Wednesday, July 8, 2015

botd : biore makeup remover perfect cleansing water

Hello friends! As promised I am going to do a review on this perfect cleansing water by Biore. I have been using Biore makeup remover wipes and its oil and gel makeup remover previously, so I have had high hopes on this one too. I saw this product when someone posted out on her Facebook page. I could not recall who, I am super sorry as it was a long time ago. I purchased this remover nearly a month ago and had been using it quite an amount of time.


It is said to have a floral scent but I don’t really smell anything floral with this makeup remover. Well, maybe my kind of floral is different with their kind of floral smell I guess. It comes in a cute Biore pink color bottle, which consists of well, the cleaning water.


It is said to remove all types of makeup on your face, eyes and lips! It does not say that it’ll remove all waterproof makeup but I think it could do that, just need a little bit of effort in doing so. I always wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner so I know that it does work, just needs a little bit effort in rubbing slowly around your eye area. It promises no greasy feelings, so stickiness too. To me, it was somewhat true but I always wash my face after removing my makeup so I don’t really know if it is a leave on kind of remover. Lets do a test shall we?

IMG_4756 edit

In the picture above, I have several types of makeup that I normally use. The mascara and liquid eyeliner are waterproof.


This is how first wipe shows its results. A not so hard kind of wipe. Normal pressure with a damp cotton.


Second wipe! All gone! Like seriously gone! And it does not feel sticky at all! I am still doubting on the scent as it promises some floral scent. But I just don’t smell it. :(

To me, this is a perfect makeup remover if you are on the go and would like to remove your makeup quite fast. It takes less than three wipes to finishes off all the makeup on your face. I like how it easily removes the lip liner as lip liner could be the most hard ones to be removed! Kudos! Another good and affordable makeup remover I would say!

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