. At least healthy for my inner sense, my aura. Haha


Well, last Sunday i took part in a rely run. This would be my second time joining this fruit series of run. The first one would be the Pisang Relay (banana relay) and i joined that one too! Well, i dont really run for fun. I run for the medal and to just enjoying myself, pushing my body to do exercise.

There is no cut off time so you can just run for fun! The run was held at Taman Metropolitan in Kepong. A very famous park for kite flying.


The medal looks so pretty and it’s by Medal Depot! I like this kind of sturdy medal. Will definitely collect more medal after this :)


Till then,


Friday, July 24, 2015

BOTD : What I used to create this look?

Hello friends! I am back! Well, a week of rest from blogging makes me feel like I am wasting my time not to blog! I miss my blog so much!


Few days back, I posted this picture on my Facebook Page and said that I will do a blog post on what I had on my face to create this look. As promised, let me share what I had used on my face in the picture above.


Tadaa! Those makeup products which I will be listing it down, one by one below!

1. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab (Medium 1)

2. Make Up Forever HD Powder

3. La Belle Carousel (Yellow palette) for blusher and bronzer

4. Make Up For Ever Lash Primer

5. Eyeko Black Drama Mascara for upper lash

6. Marc Jacobs Mascara for lower lash

7. Eyeko Brow Gel

8. UD Naked Basics 2 Palette

9. UD Perversion Eyeliner

10. Dolly Wink Eyeliner

11. NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey

All are my all time favorite makeup products and all are in one go! As you can see, I do not really use concealer, as this amazing foundation (which is my holy grail!) covers my spots perfectly!


The eyes are simply done by using Naked Basics 2 palette. I love matte looks now actually but I don’t really do my eye makeup nowadays. I need to start back!

Well, just a short blog to start with after a week of holiday!

Till then,


Friday, July 17, 2015

selamat hari raya aidilfitri!

Assalamualaikum wbt! Today’s entry would be my hari raya wishes to all of you! I don’t really know who will be opening my blogpost during raya time as I know most of you including myself would be very busy during raya. Busy eating lemang, ketupat, rendang and more! But nevertheless, I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every single one of you,



IMG_4491 edit

Hopefully this coming Syawal would bring 1001 moments to each and everyone of you.

Till then,


Thursday, July 16, 2015

throughout ramadhan

Hello friends! Today marks the last day of Ramadhan. It is so sad to see Ramadhan leaves us again as we do not know if we will be able to taste Ramadhan again next year. InsyaAllah i would love to go through more Ramadhan months to come. Here are some photos from the whole month of Ramadhan. What i have done, what have i encountered and where do i eat.


Half moon at Cyberjaya.


Tazkirah at MDeC with Alia! <3


Break fast with le Miss Syaheeda!


Break fast at KLGCC!


Went to Bucida Court for the first time eva. Saw some familiar faces here.


Break Fast at KL East with SCC.



Encounter with the best DADIH HIRUP ever! Reminiscence the good old times.


GBS Raya adhoc photoshoot at office lobby!


The baju raya!


Break fast at Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, Bangi.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

coursera : cbs social entrepreneurship

Hello friends! I would like to share some useful website to all of you. I have been taking short courses for the past 3 months with one of my other colleague. We have been studying on this subject called Social Entrepreneurship and it is nearly come to an end. All 12 weeks were fun! We reminded each other whenever we can and we try to sometimes copy each other answers, which I will never let him do that cause I know my answer could be super weird. hahahaha.


Ah, welcome to Week 12. It is such a sad thing to see. I will be missing this moment for sure. Every Wednesday / Thursday I will be pushing my brain out for the answer of these assignments. Well, from this short course, I did learn about Social Entrepreneurship and how to build one. Well, I am not building one as yet but as long as I could understand what is Social Entrepreneurship, that is super enough for me. Do you understand what is Social Entrepreneurship?

To me, Social Entrepreneurship is simple to define. It is quite straight forward by the name itself. If you are contributing to the social by using any entrepreneurship style of selling, that is social entrepreneurship. Something that you sell, as an entrepreneur to help and benefit the social.



This final week, I have to submit a business plan of what I would like to do to help the social. As an animal lover, I only do what I knows best! How to help the homeless animals, how to not let them starve. Although it is just an idea, not even a startup company being build as yet, I know that one day I could look back to this blog entry and be proud of myself and I know that this could be reality. I have everything being locked inside my brain and hope that one day it could be reality.

Well, I know it is nearly the end of my Social Entrepreneur journey but I am going to enroll in another new short courses in Coursera again! Cant wait to learn more new things!

Visit Coursera for more exciting short courses! 

