Friday, July 3, 2015



Few weeks ago, i attended the Shell Love My Ride event and it was my first event i attended involving my beloved car, Proton Suprima. If you have been following me on Instagram and if you did add me as a friend in my personal FB page you know how i am in LOVE with my car now. Above picture was taken during the queue for us to get the free engine oil change and a full tank of Shell VPower fuel! I am not going to talk about the event as i did not take that much photos to show to you guys but i would want to talk about this new group that i joined, PROSMAC.

For all who still do not know the meaning of PROSMAC, it stands for Proton Suprima Malaysia Club which the car that i am in now. I found the club, did stalked what were they talking about and found out that they were kindly, insane! Haha. Well, it was fun as we tend to have the same passion towards the same car. Some of us do have 2,3 other cars but we still united under one roof, helping each other out.

Since i am a woman, i am a bit stupid when it comes to cars. I could easily refer to them if i do have doubts. No double standards involved. I like this group already!

Apart from PROSMAC, i am also part of the Supreme Central Crew (SCC) which covers the owner of Suprime at the Central Region of Malaysia. They have Whatsapp group which is super HAVOC and non stop chatting. Whatever advises that you need, they are there to help you. The sisterhood and brotherhood in this group is so strong, even we do not know each other, we did helped each other a lot.

If you do own a Proton Suprima and would like to join this group, please join this group PROSMAC (Unofficial) and they will guide you on how to become the member of PROSMAC. You need to pay certain amount of fees for the tshirt & sticker.

Come and join us! There’ll be many activities lined up for the members through out this year. Adhoc TT, planned TT, Iftar, durian eating, dinner, lunch, supper, breakfast, picnic etc! Haha.

See you in the group!

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