Thursday, August 13, 2015

BOTD : NYX Wonder Stick Review

Hello friends! Hope that you are all well and may happiness surrounds you! Today, I would like to do a very simple review on the latest thing here in the Malaysian market which is the NYX Wonder Stick. I believe in the USA, this product has been out nearly a year ago. I just discovered this when I was in Sephora, not intended to purchase anything but when I saw this I was like, okay I NEED to try this one out!
I don’t really do contour or highlighting that much but sometimes, when I need to play around with my makeup, I did these steps.
These sticks are still new to me but I did watched several youtube videos previously on how to apply it. It looks quite easy and no mess needed.
I choose the shade of WS01 (Light / Medium) as I do not know it comes with several shades. As I said, it was an impromptu purchase. I do not even do any research on this product before I purchase it.
As per the picture on the box, this stick has two types of products in it. One is a highlighter and the other one is a contour. I think with this kind of invention, it could save some space inside the makeup bag as it is quite easy to be transported. It is also a handbag friendly product as the cap is securely fastened.
I just love how the highlight looks like. It does not have any chunky glitter in it. It is purely a highlight wax kind of texture. It is best to have this kind of highlight at the brow bone and on the cupid’s bow. Other then these parts I’d prefer to use either powder or cushion highlighter instead.
This is how the swatch looks like. Hard swatch. the contour is a little bit dark for me. It is also a very cool tone instead of a warm tone. I think I am not that suitable to use these tone as a contour on my face.
Once blended, this is how it looks like. As you can see, the highlight is a bit bright compared to a powder highlighter. That is why I believe that these cream stick highlighter is suitable to use at a non oily face part.
To me, I would rate this product a 3.5 stars out of 5. Merely because it blends really well and I love the packaging too. Sadly, it does not last long on my skin. Probably because I blended it wayy too much it is unnoticeable. Haha.
Do check this one out at Sephora near you. It costs me around RM30-RM40 per stick.
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