Wednesday, August 26, 2015

BOTD : Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control)

Hello friends! I have another Laneige product to share with you here. I’ll give my honest review on this. Please remember that this is not a sponsored entry and I am allowed to give my outmost honest review on this product. I have tested it out and I think it is the time for me to pass all the information that I have about this product up to date.
As most of you are aware if you do read my previous entries, I went to the Laneige Beauty Road Roadshow which was held in Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur. It was on the 1st August 2015. During the roadshow, I received a bunch of full size products from Laneige as the door gift and I have tested all of them. I have reviewed one product so far which is the Cushion Highlighter. You can check it out HERE.
As far as the Laneige products goes, I really do LOVE their packaging. It is simple but yet still it looks really really nice! I love how they have it in a silver box instead of like a colorful boxes. I think, psychologically, the color silver makes everything looks a tad expensive and exclusive. Don’t you think so? ;)
This would be the shade that I received from Laneige. I am not sure that this is the right shade for me as it is a little bit out of tone. Haha. But I still use it anyway. :)
The packaging is similar to other BB Cushion. I have used one BB Cushion only which is from Etude House but I have seen other BB Cushion as well and it looks the same as this. This obviously look and feel expensive and more sturdy than the other. It is similar to the Dior Cushion as well. I love the color blue.
This is also similar to other BB Cushion that I have seen before. The products would be below and the puff is on top. Everything looks nicely done!
The puffs is also similar to Etude House BB Cushion. The only thing that is different is the scent (obviously) of the bb cream. Well, to be honest, I am not fancying this type of bb cream as I tend to use it more than the normal bb cream application. I tend to press more on the puffs and I loose the products quite fast.
This shade is a little bit off tone for me. Honestly, I do not really like this product as once applied, it feels sticky on my face. Without powdering, I just cant stand having it on my face. I am not sure what is wrong with my face skin but it does not corporate with this bb cream. I do not really like on how I should apply this. As my skin is not flawless, the tap tap kind of application is so not working on my skin.
This is how it looks like after being patted for few times. It is hard to blend and it looks rough. That is why I am not fancying BB Cushion that much.
Well, remember I mentioned that how I love Laneige’s packaging? This is the refill of the BB Cushion. I am not sure if this is given to all BB Cushion purchased or is it just for the event day. The packing is awesome!
To me, I’ll rate this BB Cushion a 3.5/5. Mainly because it feels sticky on my face. I think this type of BB cream is suitable for cold climate instead of hot and humid like Malaysia. It tends to wear out very easily and I just don’t like on how BB Cushion has to be applied. My skin needs a rough kind of application for them to look good. haha. Well, it does not mean that it wont work for you. Our skin is different. You can have a try at Laneige counter before purchasing it.
Till then,

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Salary Manage “tips” - (For Non Married People)

Hello friends. I think i would like to share with you how i keep my money. First and foremost, i am not a financial consultant not even close to a person who keeps money. I know most of us, the average salary kinda group must be suffocating on our salary money. How do i actually balance it up plus how do i spend?

First, get a boyfriend. Haha. Kidding. Well, first and foremost, You need to know your Nett Gross Salary. How much did you really get after minuses all your bills, taxes, credit card payment (minimum will do), loans. You need to get the exact amount of your salary. Count it all do not leave a cent behind.



To most medium salary receiver (RM2500 – RM3500) i definitely know that you cant even have savings to life in this city called, Kuala Lumpur. Better yet all your expenses (travelling & food & drinks) could reach until RM150 per week. That i would say, the lowest. So secondly, i would like to say to all of you who are a medium salary receivers, i FEEL YA and please, do not feel like you are bound to spend every single cents of your salary. You need to stay calm during shopping and try to restrict your food consumptions. Like me, sometimes i feel like eating at a fancy restaurant with bills that could reach up to RM75 per person but when i think about what i can do with RM75 (saving it), i just find the closest substitute to the food. If you are fancying eating a burger, you can get a nice Ramli burger if it’s nearby.

Food wise, i think it is best if you could cook your food for yourself. It’ll be a lot safer that way.



I have not read any financial books as yet but what i am saying here are all based on my experience and i am trying to convey my message from a human being to another human being. Heart to heart. Oh yes, from the first point just now, once you have calculated your final total salary just divide by 4, meaning for 4 weeks in a month. The final number are the only maximum total of money you can use each week. Regardless how and when. When you know all of these information, it is easier for you to plan your day. Where to eat, what to eat, how to eat. The only thing that you can do is that, you withdrawal the money lesser than what you can use each week and keep that as savings.

I know this so called tips could be be apply to all of us here but if you do want to try it out, please do give it a try. I have build a whole excel sheet calculation for myself. Each month, i know how much i can spend each week. I think it is easier that way. I can control my financial much better. Well, this is not a ‘tips’ entry at all. Most of us would probably have been doing that i am doing now for ages. Do share with me on how do you manage your salary?

