Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BOTD : Laneige Cushion Highlighter

Hello friends! Today I would like to share with you my first Laneige product review! I am so sorry if you are looking for the BB Cushion review as I am still under testing it but I am super madly in love with their Cushion Highlighter! I don’t know why I have not think about this kind of highlighter before. Probably because I never think about a highlighter this innovative!
When I first saw this highlighter, I was like..’What? A Cushion type of highlighter?’ I need to try these like instantly! Such an innovation product! This is a really brand new to me. I mean, BB Cushion I have tested it out before from another famous Korean brand makeup, Etude House. I love it when my face was full with acne as it covers the whole face entirely.
The packaging of this amazing (I just cant stop saying amazing when I have this product on hand!) highlighter is very similar to its famous BB Cushion but slightly smaller. And it has pink type of casing.
Just as how the other cushion type of application, it has a special sponge on top with a huge actual looking mirror on the lid of the packaging.
The products are as below and yes, it has cushion as well. Well, as the name says, Cushion Highlighter.
I can pretty much say that the sponge is similar to BB Cushion. It is a special sponge that could suck the products (but not too many) and applies beautifully on my face.
The product contains glitter in it but very micro! You cant even see those glitter on your face. It does not even show up when you applied it so please do not went overboard and apply it too much. It acts like a highlighter and it highlights your face beautifully. I must say, this product has simplified my highlighter application from hard to, none! Yes. It requires no effort at all. You can just simply apply the highlighter onto your cheekbones (at least that is where I usually apply) and still look beautiful! 0% effort needed! Simple and very easy to use.
I shall check the price of this baby at Laneige counter and will update it here soon. Meanwhile, you could visit Laneige counter yourself and have a test of it! It is a new innovation of highlighter and I am super recommending it to all of you highlighter freaks out there! :)
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