Wednesday, July 15, 2015

coursera : cbs social entrepreneurship

Hello friends! I would like to share some useful website to all of you. I have been taking short courses for the past 3 months with one of my other colleague. We have been studying on this subject called Social Entrepreneurship and it is nearly come to an end. All 12 weeks were fun! We reminded each other whenever we can and we try to sometimes copy each other answers, which I will never let him do that cause I know my answer could be super weird. hahahaha.


Ah, welcome to Week 12. It is such a sad thing to see. I will be missing this moment for sure. Every Wednesday / Thursday I will be pushing my brain out for the answer of these assignments. Well, from this short course, I did learn about Social Entrepreneurship and how to build one. Well, I am not building one as yet but as long as I could understand what is Social Entrepreneurship, that is super enough for me. Do you understand what is Social Entrepreneurship?

To me, Social Entrepreneurship is simple to define. It is quite straight forward by the name itself. If you are contributing to the social by using any entrepreneurship style of selling, that is social entrepreneurship. Something that you sell, as an entrepreneur to help and benefit the social.



This final week, I have to submit a business plan of what I would like to do to help the social. As an animal lover, I only do what I knows best! How to help the homeless animals, how to not let them starve. Although it is just an idea, not even a startup company being build as yet, I know that one day I could look back to this blog entry and be proud of myself and I know that this could be reality. I have everything being locked inside my brain and hope that one day it could be reality.

Well, I know it is nearly the end of my Social Entrepreneur journey but I am going to enroll in another new short courses in Coursera again! Cant wait to learn more new things!

Visit Coursera for more exciting short courses! 

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