Monday, July 6, 2015

KL EAST ; Iftar (Feat prosmac & Supreme Central Crewz)

Hello fellow friends! Happy Monday to all! I hope and wish that everything is fine and going on smoothly. While we are still in the Ramadhan month, i would like to wish Salam Ramadhan  (although it is on the 19th day or Ramadhan already now! haha) and i would like to suggest a place for you to break fast or have your iftar at. It is a place where i had mine yesterday with the PROSMAC team. This could be the first proper TT (tehtarik) session that i had with these amazing people. I was new in this group and never joined any of their adhoc TT previously so i was a little bit shy to mingle around.


We arrived at KL East quite early at around 6:30pm. To those who is not sure on how to get to KL East, basically you head your direction to Taman Melati ramp from MRR2 (north bound or south bound) and you can actually see KL East sign as picture above if you are from the south bound heading Selayang. For those who are from north bound heading towards Ampang, you would not see this sign as it is located behind the high rise forest. So you would need to take left exit to Taman Melati (drive up the ramp) and turn left.


While waiting for the others to arrive as i do not know anybody as yet except for Ipin & Farouk and both of them did not arrived as yet during the time when this photo was taken. Few minutes later, they arrived and we marched in into the food hall to grab our place.


This would be the only stall that i took a photo of yesterday and it is located right behind me. Yes. The roast lamb is just right behind my seating place. Haha. Well, thank God i do not eat lamb that much but some people can eat plates of it! I only took a small place, nak jamah je alang alang dah bayar. Hehe.


Looks nice, taste also nice. hehe. This would be the only portion that i had, and i could not go more than this.


There are some other foods as well. Cucur pisang & Cucur keledek are some of the many cucur variant that they had. It comes with these sambal kicap and few other sauces as well. If you like to eat it without the sauce, be it! :) It is up to you.


Apart from that, they also had Murtabak beef & chicken and i took both. Well, these are the only food that i took picture of. The buffet has more choices, from noodles to rice to fruits to cold drinks & hot drinks and desserts, porridge, soup, yong tau fu, ulam, sate and many more! All of that for just RM38 nett! The quality of the food is okay, it is eatable and some were really nice! I really like the environment. It is high up on the hill and if you are lucky, you’ll get the view of MRR2 road.

These are some of the PROSMAC people, with few taikos there in the picture. Thank you to Ipin (red/pink shirt) for sharing this picture in the Facebook. There’s Farouk (Black shirt with spectacles), one of the admin in PROSMAC too.


After all the foods has been eaten, with a full stomach we took this group photo together. Yay! It was the end of our TT, some went back home, some went to NZ some just don’t know where to go. Haha.
Basically, this was fun! Although i did not know most of the people but they were really friendly! And very welcoming! I would like to apologize if i may be a little reserved yesterday. I will try to blend in more after this. :)

Till then,

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