Till then,


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BOTD : Laneige Cushion Highlighter

Hello friends! Today I would like to share with you my first Laneige product review! I am so sorry if you are looking for the BB Cushion review as I am still under testing it but I am super madly in love with their Cushion Highlighter! I don’t know why I have not think about this kind of highlighter before. Probably because I never think about a highlighter this innovative!
When I first saw this highlighter, I was like..’What? A Cushion type of highlighter?’ I need to try these like instantly! Such an innovation product! This is a really brand new to me. I mean, BB Cushion I have tested it out before from another famous Korean brand makeup, Etude House. I love it when my face was full with acne as it covers the whole face entirely.
The packaging of this amazing (I just cant stop saying amazing when I have this product on hand!) highlighter is very similar to its famous BB Cushion but slightly smaller. And it has pink type of casing.
Just as how the other cushion type of application, it has a special sponge on top with a huge actual looking mirror on the lid of the packaging.
The products are as below and yes, it has cushion as well. Well, as the name says, Cushion Highlighter.
I can pretty much say that the sponge is similar to BB Cushion. It is a special sponge that could suck the products (but not too many) and applies beautifully on my face.
The product contains glitter in it but very micro! You cant even see those glitter on your face. It does not even show up when you applied it so please do not went overboard and apply it too much. It acts like a highlighter and it highlights your face beautifully. I must say, this product has simplified my highlighter application from hard to, none! Yes. It requires no effort at all. You can just simply apply the highlighter onto your cheekbones (at least that is where I usually apply) and still look beautiful! 0% effort needed! Simple and very easy to use.
I shall check the price of this baby at Laneige counter and will update it here soon. Meanwhile, you could visit Laneige counter yourself and have a test of it! It is a new innovation of highlighter and I am super recommending it to all of you highlighter freaks out there! :)
Till then,

Thursday, August 13, 2015

BOTD : NYX Wonder Stick Review

Hello friends! Hope that you are all well and may happiness surrounds you! Today, I would like to do a very simple review on the latest thing here in the Malaysian market which is the NYX Wonder Stick. I believe in the USA, this product has been out nearly a year ago. I just discovered this when I was in Sephora, not intended to purchase anything but when I saw this I was like, okay I NEED to try this one out!
I don’t really do contour or highlighting that much but sometimes, when I need to play around with my makeup, I did these steps.
These sticks are still new to me but I did watched several youtube videos previously on how to apply it. It looks quite easy and no mess needed.
I choose the shade of WS01 (Light / Medium) as I do not know it comes with several shades. As I said, it was an impromptu purchase. I do not even do any research on this product before I purchase it.
As per the picture on the box, this stick has two types of products in it. One is a highlighter and the other one is a contour. I think with this kind of invention, it could save some space inside the makeup bag as it is quite easy to be transported. It is also a handbag friendly product as the cap is securely fastened.
I just love how the highlight looks like. It does not have any chunky glitter in it. It is purely a highlight wax kind of texture. It is best to have this kind of highlight at the brow bone and on the cupid’s bow. Other then these parts I’d prefer to use either powder or cushion highlighter instead.
This is how the swatch looks like. Hard swatch. the contour is a little bit dark for me. It is also a very cool tone instead of a warm tone. I think I am not that suitable to use these tone as a contour on my face.
Once blended, this is how it looks like. As you can see, the highlight is a bit bright compared to a powder highlighter. That is why I believe that these cream stick highlighter is suitable to use at a non oily face part.
To me, I would rate this product a 3.5 stars out of 5. Merely because it blends really well and I love the packaging too. Sadly, it does not last long on my skin. Probably because I blended it wayy too much it is unnoticeable. Haha.
Do check this one out at Sephora near you. It costs me around RM30-RM40 per stick.
Till then,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BOTD : Laneige Beauty Road Event

Hello friends! I was being invited by The Butterfly Project to participate in the Laneige Beauty Road event at Midvalley on 1st of August 2015. It’s been a while since my last event with the Butterfly Projects group and this time I would love to attend. Plus, I heard there’ll be so many giveaway to be handed over to the participated bloggers so I am so YAY!

I never use Laneige products before, be it Makeup range or Skincare. I have heard so much about it but I just don’t know why I did not take the chance to purchase it myself. Maybe I was afraid of it being a bit expensive. I am not a cheapskate but I am just afraid that it wont do good to my skin.

I did took several photos earlier, during the interview session with Seo Ni Hwang, the ambassador of Laneige but, my memory card was corrupted and I had to reformatted it! OH!! What?

But I did reformat my memory card straight away and only took photos during the Makeup Tutorial Session with, Cat, the makeup artist from Korea.


She looks exactly like a person that I know but never meet, Ally Choo.


Cat demonstrated a Korean way of doing makeup. If you are familiar with Korean girls and how they do their makeup, you might want to try certain of these Laneige products. Korean girls like to keep their makeup as natural as possible. They like to highlight but they do not do contouring. The way they highlight is also different. They highlight at some different part of the face. Some uses even contouring / bronzers to intensify their highlights. Amazing tricks!


Here it comes the famous BB Cushion by Laneige! She even uses it onto the model’s face and it instantly brightens and makes the model’s face looks even and nice!


