Saturday, July 4, 2015

Open up or stay close?

Hello fellow friends. Happy Saturday to all. No BOTD post for today as i dont have anything to post out as yet. Might be gettin some new lipsticks soon from eithet MAC or drugstore brands. Anyhow, yesterday i once again being blamed. Blamed for things that I covered up. Blame for things that i did not do. Well, technically did not do.

I dont really like to sell other people weakness / wrongdoings to some other people. As my nature, i like to protect rather than spreading gossips and making those people feel low about themselves. But the more i protect those people, the more i am hurting inside. Let me tell you, those innocent looking people are not all innocent. Those were the people who are pretty good in covering their bad side. They are just lucky to have owned a really nice and innocent face. But deep inside, only certain people knows the truth. Perhaps, only one person knows. 

For whatever reason, being bad is always not good but knowing someone who is two faced is much more worst than being a bad person. I despise two faced people  and i try to stay away from them as far as i could. 

I am fine for being blamed, for everything that i did. But i wont be telling the truth about what happeend. Not because i am scared, but just because i dont want to hurt their feelings more. They dont need to know the truth and they will never. Do not worry about that. Somehow, my happiness comes in whenever i made someone else happy. 😊 

Till then,

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