Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BOTD : Diorskin star foundation

Well well well! At last, something that I can afford to buy from Dior! Haha! Hello my pretty friends! It’s the time where I featured this little baby of mine now. Well, I know I did said that NARS is my favorite foundation, hands down but, thanks to Sabby Prue I managed to get this foundation few months ago and tried it! It is the DIORSKIN STAR foundation, which for me is just surreal!
My shade would be 030 (I am MAC NC20 / NC30 shade) and at first, this shade looks a little bit darker for my skin. I just hate it so much as it would look ashy on me. But, after few months of trying and trying, this foundation and I is just inseparable! I LOVE it! Totally I love with this foundation!
One of the best feature of this foundation is that it has a pump to it while my favorite NARS does not. Well, NARS did feature a pump with their new foundation (which I’ll be reviewing soon!). The bottle also has that starry shining effect to it which is the effect that it gives to anyone wearing this foundation.
This foundation is good if you would want to have a glowy and dewy effect on your skin. It gives that healthy looking skin effect which is the cause I purchased it. Well, technically I did not purchased this foundation. Someone purchased it for me. Thank you. :)
I really like the texture of this foundation. It does not feel runny but it does feel a little bit greasy on my skin. I definitely need to set it up with a translucent powder but I always do that step now with what ever liquid foundation that I am wearing, regardless the brands and textures.
First swipe! Wow! Look at that coverage! This foundation offers a medium to full coverage! Suitable for a skin condition like me! I don’t really have that nice skin so I need this foundation to cover up every single thing on my face. Less concealer! Less cost! haha
After blending it all. You can see the shining-ness of my skin? That’s the effect from the foundation itself! No wonder it is being called as STAR. It does give your skin a starry effect! Hehe. I love how easy it is to apply and how long it lasts on my skin. It lasted for nearly 5-6 hours straight before it oxidizes. Pretty good for me as I tend not to wear any makeup after Zohor prayers. ;)
I know this foundation is a bit expensive as it falls under the high end brands but I can rest assure you that you wont be disappointed with it. You’ll get the same amount of foundation as NARS, 1 fl oz but this one is a little bit expensive than NARS. I am sure that if you did test this one out, you’ll never go back to you current favorite foundation for a while.
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