AS advice, Korean girls do not do their eyeliner on top of the lash line and they choose to only thightline the waterline instead.

Those were some of the tips that I learned from Cat. Superb and easy to do actually. :)


And of course, with the event, all bloggers received this cute box with a press release of the BB Cushion and other products from Laneige.

I shall do a separate review on the BB Cushion soon!


And, inside the box, there were these products! and all are full sizes! YES! I am super amazed by the products that I received. I have been using ALL of them since I received the products and have several favorites now!

Do like Laneige Facebook Page for more information! :)

Thank you to the Butterfly Projects for this opportunity! Wanted to be one of the Butterfly Projects Group member? Like the Facebook page today!

Wait for the in depth review of these products soon!

Till then,


Friday, August 7, 2015

It’s My Birthday & How I Celebrated it.

Hello friends! It was my birthday yesterday and i am super glad i did not take any leave on my birthday. Hehe. I can celebrate it with my friends and love ones. Replying to all the wished from Facebook, Twitter, Prosmac Whatsapp Group and #GengKuatMakan Whatsapp group as well.

My colleagues and I went for a light lunch yesterday not to celebrate my birthday but just to have a regular lunch. I am extremely happy as they did celebrated my birthday in smaller scale. Not that i am expecting any but i just want to celebrate it with my friends whom i love and dear the most. So far, i received many wishes from my friends as well which i always take it also as part of the celebration. I love my friends and i don’t know how i would be without them now.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



At night, i had a celebration with the one person which had already stole my heart now. The important person who made me laugh every single day without fail. A person who is genuine, who is matured, who is true to his self.


Everybody must be asking what did i received for my birthday present this year? My mom and dad gave me a Japanese box with some $$ in it. :) My little man there gave me..

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

An STM 40mm pancake lens!

Thank you thank you thank you!

And of course my colleagues and bosses gave me a very delicious cake which we shared among us.


Thank you for everything guys and girls!

Till next year,


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

FRIM Canopy Walkway

Hello friends! I just cant wait to blog about this activity that i did with my love ones last Sunday. A healthy but tiring one for sure.


As usual, before starting the route, we took a group wefie! Those smiles will fade away once we started to hike the trail in 15 mins time after this photo was taken. Haha. Well, in order for you to get the tickets to the Canopy Walkway, it is best if you could make an early booking. Please visit the website Canopy Walkway for all the booking details. Pricing details are as per below;



6 % GST


(1st April 2015)


(Non-Malaysian Adult)





(Malaysian Adult)





(student13 years old & above.
Please show your student id card.)





(Children 6 to 12 years old)





We took wefie at every stop we had. Just to let go of the tired-ness and to spare some time to record this prestigious memories. I don't think so we will be doing this again after this. Haha. This would be the second stop we had, and from our lady ranger Ms Pui Ei, each time we stop, we have to wiggle our feet for us to let go of the leaches which might crawl onto our legs. Wiggle time!


Third stop! By this time, we have hiked for about 25 minutes now. Only left like around 800m left to the Canopy Walkway. We are tired by this point.


Arrived at the starting point of the canopy walkway! There are a lot of school kids there. Their humble teacher took this photo for us! Hehe


So there it goes! This would be my third time going onto this thing. I am super afraid of height but my friends said that my face does not shows that at all. Well, who knows how i feel inside. Haha. Jantung gegar wei!


This is the last stop before the final stage of the canopy walkway. It looks fun and it actually is! If you go there with your friends, it’ll be more fun! Cause you have your friends to make jokes and let yourself loosen a bit, to not to think about the height that much cause it is damn high man!



I can say that it was indeed, fun! It’s been a while since our last outing #gengkuatmakan. Hope that we could do this kind of activities more and more next time around! If you are interested in going to the FRIM Canopy Walkway, I advice you please make a booking earlier. We arrived at the counter D at 10am and the tickets has been sold out! Thank God my colleague did make a booking a day before. :)

Till then,


Monday, August 3, 2015

BOTD : Laneige BB Cushion Foundation

Hello friends! Happy Monday to all! I know some of you must be in a Monday Blues mood but let me cheer you up with a short and cute review on this super cute BB Cushion from Laneige!
By just looking at the packaging, i was in awe! Cause i love cute mini things! I am a mini collector! If you have mini mascara, I’d go for it! If you have mini eyeliner, I’d go for it! I love anything and everything in mini size! So this BB Cushion from Laneige really makes me wanna jump!
I can just imagine how small the puff would be! And i cant wait to open up the package to see what it offers to me inside! Oh the urge!
OH EM GEE! Look at that puff! I know it is super adorable! Haha! I just love this!
This would be the foundation side. I think this would be the best size to keep it inside the handbag just for touch up. Well, this small puff is just incredible amazing! I mean, i just love the size and as mentioned, i love mini things! hehe
Well, i am still under trying this product. I am loving the highlighter as for now. Been using it for two days. Haha. Still need more time. :) I will do a full blog post on the Beauty Road Laneige BB Cushion soon!
Till then,

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