Tuesday, July 28, 2015

tebu run!

Hello friends! Happy Tuesday! Well, no BOTD entry i guess as i did not take few photos of my newly lipsticks as yet. Maybe the next entry would be about BOTD. Thank you for your patience. Haha.

Well, if you know me very well, you should know that i am not a healthy person. I don’t do healthy stuffs. Haha. I dont run, i dont jog (i used to actually), i dont do exercise. I eat, i do makeup stuffs, i shop (offline and online) and i love to bake cakes. So, things that i love doing is not something that is healthy looking, apart from shopping. I think shopping is healthy. At least healthy for my inner sense, my aura. Haha


Well, last Sunday i took part in a rely run. This would be my second time joining this fruit series of run. The first one would be the Pisang Relay (banana relay) and i joined that one too! Well, i dont really run for fun. I run for the medal and to just enjoying myself, pushing my body to do exercise.

There is no cut off time so you can just run for fun! The run was held at Taman Metropolitan in Kepong. A very famous park for kite flying.


The medal looks so pretty and it’s by Medal Depot! I like this kind of sturdy medal. Will definitely collect more medal after this :)


Till then,



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    1. Haha! Kannn!! Before this Pisang Run! Lepas ni bulan 10 ada Carrot Run! haha :D


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