Till then,


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Foodie : The pisang cheese by kak p


Saya tau gambar ni kuang ajaq awaa tapi saya nak post jugak! Hehe. If you know what the above box is really are, you must have been a great supporter of banana! Well, i just got an idea, why not the seller sells Pisang Cheese Minions style? Haha. Well, this is the Big Box of Cheese Fried Banana (Pisang Cheese), which has 4 kinds of flavours that you can choose from. I personally picked mine in White Chocolate, Chocolate Cheese, Salted Caramel & Coffee Caramel.

They actually do have physical office but i order this through online. Through their Instagram. Fortunately, i saw their instagram that they are doing a delivery to Cyberjaya/Putrajaya/Bangi and i straight away order a box. Minimum order would be 1 big box or 6 small boxes.


Please follow their instagram to know on their next route! They might be going to your place for delivery! I know the picture looks tempting and yummy. It is indeed! I cant wait to test out more next time. This would be a good choice for pot luck food actually. People will definitely scout for these for dessert. You can eat these bananas with ice cream too. Wow!

Follow their instagram and facebook page today!

Instagram :

Facebook :

Monday, July 13, 2015

[TAG] : 11 things you didn’t know about me

Happy Monday friends! I was being tagged by Jannah aka Jenny Fleur last Saturday and i thought well, why now do a tag entry since i have not done it in AGES! Yes. AGES! I always do Tag videos but not Tag blog entry. Thank you for tagging me, Jannah! I am absolutely happy to do this. Now i have something to write on in my blog apart from the other stuffs.


Lets dig in into all of the questions!

Quote you live by?

Go with the flow! As simple as that!

Most dangerous thing you'd ever done and will you do it again?

I am not an adventurous person but i love doing flying fox. The most epic flying fox i have ever done would be at Sunway Pyramid and yes, i would do it again!

What would you have as your last meal on Earth?

Potatoes and more potatoes. Jacket potatoes, crisps, fries.

If you can swap lives with somebody, anybody, who would it be?

My mom. I would always want to know how she survive being herself.

Choose one superpower!

Being able to see other people’s dream! Haha. Wow!

What is the first thing you notice about people?

Their eyes. Yes. I am a sucker for people’s eyes.

Any song that can make you sob non-stop?

I listen to many many kind of songs but this one by Evanescence really gets me in the nerve,

song title, Field of Innocence.

What movies could you watch over and over and still love?

The Memoirs of a Geisha.

Anna and the King

What ticks you off?

People who do not know how to appreciate time. Who always late, lack in time management.

BEAUTY STUFF! Your first makeup purchase - what and when?

OMG. How can i remember. It was way back in whatever year! Haha. I can only remember it was Maybeline duo eyeshadow in black and white. HAHA.

Three words to summarize your personality:

1. Outspoken

2. Jovial

3. Sensitive

1. Aty (

2. Wiida (

3. Sabby Prue (

4. Sabrina Tajudin (

5. Tammy Lim (

Here are the 11 questions from me;


1. What is your favourite celebration of all time?

2. Share with me your three favourite foods and drinks.

3. Name the place that you have visited and will be visiting back again.

4. Would you prefer talking on the phone or texting?

5. Any positive and encourage able words to share that motivates you everyday?

6. During school time, which subject do you love the most?

7. Do you have any specific dream job? Share!

8. If you were given the ability to eat food without being full, which food would you eat?

9. What kind of a shopper are you? Handbags? Clothes? Shoes? Accessories? Others?

10. List 3 of your favourite restaurants and why.

11. Where do you usually shop for makeup?


Till then,


Friday, July 10, 2015

botd : althea korea haul (unboxing)



Hello friends! This would be a haul posting this time around. It’s been a while since i did my last haul posting. Most of my entry would be on reviews only. I am very excited to announce on this new beauty / makeup online website whereby you can purchase Korean products for a lesser price than in Malaysia. Once received, i can see that the packaging is VERY PINK with an ALTHEA round sticker on it.


The box is actually being wrapped in a bubble wrap to protect the box, therefore the box looks really nice without any torn or scratches. The box is in light purple color or should i say, lavender. The box is quite hard, very well made and sturdy!

I picked 4 items as we were given 150 points to shop whatever we wanted to in therefore, these are the 4 items that i have personally picked out for me to test out. Thanks to Althea Korea :)



Once opened, you can see that all the items are well wrapped with bubble wraps, securely. Apart from the bubble wraps, there’s also some pink paper tissues to protect the bubble wraps from hitting each other while on board or during delivery.




Tadaa! These are the four items that i personally picked out from Althea’s website. All are the things that i would eager to try on! Especially the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask! Let’s go one by one with the items shall we? Not a review but it’ll be just the list.

