Tuesday, July 7, 2015

BOTD : MAC pro conceal and correct palette

Hello fellow friends! Another BOTD entry this time around! Yay! I know I have been posting other posts as well apart from my BOTD. Well, just trying to spice up this blog a little bit. I am sure all of you are okay with it, ey? Well, this time it would be about this concealer palette. I have seen many beauty gurus have been using this palette as their daily concealer and one of them that I know of is Sabby! She even used it in her engagement makeup which she shared it here in her blog entry!
I just love how sleek and clean the palette looks like. I am not a MAC fan before this as I think the price is a little bit too high for me and it is quite overrated. But when I saw a lot of other beauty gurus have been using this palette, I could not help myself by getting one too. I bought this a while back, few months ago and just recently I used it to cover up my acne spots and also my under eye circle which is getting worst! haha >.<
I purchased mine in the shade MEDIUM which I think suits my skin color the most. It consists of some NC shades and NW shades. If you are new to MAC, NC means Neutral Cool shade and NW means Neutral Warm shades. Those who has NC shades would be having a cooler skin tone such as beige or olive color while for NW is more on pink or red undertone color. I am on the NC side and my most match color for MAC would be NC30.
As you may differentiate in the picture above, I used a lot on the NC tone and also Mid Yellow. The NW part I rarely touch it except if I may want to do makeup to other people. It is easy to have these kind of concealer as it consists of many shades that you can choose of. I always use Mid Yellow first before I apply NC 30. That would easily neural up the redness on my skin. The first yellow layer balanced up the redness and when I applied the NC 30 shade, it creates a flawless looks!
Those are the shades, swatch on my arm. You can see that NC 30 is the closest one that I could get inside this palette. I may want to purchase the Light shades one soon. Just to mixed and match all these concealers around. If I am not mistaken, this palette costs around RM 145 each when I purchased it before GST. Now the price has gone up to RM158 through their online website. Are you aware that you could purchase MAC cosmetics online? Yes you do now!
Well, to me I would rate this concealer 4.5 / 5 just because it is long lasting and it does not feel cakey at all. But, it does feel a little bit oily if you put it too much on your face and obviously you would need to set it up as this concealer is very very creamy! I even had this palette listed as my June favorite which you could read up more by clicking the link. If you are looking for a full coverage concealer that does not need that much of an effort, this would be perfect for you.
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