3CE Lip Color



I did a slight swatch on my hand and although it looks very bright red on the tube, it is quite sheen on the skin.

Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick



This lipstick has a really nice taupe shade. I hope that it is not that drying on my lips. We shall see!

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner



Eyeliner! I just cant go out without putting at least an eyeliner on my eyes. This would be my first Holika Holika product and i am super glad i choose this! Read more about this eyeliner in my review soon!

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask



This would be the first item i picked up just because i saw Mieza’s post on her Facebook about this mask. Then, i watched few reviews on it as well and that’s it! I need to try this one out instantly! When i saw that Althea has it inside their website, i am super happy! :)

For more information on Althea Korea, please pay a visit to the links below :

Althea Korea Online Website :

Althea Korea Facebook Page :

Althea Korea Instagram :

Till then,


Thursday, July 9, 2015

foodie : dadih hirup original aloq staq


Hello fellow friends! Harini rasanya nak taip blog dalam bahasa kedah kot. Boleh kan? Sebab tema harini nak cerita pasai Dadih. Kalau korang tak tau dadih tu apa, dadih ni adalah sejenis makanan. Ye la takkan sejenis binatang pulak kan? Dia tergolong dalam makanan dessert / pemanis kot rasnaya sebab dia ada rasa manis, ada rasa susu sikit. Kalau orang utara, memang suka makan dadih ni. Tapi tak semua la. Ada yg tak berapa lalu nak makan sebab bau susu lembu dia pekat sangat. Tapi, cheq suka sangat!

Sejak kecik lagi la kalau balik Kedah ka Penang ka mesti beli dadih. Kalau kat Aloq Staq, kat kedai mamak Rose ada juai, kat Pokok Ceri ada juai, pasar malam pun ada. La ni dah tak dak. Nak cari dadih pun payah. Tak tau la pasai pa. Sedih nya hati. Bila dapat tau ada pulak org kedah, dok plak kat Aloq Staq juai dadih hirup ni, cheq dan dan tu la order nak makan dadih punya pasai.


Tu dia! Skali order teruih 6 botoi! Dia ada 4 perisa. Jagung, Strawberry, Original & Coklat. Semua cheq amik nak rasa. Sebenarnya cheq suka original ja tapi tak rasa lagi. Baru rasa 2, jagung & coklat. Dadih jagung depa ni ada bubuh jagung skali! Memang bila makan tu ada la rasa jagung boleh gigit-gigit! Coklat pulak dia tak manis sangat, rasa coklat dia sikit je pulak. Tapi overall la kan, cheq memang suka la depa ni punya dadih!


Kalau hangpa memang tercari cari dadih la kan, cheq suggest hangpa try dadih depa ni tengok. Satisfaction guarantee! Memang tak menyesal habih la! RM5.50 satu botol. Kalau siapa dok area Bangi/Putrajaya/Kajang, order 10 botol or lebih boleh la COD. Try tanya dalam instagram depa dulu ada stock ka tak.

Apa lagi! Follow instagram derang skarang!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

botd : biore makeup remover perfect cleansing water

Hello friends! As promised I am going to do a review on this perfect cleansing water by Biore. I have been using Biore makeup remover wipes and its oil and gel makeup remover previously, so I have had high hopes on this one too. I saw this product when someone posted out on her Facebook page. I could not recall who, I am super sorry as it was a long time ago. I purchased this remover nearly a month ago and had been using it quite an amount of time.


It is said to have a floral scent but I don’t really smell anything floral with this makeup remover. Well, maybe my kind of floral is different with their kind of floral smell I guess. It comes in a cute Biore pink color bottle, which consists of well, the cleaning water.


It is said to remove all types of makeup on your face, eyes and lips! It does not say that it’ll remove all waterproof makeup but I think it could do that, just need a little bit of effort in doing so. I always wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner so I know that it does work, just needs a little bit effort in rubbing slowly around your eye area. It promises no greasy feelings, so stickiness too. To me, it was somewhat true but I always wash my face after removing my makeup so I don’t really know if it is a leave on kind of remover. Lets do a test shall we?

IMG_4756 edit

In the picture above, I have several types of makeup that I normally use. The mascara and liquid eyeliner are waterproof.


This is how first wipe shows its results. A not so hard kind of wipe. Normal pressure with a damp cotton.


Second wipe! All gone! Like seriously gone! And it does not feel sticky at all! I am still doubting on the scent as it promises some floral scent. But I just don’t smell it. :(

To me, this is a perfect makeup remover if you are on the go and would like to remove your makeup quite fast. It takes less than three wipes to finishes off all the makeup on your face. I like how it easily removes the lip liner as lip liner could be the most hard ones to be removed! Kudos! Another good and affordable makeup remover I would say!

Till then,


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